Ayo, white boy! You know how to code, right? Can you help me?

>Ayo, white boy! You know how to code, right? Can you help me?
Wat do?

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Wtf she's as black as her clothes
>ight negress , but you gotta make up for it

>ask her name
>tell her mine
>help her with her problem
>tell her next time she wants to talk to me, to call me by my name

okay negress
step 1: close word and open actual coding software

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if she has legit questions, then help her.

>for starters, Miss, you shouldn't be editing your code in microsoft word. Use a real text editor program, this one adds all sorts of formatting junk to what you write, no wonder it doesn't compile.

Its just word dont even stress it

I'd help her if she actually had manners.


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don't say it, frog
don't drop the N bomb

No user think about the advertisers

Hell no man, don't do it

I wish we could stop him, but it's in God's hands now

fuck off she-boon


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>doesn't know how to code
>doesn't kneel when she sees me
Not superior Ugandan gf

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>he really thought i'd listen

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Jesus fuck, me smashie

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>Nobody said shit till a white man did it.

Besides, I don't need my woman to kneel-- A blowjob every once in a while is much much better.

Well ok. The submissiveness is a *little* bit hot, I gotta admit.

>a little bit, but you're not going to learn it if i just do it for you. what is it that you're trying to do here?

>Code? Yeah sure, just lemme split dem cheeks with this small dick program I got growing.

This is not submission. My father is from Uganda, and whenever there were family gatherings all people knell and sit on the floor when talking to or in the presence of elders or very important community leaders, regardless of the gender of either parties. It is a sign of respect and has nothing to do with "hurrr based submissive girl".