Women need to be raped. It is the only language they understand. Women enjoy rape. Don't let them tell you otherwise...

Women need to be raped. It is the only language they understand. Women enjoy rape. Don't let them tell you otherwise, because they are notorious liars and don't know their own minds. Women want to be held down and fucked hard. They want to be made to cry and scream. Women have a biological imperative to be raped. Did you know that women who are raped are twice as likely to conceive as women who have unprotected consensual sex? It is a fact. Women who are raped often have orgasms as well - some women have never had an orgasm in their lives save for a rape. The desire to be sexually dominated is deeply programmed into the woman. This is a fact of evolution that cannot be denied without women becoming imbalanced. Feminism is really just an outward manifestation of an internal problem with modern women. These 'feminists' desperately want to be put in their place. That's why they act out so much and are so belligerent. Whether they know it or not, subconsciously they want to piss men off and get men to make them submit. They want to be slapped in the face, told to shut the fuck up, and then raped until they can't stand up. This is what women really want. I say we give it to them.

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Don't care faggot, get a life.

lmao how much of a loser do you have to be if you can't get women to have consensual sex with you

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Looks is what defines your success with women, which you did nothing to earn. Would you call Newton a loser even though he's responsible for the computer you're on? Fucking retard

Imagine how many generations of your ancestors who had a partner and then we get to your pathetic ass who is typing up this nonsense on an imageboard about raping a women because you can't get any.

Pathetic. Your dad must look at you with utter disdain and wished he comes on your mother's stomach instead.

>Looks is what defines your success with women
No it doesn't. Good looks help but I'm a balding subhumand and i've have sex with 3 girls.
>Would you call Newton a loser even though he's responsible for the computer you're on?
Yeah. Losers can have academic succes but they're still losers. I don't see your point.

The point is clear brainlet. Its not hard to get a gf

glad to see you got my point. Have a good day :)

>Looks is what defines your success with women,
the rapist continues to demonstrate his ignorance of human sexuality

stay safe don't talk to or support idiots like this

If youre good looking, retard. But if youve only been with 3 girls you cant talk.

how many girls have you been with.
>can't finish his thought before posting but calls me a retard

>how many girls have you been with.
More then you not that it matters and thats the point. Basing your success off how many women you fuck is retarded, because looks and money determine that not any kind of intelligence or morals. Newton not a loser people will always remember him nobody's going to remember you, you're the loser

"Consent" is a jewish social construct. In the natural world ALL sex is RAPE. Rape is the way of the universe.

Why the fuck are you here you faggot? Most of us never as so much hugged a girl yet you fucked three girl's brain out? GET OUTTTTTTTTT


>Most of us never as so much hugged a girl
do you seriously believe this?

lrn2rape u low test rapelet incel faggot

t. mudslime

why do women act traumatized after rape?

Do you not see the threads on here? The depression? The anger? The bitterness of one's existence being a joke by the cosmos? We are the bottom of the barel of society, the gum you find stuck under your shoe....pathetic losers with no futures. So it is no surprise most of us...I would wager 90% are virgins and of that number at 80% have never so much as hugged a girl.

You need to fuck off and go suck a dick you normie faggot bitch.

Isn't it a school day? Does mommy know your on Jow Forums?

>he hasn't lost his virginitiy to a hooker

If dubs I will rape a foid at uni today night

I think rape should be illegal precisely BECAUSE women want to be raped.

>Do you not see the threads on here? The depression? The anger?
everyone is memeing you retard
also you can be depressed and have frequent sex. God you're dumb. Go back to r/incels

How big of a loser do you have to be to make edgy posts about rape?

Because we live in an unnatural society that gives them pretty princess points for whining. The Sabines didnt complain when they were raped by the furious Trojan thunder-cocks of the founders of Rome. Mohammed was also a White man, Whites make the best rapists. We must reignite the White Man's Will to Rape, a redemption through rape.


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You do realise that by ranting about women, you don't improve yourself and instead just say that women should improve? It is not the women who should improve, it is you who should improve.

If your girlfriend is being continuously dishonest, just go MGTOW.

If you want the attention of a woman but can't get it, just improve yourself and make yourself more attractive to women.

Our entire society was founded on a legendary rape. The letters you are using were popularized by the WORSHIPPERS of that HOLY MASS RAPE.

You stupid fucking retard shitbitch. Go back to r3dit.

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>instead just say that women should improve?
Thats the point retard. Women are the ones with unrealistic standards and only find 20% of men attractive, not us. Kys
>just improve yourself
K let me go become a millionaire real quick so I can get a gf. Meanwhile every girl gets a boring but brings nothing to the table besides a warm hole

I never said women should improve you illiterate troglodyte, I said we should IMPROVE OURSELVES AND reach our full potential for Rape and become perfect warriors in the holy, natural act of Rape!

Women are our furniture, women are the flora and fauna of the spiritual realm, We, AS RAPISTS, are its sole masters.

>K let me go become a millionaire real quick so I can get a gf.
How deluded are you to think that you need to be a millionaire to get a girlfriend. God.

If your ugly enough that is the case.




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YOU ARE A SISSY. Take these pills and I'll throw you into my well.

Aesthetics dont matter. Aesthetucs are dead and we have killed them. THE WILL TO RAPE, THE POTENTIAL TO RAPE, That is all that matters. RAPE, HOLY RAPE, THE WILL TO RAPE AND NOTHING ELSE!

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>Women need to be raped.
Yeah, and furries are people.


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most historians agree that newton was gay

Not true at all sounds like you're straight from reddit

weak boys get raped by big boys. anyone who isn't chad enjoys rape.

You guys have fun with that shit. Go find out for yourself where your edginess will get you in the end

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>asking for a consent instead of fucking her like a true alpha chad
lmao weak ass pussy

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