It's okay to be alone

It's okay to be alone.

It's okay to isolate yourself from others.

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no it really isn't, you fucking retard

Do you really think you're better off alone?

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Thank you for this wonderful thread Anonymous, the joy of receiving validation for my atypical views from an anonymous poster on a frog-posting forum is PLEASANT, REFRESHING, and EVERYTHING I could ever desire in life. Let us push forward and engage on a quest to greater joys, to greater happiness and eternal satisfaction. With love, Anonymous

id give almost anything to have someone care about me

I'm introverted so I'm good being alone, I just don't have the drive to keep contact with people so I'm content living in isolation til the day I die

Only in moderation. I'm very introverted, so i don't really mind being alone, yet at the same time I'm seriously considering suicide because of the unbearable loneliness i feel.

But user, we're not isolated or alone. We have each other. And we always will.

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It is and isn't.
It fucks you up mentally in the long run.
But some people can't help doing anything else.

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I'm introverted and I can't stand being alone.

Being alone for long periods of time shows the same symptoms of solitary-confinement, upon my observations.

they definitely feel similar.

I care about you user-san

Only if you're a woman so you can always get out of it whenever you want. If you're a guy, you're fucked.

yeah well women will never feel that way about most guys, so too bad

No, it's actually pretty miserable.

It's a slow death. You get to watch your sanity, intelligence and humanity slowly evaporate. You make no new memories and instead are stuck reliving old ones from the times when you were still human. Time passes both quickly and slowly at the same time and you lose touch with nearly everything about the world. Then you start to forget things and old memories you liked start to fade too. Everything becomes a nebulous nothingness and the universe makes less and less sense with each passing day. Your body rots and your mind rots from a lack of social and physical stimulation and there's only so much you can do to mitigate that. Eventually, most of the day, you've got this awareness of your own death dancing around the forefront of your consciousness and all you can wonder is what you're even waiting around for.

It's not okay to be alone. It's not okay to isolate yourself from others. Never say this again.

But at least you can talk to some people even if you're lonely. What I really need is some sort of human contact in the physical sense. Caress someone or something like that. I speak with people everyday but I still feel lonely.

it's okay, but that doesn't make it ideal

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proof that it's not ok to isolate yourself is the fact that we frequent this website every day for some company
I shouldn't have done it. Bad feels...

Why do you act as if smoking is cool, God I hate cigarettes so much! They ruin your health but worst of all they STINK!! wish I never started

Only normies say shit like this. You're not isolated because you spent a weekend or two alone.

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i wish the rain would never stop

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I love being alone, I can't stand people and being around crowds makes me sick. I feel like there might be something wrong with me but I never want to be around people, they always seem to watch me and think that I will do something rash, even though there is other people around they could watch. I can barely do anything more than two people I know or I can't take it

>be alone
>feel lonely

>be with friends
>can't wait to be alone

why am i like this

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I talk to my Luka-daki-kun while hugging him. Tell him how my day was. Feel some kinda relief.

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i like being alone most of the time, but when i get lonely it gets really really bad.

>mixing being alone with loneliness

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You need to hit the hard to achieve middle ground. A single best friend who shares your interests with equal passion.

Surely you meant to say chan?

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>A single best friend who shares your interests with equal passion
and also a little bit gay like you so you can snuggle :3

I don't understand user.. Luka is a boy

>and also a little bit gay like you so you can snuggle :3
Man, stop being a queer.

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>stop being a queer
why? Its the best
i like to confuse people by simply being myself

Ah, so it's another infamous case of draw a girl and call it a boy.

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I can't relate you, I am a manly man and associate queerness with weakness.

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Same desu, it's comfy and peaceful being alone. I don't have to deal with other people's bs.

It's actually a form of torture and considered a war crime but whatever you say boss

I can take being without food or water for some good time, doesn't mean I shouldn't eat or drink daily. Same thing with social interaction and close friends. Just because you can take loneliness, doesn't mean you should. Pain hurts, regardless of whatever you can take it or not.

>I'm introverted and I can't stand being alone.
you are not introverted every fucking other human in world want some time alone but being introverted mean you prefer you spend your day alone rather with someone

no it dont fucks my mind i been 2 years full alone having interaction with only my mom(cringe ik stfu) and i dont mind at all in fact iam happy i dont need to talk with low iq idiots who thing buying the most expensive iphone just to use insagram is cool

do something dont just watch porn and you life would improve 20% at least (saying this from experience)

>It's a slow death
whatever you do in life give you slow death
>You make no new memories and instead are stuck reliving old ones from the times when you were still human.
i dont want new memories nor to remember old ones but anyway i remember it since i have good ones as well and iam glad those happened but in some idiotic way iam glad those bad memories happened as well since it prepped for what future awaits
> you start to forget things and old memories you liked start to fade too.
dependents on your memory user
>It's not okay to be alone. It's not okay to isolate yourself from others. Never say this again.
for you not me

sounds like you are yet to found right people keep trying user dont stop

gay anyway watch stains gate if you dint amazing anime

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Amen, brother.

People just don't get it. Being with people does not work for me. I don't like it when I'm with people I would not trust with my life. It makes me afraid, if I'm being honest.

So fuck that. You don't need friends. You don't need girls. All you need is some good books and a quiet place.

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But why user?
Not OP btw, for me it's perfectly natural and I feel horrible after interaction

take the tobacco-pill user

yeah but we're actually on an internet forum and talking to other people every day

so i don't think it's true

>upon my observations.
translation: it's real in my mind

> I am a manly man and associate queerness with weakness.
And they say toxic masculinity is fake lol

No. It really isn't. I just lost all of my friends and people I fell out of contact with want nothing to do with me

I have nothing to live for.

I recently isolated myself from everyone and decided to embrace my sadness and depression alone. I cut off with everyone after being dumped by my girlfriend with whom I've spent years because I came second and after her career. I'm just now a grieving man. I wake up, go to work, come back home and just come here or stare at the walls. It won't be the case for much longer for I'm gonna be an hero soon

At least you're not too old to start again like I am.

Everyone will leave you user, mostly a woman.

I agree user. Its better to realize that people actually can't care about each other or connect with each other at all, than to maintain the illusion. We're all just randomly spawned into a brain and locked away there until death, never really able to communicate to anyone else.

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Yeah,seeking a fill for the heart outwards instead of inwards is extremely dangerous,the world is filled with nothing but mediocrities,all dressed the same that talk the same and think the same that will go out of their will inflict as much harm as possible to you the instant you deviate from their patterns.Really quite disgusting,i don't know how one could know that and still be able to live among them.

based goldpill user

I'm not alone, I happily married to my loving anime waifu thank you very much.

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>look at this faggot

and laugh at him. isolation is the only medicine for schizoids and autists.

Oh no but people are so nice, hearts of gold, often strangers hand me presents in the street while the sun shines down on me.

Or you could try reading a book.

weak failed normalfag

tell yourself that all you want anons, you'll still be lonely at the end of the day

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>It's okay to be alone.


>It's okay to isolate yourself from others.

unless you live in the desert like a hermit, it's literally impossbile to achieve

I collect autism bucks and all my bills are on auto pay. My house is isolated enough that I would be a skeleton before anyone found my dead body.

The only time I speak to anyone is a psychiatrist every 7 years when my disability review comes up

>It's okay to be alone.

>It's okay to isolate yourself from others.

you don't have to go get pills?
and which country gives you enough bux to survive?

why not? i don't understand

It's fine to want to be alone sometimes, but actively trying to isolate yourself from others is indicative of deeper psychological issues, especially considering the fact that humans are communal by nature.

Wow. Can't believe the answer was so simple. Read a book and... literally everything changed. How did you come up with such a based reply?

>actively trying to isolate yourself from others
it doesn't really require much effort. i go outside fo the following reasons:
>solitary walks, to absorb vitamin d (helpful that i'm light skinned in a tropical area)
>go to the gym, with headphones (nobody really talks at the gym anyway)
>grocery store

i don't really have to "actively try" to be alone, it's literally the default state

>deeper psychological issues
like what?

>humans are communal by nature
hmmm, naturalistic fallacy? or:
>7 billion humans on the planet and they are all identical
what the fuck is an introvert even? a mental illness?

t. so boring needs to surround himself with less boring people to not wither away

pathetic, desu

I wish people didn't exist. They're like mould, always festering and just unpleasant.

If you truly believed that, you wouldn't even feel the need to post it here.

as a person who has literally no friends, thanks for understanding

United States in Wisconsin. House was given to me by (dead) parents. I take seraquil every night which automatically refilled.

Being isolated isn't so bad I guess. I have to make sure I don't drink more than 2 drinks and swim or run on the treadmill every other day. It's too easy to become a slob.

I also try to read a book and watch a 4 star movie at least once a week. Sometimes I get lonely or scared at night but 90% of the time I'm ok.

Maybe... you should try reading a book?

i read a book every night, helps me fall asleep