Tfw hand holding at coffee shop with fembot gf

>tfw hand holding at coffee shop with fembot gf

Pic related

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Lucky. Now marry her white boy.

No I wanna marry you whitey boy

Cute, how did you meet?

Can I have a turn?

>photographing yourself holding hands just to post on social media
I hope she dumps your dumbass and finds someone less narcissistic

What do girl hands feel like?

On r9k
No she's mine but you can watch us kek
Wym no one is gonna dump anyone lmao
They're smaller than mine cuz she's small so feels good to me

>theyre smaller than mine
How old are you two?

why did you post this? just to hurt us?

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both of those look female.
Who's going to hold mine (palm and front pic related)

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Ew, no
Too veiny
I would only hod a soft qt boys hand

She's 20 I'm 21
No, I did BC I wanna cuck you
Well I'm male xy and she's female xx

Why are you only holding hands?
Shouldnt you be kissing

you guys are tards if you fell for this shit bait its not op he got that off of some shitty snapchat meme video

do you finger her little fingies?

We were having coffee and talking, we do kiss and cuddle a lot and stuff and Leeds
I mean believe whatever you want kek
Yeah a lot

Whats the dirtiest thing shes ever done with her hand

>tfw sweaty hands so a girl would be disgusted if she had to hold them

>I mean believe whatever you want kek
dude do you really want me to create a snapchat to prove it to you im that petty senpai

Meant lewdw lol sorry user.
Yours? I mean if she loves you she would not care really
That you're pretty?
Wot m8

>if she loves you she would not care really
Yeah but relationships don't usually start with love. I'm really insecure about this too so I'd probably act like an autist

I can't even think of a better way to flex on the board

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What do you mean?


>inb4 OP creates thread two months from now about how anonette confessed to him that she used to suck her stepdad's dick for cigarettes and btw she met this other user who really gets her
it's like some people never learn.
enjoy the absence of desperation from your life while it lasts, OP

>21 years old
>talks like a mentally deficient zoomer

You two met on discord, right? You seem the type. Just imagining your conversations makes me want to throw up.

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leeds? im frum londonbroil m8

I wish you both good luck.

I'm not a zoomer mate

>coping that hard
ahahahah you did meet on discord

Dont even talk about coping you pretentious little faggot

i'm sorry user.
please forget everything we said. you deserve happiness.
>b-b-but you said you're not attracted to superficial assholes, he doesn't know you like i do!!

No, we met on r9k, discord is full of e-underage girls ew

Smells like incel butthurt, are you lost? You know how to get back to r/incels? Or should I show you the way?

Are you going to settle down with her or bang and leave?

nah, i just enjoy pointing out reality to my self-deceiving brethren.
i don't need to post pics of women on Jow Forums for upvotes LMAO

Settle down
Can I post pic of your momma

Hope you had a good time mate, just be cautious meeting strangers off of the internet in future

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You're right, she's probably going to rape me tonight

the fact that you're so triggered by some user's observations proves how secure you really are in your own life.
don't come here expecting validation like a teenage girl with daddy issues
>your momma
kek are you losing it?

Fembots don't exist and you don't belong here.

Kelly are you losing it?

Do you live in London, OP?

If I don't belong here where should I go?! This been my place since always...
Nah not pakiland, sorry lass

>Nah not pakiland, sorry lass
Good. Thought her hand looked a little like the girl who cheated on me. She's from London, so I guess it's not her.