Why can't I find a boyfriend?

I'm a cute girl, but can't find a decent guy to love... I hope you femcels can relate. No one seems to be interested in me, except for ugly-average guys or sexual pervs. Why can't I find a decent boy? I'm getting more and more and more depressed.
(The only guys that seemed decent that I found was a poorfag neet ffs)

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>I'm a cute girl
ur a faget

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you're probably ugly. there is no reason to for an attractive person to not get attention from at least decent looking people.

Try dating a guy who is less intelligent than you.

You have something wrong with you then

No, I a lot of ugly and average guys contact me, but when I get the attentions of a cute guy, he just want to f**k me

In what country do you live roastie?
Because i happen to be in a similar situation, but I'm the poorfag neet in this case

I am in Europe and I am a neet too, so can't date neets and depressed guys like me

i'm a average/cute boi with a good job. you could try talking to me. too bad i'm a little bit chubby.

Are you a student or an actual neet? Because if you're a neet thanks god you're not the person I'm thinking, hope she never finds this website

Everytime a cute decent guy sees you talk to ugly-average or a perv they check you off the list.

Aim high or not at all. It works.

> I am a neet too, so can't date neets and depressed guys like me
kill yourself you fucking roastie

do you understand that she's probably a weird depressed roastie, don't you? i would never date a neet girl that just want to live like a parasite

Are you aware the bfs and gfs typically fuck each other? Are you sure you actually want a bf?

I know this is a troll but fuck it lol that's all you're good for bitch. I'm damn good looking and most bitches have the decency to know what I want and why I'm paying them any attention and give it to me. Stop being a greedy little slut and give the men the pussy they deserve and get over yourself. It's all you have to offer and it's all we want from you. You should be thankful we want to fuck you at all. The fat bitches don't get this good dick. So shut up, bend over, and accept your place in life.

fuck out of here fucking thot we ain't giving you attention

I talk with them only online

I'm not like other girls, I need a guy who validate and support me and treat me well. Then we could talk about sex

So you're a depressed neet who doesn't want sex and needs constant validation? Why exactly would any guy want to be with you?

kys please.
You complain about not finding a "decent boy", but:
1) have you ever tried asking one out?
2) What do you actually have to offer? are you on the same level as the ideal guy you'd like? i guess not.

>No one seems to be interested in me, EXCEPT
this is 99% bait but fuck it, that's the pinnacle of how bad a human being can be at life.

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Stop the online stuff they are all pervs or way too many are.

Go outside so more real guys can see you. Make sure you wear something cute and you'll be fine. You need the benefit of the feel you get when a guy is around and I can feel creep pretty easy.

What exactly would you consider creepy in a guy? News flash: all men want sex.

Because they should feel honored to be with me since I'm special and I'm cute
i don't ever consider those guys, I feel insulted when they contact mee. How are they not aware that I'm out of their league?

decent men want a girl to love, and women can feel if they are decent or not. That's why incel losers never get laid, because they are creeps and transmit negative vibrations

I just want someone to love. I'd also want to have sex with her. I can't help it if I transmit negative vibrations. People like OP who desperately want a relationship wouldn't even give me the time of day because I can be a bit awkward when meeting new people, but that just means both of us will remain alone and miserable.

You should root in hell you stupid ass cunt bitch.

I know there's no such thing as justice in this rotten shithole of an earth so I'd love to go by myself and do everyone a favor and get rid of your pathetic existence.
I need to think of a proper way to torture you and kill you

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What country are you from? I'll be your boyfriend

>Because they should feel honored to be with me since I'm special and I'm cute
Get a load of this ego
You only deserve a shot in the head and be raped afterwards

>all men want sex
well duh.

Knowing that isn't the problem but ignoring it is.

just go on tinder, im sure youll get all the attention you want