Vent. Write a cathartic letter. Get feels,thoughts off of your chest and mind!

Vent. Write a cathartic letter. Get feels,thoughts off of your chest and mind!

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I love myself, I just hate my life.

I'm probably gonna kill myself this weekend. I have everything to live for I just can't do it

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That feeling when you had a friend but never gave a shit about you, even to the extent wouldn't ask if you're doing okay after a family member died more so a month later with no messages or nothing. All he does is just shitpost on Jow Forums and discord and brag about how good it is in california while in military training so he can pay off his 90k political science college debt. the guy has no empathy, he will be your friend to get shit from you and once he's done thats it, he has no second thoughts about hurting anyone. two years of my life wasted on someone who I thought cared. I still miss him though things were fine at first we even dated, but once he got a job and college started he became an asshole.. or maybe he was and i never noticed it

I don't know what to fucking do.
So it's going to be 4 months or more to get that back, and working the job I want would be illegal without a license here. Every day I get harassed about college or finding work, and I can't fucking take it. I tried college and I struggled at it, but they keep telling me I can do anything. I know my limits, and this exceeds it. I can't do it. They don't listen to me when I tell them this. I know that most other jobs are soul breaking, and I don't want to put up with that, but there has to be some other way. Maybe if I can scam neetbux, but so far the only way I can do that, that I know of, will reduce me to a second class citizen. That or I find a way to disable myself in an "accident", but truth be told, crippling myself for money sounds like a bad fucking deal and I'd rather not sacrifice my body for some money.
The only other way would be finding a woman that provides and I move in with her to take care of her household, but that comes with its own set of complications, including the risk of being disowned by my family. That option is pretty unlikely anyways given that I'm short, so any living arrangement that would be open to me would be cuck shit, and I'd rather set myself on fire than lower myself to that.
Maybe all I can do is hang myself. Life hasn't been very accommodating thus far, and it's not getting any better.

I want to eat some sweaty pussy!

i want to find a girl who just got back from the gym or has been in a hot room, rip off her pants and panties, and stick my face in her snatch!

I want to kiss and lick her from her navel to her thighs!

I want to sniff her musky crotch from asshole to her pubes!

I want to lick the discharge off her underwear!

I want to turn her on and lick her oozing wetness!

I want to run my tounge along her inner labia!

I want to suck her clit and her pussy lips!

I don't care what kind of pussy! i want to eat hairy or trimmed or shaved or innie or outy or inbetweeny or big flaps or puffy anime pussy!

I want to suck on her clit while i flick it with my tounge!

I want to eat her till I can feel her thighs shake around my head!

Where do I find men like you irl?

I'm not a man.

I've never even eaten pussy before, i just really want to try.

I'm letting you go. I have to wave goodbye. I lost my memory. My mind became a forest. I became a hunter. I am a hunter, but I haunted you. I searched for fragments in the soil you stepped on. Behind every branch, I waited to spot you. I never found you. There is no thrill in the kill.I am turning back. You'll die if I find you. So I am waving goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Are you Danny Brown?

This is why I have diplomatic immunity

>I'm not a man.
I should have known. I hope you find someone, you seem like a catch. Hopefully someone can do the same for you, too.

yeah, the word labia should have tipped you off.

good luck out there too.

I'm graduating from a STEM field in a respectable school but my GPA and resume are so shit that it was basically a waste of four years and a lot of my parents money. When I graduate, my degree will be nothing more than a reminder of guilt and wasted potential from a dumbass with no motivation or direction. It's an embarrassment to the point where I wish I had never gone at all. I'm an idiot.

Shit is fucked. Society is fucked. The bottom is falling out of the fucking tub. It all started after the 60's when the protesters of every fucking thing came out en masse and scared the shit out of the government and the rich. Now they consolidate power to try and prevent the individuals from having any say in our "democracy". They will do anything to keep this power. They use their media to overhype terrorism to justify their surveillance on the population. They use it to silence dissent.

And the worst part is that everyone is giving away their information for free. "Social Media" they call it. Anyone who isn't in the trend and taking their soma is "weird".

I'm not fucking weird

There is NOTHING wrong with me


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That's a tricky situation. You have the potential to stop NEETing but it's 4+ months away. It's understandable that your family is frustrated at the thought of you doing nothing for four months as a grown adult in their house.
Is there anything you can do to placate them for that time? If it were me, I would do some cheap online courses or something. Or have a long discussion about why you can't work and point out that you do indeed have a career in mind for the future if they could just wait a while.

u r stupid. if u think the 'decline' started in the 60s, ur wrong. sine waves, cause and effect, do i have to fuckin spell it out for you? ... taking away our democracy, what a load of rubbish. read frank herbert's dune (##4). not even ancient athens had true democracy, because powerful people know better than to have affairs of the state ran by yeoman, working class blokes. but how would i know? i wasnt there then. and you werent in the times in history you referenced otherwise u'd kno that the whole 'political' movement was just an excuse to get together and get high. sure, they went to protests, for all the good that did, raised awareness, because as we all know, being aware is the answer, just ask an ethipoian. fuck ignorant lame, get edicated before u start spouting ur worthless opinions

I don't understand why I crave attention so much nowadays. I have one friend that I text on a regular basis and it's embarrassing how much I can overload on him if I'm not careful. Not emotional stuff, just a lot of conversation because I'm so fucking lonely and can't spread it out to other people. So I come here and blogpost because even the chance that someone else is reading makes me feel a little less alone.

Damn femanon, yo made reminisce of good old times. Those Amsterdam nights..

Hell, i wish i can be that kind of guy all the time. It is always fun.

I don't trust people who don't use capital letters.

But here's some numbers. In 1900, 50% of Americans were self-employed. Now the number of self employed people who are not "outsources" is close to 2%. In 1945, corporations paid close to 50% of all federal taxes. Now it's closer to 20% and falling. In the 60's, something like 20 companies owned all television networks. Now 6 companies own those same networks. And to top it all off, multiple studies have statistically found that the Individual has absolutely NO influence on policy decisions and only corporations and special interest groups have influence in American politics. I agree that no government has had a true democracy, but to call this a democracy is the ultimate insult to the word.

I feel as though everyone around my community likes me I do not feel as though I am really appreciated or noticed or whatever. Except to really one person, which come to think of it, they are an outcast as myself. I love my best friend and I'm sure she does too my paranoia and anxiety keep fucking me up, it's fucking my everything up.

I've been feeling as if just everything has been going downhill recently, even though it's only the beginning.

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what went wrong with me, my brother has had so many gfs, is going to college, and plays sports, IM THE OLDER ONE AND IM MORE RETARDED WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED WE WHERE RAISED THE SAME WAY AAAAAAAAAAAAA SOMEONE TELL ME HE'LL FAIL EVENTUALLY

i used to love (admire?) you.
you were so intelligent.
were you just a cia nigger sent to spy on my who was trained so well with what i like?

why did you just disappear? why do you have to be such a whore?

why don't your qualities add up? are you faking something?

I just feel like shit all the time, that's pretty much it

i gotta talk openly about eating pussy more, the fuck is this

You're not alone user. Kind of the same reason I come here, but mainly to read.