Anyone else looking forward to their 30s when women want to settle down and will finally give us attention?

Anyone else looking forward to their 30s when women want to settle down and will finally give us attention?

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>he thinks that was written by a woman and not a bitter incel

as long as i don't have to raise mistake babies from other fathers, i'm okay with this.

>i don't regret it
Completely dropped and disregarded. Will not even be considered as emergency case.

yeah. I treat them just like they were treating me when i wanted to fuck - ignoring them. They will probably find some beta cuck to cuddle those cum filled bags, but it won't be me. More money for vidya and alcohol.

Even if this winds up being true for you, sex is not as good as an adult as it is when you're still ~16-24ish.

>women want to settle down and will finally give us attention
That's just a lie we tell ourselves to convince us that the suffering won't be for nothing. It doesn't work like that in the real world.

too late, the wounds are too deep and still fresh. I'll go my own way, thanks

>spend 16-30 getting pumped'n'dumped by chads
>chad loses interest and carries on going for younger girls
>try to trap bitter betas and settle down
>get pumped'n'dumped by bitter betas
>hit 40 and go through early menopause
>can never have kids
Deep breath and laugh.

You can settle with a woman in her 30s now while you are young.

Hahaha even this opportunity is out of my reach

Boomer here.
Women my age look dreadful (basically old hags 90/100 times) by now and embittered by a life of hookups.

The nice thing about 30s is the attention you get from YOUNGER wom*en.

Hell you might even afford the luxury to pluck a young non-totally-whorish qt to raise into your wife.

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I'm a 31 year old NEET who hasn't worked since 2007.

Women under 25 don't want to date me because I'm not attractive enough.
Women over 25 dont wan't to date me because I'm too low status.

it would make my day at work to see you admit that being a NEET for 12 years has been a big mistake.

A mistake? probably. It's a consequence of the events of my life that proceeded the NEETdom. I don't regret it though. I've lived a comfortable life.

>Sorry, but.... I'm...not...a..nice guy....anymore...

Are you at least on neetbux or would your gf have to support you financially?

Yeah NEETbux. I had a gf for a few months last year and I still paid for stuff and travel.

That's not bad at all, who cares if you work? I'd be happy to date anyone who could pay their half of things, a lot of women feel the same way. Just find someone who is also on neetbux and you can be together all the time.

>deriving pleasure from another man's suffering

I know you're incapable of acknowledging this, but you reap what you sow. If you want life to be painful, then remember that when the pain comes your way, you'll be making plenty of people just like you very very happy

it doesn't matter to me if others are happy observing my suffering if they did nothing to cause it.

I don't want life to be painful, it is painful. It's just frustrating to put in effort to alleviate or transcend the pain only to see others without pain or applied effort.

If you've had a go before then youre good looking enough to get another. Dont tell people you're neet. If you meet women, tell them your dad is a diplomat and that he sends you a monthly allowance or some shit because he's rich, and that you're waiting fir him to die to get his inheritance. Many of them will like that.

That's just standard normalfag fare. Laugh at everyone else's misery to feel better about your own, while praying nothing bad ever happens to you, and occasionally sabotaging your fellows when it looks like they might escape their misery or rise above you.

Lmao nty I'll stick to mentally inserting myself into harem manga

I came here to post this. I got a good job in my late 20s and ever since then I have had no problems getting younger women. You get older but they stay young forever.

>You get older but they stay young forever.
I'll sip to that my friend.
Nothing beats savoring a young fresh qt when you're old and mature enough to appreciate it and don't give it for granted.

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Wow! I'm sure you guys are totally in touch with reality and not all deranged old lunatics.

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>Later that night
>depicts the following night
Your meme is shit champ.

Go ask your female friends what the oldest they would date is. You would be surprised how much older girls are willing to go. You do have female friends, right?

Well zoomer believe what you want I don't care.
But yes you can look it up, tons of 18-20yos are into "daddy" stuff and whatnot, in addition to the natural tendency for women to settle for 5ish yo older males.

Hell you know what zoomy, make a boomerfishing tinder or even better tantan with a 7/10 28yo boomer and check

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>reply to 3 posts
>get replies for 3 angry boomers
Like clockwork.

actually 2 posts were mine so I guess even onlookers called you out, and nobody is angry here friend, being a boomer is also about not caring about uselss internet shit anymore..
You on the other hand are fishing for (You)s on r9gay of all places how sad is that

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I'm too busy seeking out the institutions that prevented me from finding love in my youth and trolling them into the ground.