My gf has very little sex drive and I have very high sex drive

My gf has very little sex drive and I have very high sex drive.

How can I get her to let me fuck her more?

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Get a different gf. This one doesn't like you.

talk to her about it and see if she agrees to let you fuck her tits or thights.
t. no sex drive
my boyfriend periodically (not much anymore) climbs up on my chest at night and jacks off into my face and i just have to sit there.

play with her clit
or just fuck her more anyway
I had a gf with less sex drive than me and 90% of the time I wanted sex and she didn't I just took it from her and never got any complaints

Get her to work out, that will increase her testosterone and make her hornier.
Also next time ask this on adv you dumb normie

Rape her dumb ass girls like that she wants you to show dominance

Last time we were cuddling and making out but then she got angry at me that I has slightly humping her with my crotch. I wasn't even aware I has humping her it was doing it on its own.

Maybe she has hormonal issues. My ex had hyperthyroidism and never had much interest in sex untill she got on her medicine. Also this:

Oh that's a little bit weird. I don't wanna fuck but I don't have a problem with getting lightly dry humped in bed while half asleep.

Dunno, I think she got some abuse issues.

oh, then just avoid humping her and jack off more. the more she trusts you the hornier she will get for you.

>How can I get her to let me fuck her more?
You need to be better at sex. Most women love sex but if their partner isn't getting them off it's not worth the mess.

How can I get better if she won't let me do it?

>My gf has very little sex drive
She is fucking someone on the side.
No women who truly loves you have "little sex drive".

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Practice cuddling and touching with her so she can feel arousal without having sex. If she has abuse issues like you mentioned above, this might be the best you can do for a while.

He is full of shit. Most women /tolerate/ sex and rarely get horny.
Watch Wall-E and see the way wall-e gains eve's trust and travels across the universe just to hold her hand. that makes chicks wet.
t. female

this guy is right
you guys suck at sex
this guy is right too
im sorry to tell you this but if your girl isnt begging you for sex every day then thats because you guys are just stepping stones until she finds the right guy that makes her wet every day
t.not chad but i gave every girl i was with nymphomania because i know how to please them (which totally isnt worth it because chad will make them wet just by touching them)

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This. She's getting it somewhere else and isn't sexually attracted to you.

How do you please them?

With your willy, user.

It's the opposite for me. My gf masturbates every day, but I get horny like once or twice a week. I kind of feel bad but she doesn't seem to mind.

be original, surprise her, be forceful like an animal but also delicate like she is precious, hot and cold, whisper things in her ear, spank her butt, eat her toes lick her tights nibble on her nipples, that kind of stuff, until she cant take it anymore and begs you to fuck her brains out. and dont just do it when its sex time, do it ALL the time, chad wins the girl because he never plays the friend game with his girls but every interaction with them is subtly sexual in nature, it makes women feel like they are nothing but a sex toy for him, but thats exactly what they want, never listen to women about relationship advice they will tell you want they want in a friend not want they want in a sexual partner (listen to women when it comes to what turns them on in bed thought) also some cheeky roleplay can go a long way (like boss and secretary)
just you know, be exciting, its not as hard as you think.

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