Anybody here live by themselves?
What's your lifestyle like?
How old are you?

my current situation is I'm a recording artist living in a 1 bedroom with my ex, looking at getting a studio apartment.

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26, and i bought a small house to live in by myself last year.

>don't cook, eat one large meal and it's usually breakfast from this takeout place near my work, lots of ham bacon and eggs
>go to the gym every day for cardio
>do my laundry once a week
>have a 2012 cheap-ass desktop at home sitting on a folding farmer's market table as my desk and a leather desk chair
>get home from gym, shower the sweat off tidy up get in pajamas
>wrap up in a blanket and do computer stuff until bed time
>wake up and repeat

sometimes i visit friends, and when the snow is gone i'm gonna start hiking on the weekends. Living alone is nice, I don't have to deal with the people drama that I see others caught in. I can observe it, be neutral and tell my friends what i think, then go home and forget about it.

How did you afford a house by yourself? What do you do for income?

> I don't have to deal with the people drama that I see others caught in. I can observe it, be neutral and tell my friends what i think, then go home and forget about it.

this has always been my ideal lifestyle, I dont like dealing with drama on any level unless its my own. When you really sit back and think about it, most people are scared of being alone even if its just for a short time.

What do u mean?
Livin withouth your parents? living completely alone?

>Live in small one bedroom apartment
>Eat a giant meal in the morning followed by a snack in the afternoon and then one at night
>The only exercise I do are 10 and 20 lb dumb bells
>Have my laptop with no tv
>Place is minimalist
>No guests besides parents who demand they want to visit

how can you afford living like this?

By working seven days a week.

well tell us what is your job? we know your not getting paid as an artist? also how big is the city you live in

Like completely alone, If you are, how did you get to that point, how do you support yourself, and if youre the type that craves human interaction every 5 minutes how do you deal with the loneliness?

that wasn't me but right now I work as a babysitter for special ed people so to speak, doesnt pay much but the job is easy, actually enjoyable basically take them to the mall or the movies or whatever they wanna do.
Been saving money like crazy

I have my own small farm that I live on alone, just me and the animals.
My lifestyle is managing the farm and keeping to my hobbies.
I'm 20.

the house was 93k, and i had a good mortgage that let me put 5% down with no PMI (the insurance you pay if you put less than 20% down in most cases) so it wasn't really that much to afford. I don't make a ton of money, but they said i'd have been preapproved if i made 30k a year. The mortgage costs a bit less than rent would for a similar place, so I'm happy with it.

In what backwater location are you in to buy a house for 93k? What nonsense is this?

i live in a rural town in new england.

Congrats on wasting away your money in that rural town, no plans of expanding to go somewhere for better opportunities huh? No no user would rather buy a house in that location instead of someplace where economic mobility is possible.

Congrats dumbass.

you can find a good priced house in most places these days, the thing is just youre stuck with that damn mortgage
sounds good, just wouldnt work for me tho, i wouldnt want to be stuck paying off some mortgage for years

it's okay, all my family lives here and i grew up here. I want to have a presence in this area.

>economic mobility isn't possible in new england

nigger do you know what an internet business is? Do you know how many places let you work remotely? You don't have to be anywhere in particular to be successful.

I will be 30 in a few months. I live on my own since I was 17. Tried plenty of ways of living, but I like the most one large room flats in shittier, but not the worst part of town.

Lifestyle-wise, I work usually around 29 to 30 days a month. I work afternoon shifts from 14 to 22, so I don't really meet many people. Monday-Wednesday and Friday I lift in the morning. Tuesday and Thursday Muay Thai classes. I'm trying to be ascetic in all things, from food to drink to others with various degree of success. After I come home I either browse internet, reading and/or translating books or play vidya, although that becomes rare. I currently try to get rid of fapping completely and it is going pretty well. Once or twice a month I visit this mommy type escort for a massage with happy ending for release, otherwise no gf, nor really a wish to get one.

Who the fuck are you fooling you stupid fuck? You are going to start an internet business? The guy who doesn't have enough care to make three meals a day or the guy who doesn't want to deal with people's drama. You are the exact opposite of someone who will ever do anything noteworthy.

26 years old and scraping together 30k a year....I see life came great for you huh faggot.

i'm making twice that, but the bank said they'd preapprove me if i was only making 30k

>Makes 60K
>Has a shitty 2012 desktop
>Uses a folding farmer market table as desk
Durr hurr

why dont you just get on tinder and fuck different girls every once in awhile. thats what i do ( no tinder tho ). Just use them for sex, cooking, cleaning, then give them the boot if they start bitching

this thread is not for judging others user

why not? I save about 500 out of every paycheck, and I can upgrade my computer whenever I want, but why would I while my old computer still does everything i want it to with no problem?

Desk is something I've been meaning to upgrade, but first i wanted to pay off my student debt and build a little more runway for myself in case something happens to my income.

user stop trying to seek that faggot's validation and stop replying to him. Have you noticed the entire time you have been giving out info and he hasn't said anything about himself?

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I cook better and healthier than all females I've ever dated. I don't need a cleaning lady, since I have very little personal belongings, don't want anyone going through my shit and I keep stuff clean with minimum effort myself.

No, thanks user. First of all, I'm disgusted by most of the girls there who usually have greater mileage than your regular escort. Second, I hate whole "dating culture" and everything tied to it and I can't stand inane vapid blabber. Third, I don't find it honorable to date "short-term" or just with a vision of banging the girl. I find whole "I will listen to your bullshit so you will slob on my dick later" deal beyond cancerous - not that I care about her feefees, but older I get the better I understand that you should keep your values not because of others but because of yourself.

dw user i don't care what he thinks, i just like talking about myself.

I agree. The other guy sounds jealous.
Keep living your comfy happy live.


I kind of want to do this but with freelance coding, live in some backwater town on 5 acres with a comfy little house

live in one bedroom apartment and make 50k a year paying 1.3k a month for rent, hydro, internet.
wake up, drink a canned coffee and eat a granola bar and then get ready for work. Web app dev so I just stare at a computer for 7 hours then go home, usually make a lunch. Come back home, watch what ever anime Im watching and play fate/ grand order sometimes eat dinner. Masturbatw into my onahole then shower and sleep and sometimes cry. Have 4K left to pay off student loans. I failed 2 years in uni so I had a lot to pay hahahaha.
>t. 24 yr old khhv incel

Living the dream.
>house for 93k
God I wish that were me. The "shit" homes in my town are $600k.

ehh i'm not a fan of the dating culture either but i'm too red pilled (due to first hand experience) to get in a relationship unless i find a literally almost perfect match that meets my standards.

My morals are shit so I just fuck these women until they realize I dont want a relationship. It works out for me because women are annoying as all hell to deal with on a daily basis

yeah, i might wanna do some freelance coding at some point too. I just get really distracted with the tedium of setting up projects, so i might want to spend a few weekends putting together bash scripts that do things like keep my work directory organized, generate and setup new projects in different frameworks, and all that kind of nonsense. Automate as much of the freelance work as I can.

seriously tho why are you guys having trouble getting laid?

I would probably roll similar as you, but I really don't find it rewarding enough and I don't like to walk on the rest of a morals I have too, which includes using those girls. Far more honorable to just pay few times a month to the masseuse, with whom we have pretty nice relationship already too. No bullshit, no lying, no cheating, no acting.

tard wrangler
good for you. i bet that job is actually pretty nice

yeah, but like other anons said, unless you have a particular reason for living here, like family or heritage, or a job opportunity (rare in this area) there isn't really much point to living here. It's the cheapest city in my state for real estate prices, but there's reasons for that. Still, I think the area is picking up a little bit, there's some high profile stuff starting to happen here, and the economy has been growing the last few years as a result. The house might just be a good investment if the town is revitalized.

Might be able to sell it off in 10 years for 140k or something. That'd be nice..

do you like being a programmer? what is your job like?

this is how i see it, women have been using men for AGES, they use us for money, time, attention, validation, they string us along, its all semantic bullshit so I don't feel bad at all for using women for sex. There are exceptions to the rule of-course, but until I meet one of those exceptions i'm gonna use them.

it is actually, I work with them individually so its not like I have to bring a group of them everywhere.

Nah m8, one doing wrong doesn't justify it for another. Not to mention, females tend to be reflection of their men. Women were always whorish, it's their nature, but it got out of hand only in the moment we stopped demanding something better out of them and stopped shaming the most obvious case of whoredom.

How'd you get into it so young?

I graduated with no experience and a shit gpa (2.9). I got a interview from a family member (thankfully). The pay is okay and i can bus to work in 30 minutes. I work backend with python/django currently

I live in a studio flat completely by myself working in general production. 1/3 if my income is the rent, rest is shared across essentials. I stave off the loneliness with hard liquor and music. Working towards a higher position at work. I only speak at work, and when my mother calls me to check up on me. I am 21

like i said, i'm a sleazeball so i dont play all that moral shit over here, nothing wrong with having your morals set st8, But we got all these dudes letting women walk all over them nowadays and i'm not with that shit. Once we start being real men again then they might stop acting how they act but with dating apps, social media and all the constant validation women get these days, they'll never change.

I dont think what i do is wrong, I'm just adapting to their games and like I said it works for me might not work for others

do you have anything outside of work you love to do?

Rarely. Weekeds i usually spend fixing car or aany other crap i have to fix. Or sometimes i just sleep in until 4pm and then decide what to do after that.