Be me yawning

>be me yawning
>friend makes a over sexualized yawn and tells me that's how I sound
>I tell him I don't sound like that
>tells me when i talk I sound like a girl

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cute desu and original

He's trying to flirt with you

Let him fuck you then, this is your chance to be his cute househusband and never have to work again

he tryna smash

No he's not.

No thanks.

No he's not.
My other college friend on the other hand does wanna smash me.

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Post your cute voice then

take the chance with that other faggon than

>My other college friend on the other hand does wanna smash me.
are you feminine for a boy user or mayhaos a huge faggot? cause by the way you made it sound id already like to shred your butthole

Your friend sounds like a faggot, you should probably stop talking to him

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Vocaroo record you saying

Hi, I wanna be your girlfriend, and if you break up with me... *whispering* I'll kill you *giggling like a psychopathic little girl* *still whispering* I know where you live *normal voice* I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. Nobodys gonna know, nobodys gonna know where you are, because I'll g
Hide your body, hide your body in my freezer and then I'll, *whispering* I'm gonna I'm gonna *while holding back laughter* serve you for dinner *evil laugh*

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I'm not feminine for anyone I'm just this way.


No thanks. He loves to touch me.

He's not a faggot, my other friend is a bigger faggot than I am. Always gives me hugs, rubs my hair, asks me if I like boys, flurts with and much much more.

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>I'm not feminine for anyone I'm just this way.
you tard you misunderstood the question i meant for a member of the male gender do you exhibit feminine traits or resemble your opposite gender

He also calls me a cock sucker and gay.
I reply with nothing. Like what ever dude.

But when I call him gay or a faggot, he looks uncomfortable when I say that to him.

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My personality is ISFJ if that helps.

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>actually believing any of the MBTI shit
You're fucking stupid enough to be a woman, thats for sure.

If you say so.

I'm pretty stupid as it is from a social perspective.

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yea you prob are feminine considering the way you speak like a dickstarved trap

>gee why do my friends treat me like I'm feminine
Now post vocaroo

Thanks this is my new steam profile picture

boast boibucci plz :DDDD

are you gay or do you like wamenz op

>tfw when you fempost people just call you a roastie
reee why don't people think I'm cute like OP

I like girls.
I'm not gay. I don't think about sucking dick.

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so then y are u talking like a faggot

I don't know. I can't help it.
I'm just afraid.

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im just saying i would watch out if iwere u d00d

Stop watching porn
Right Now

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Show us yer cock.

based and alicepilled

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