Why are some of us born mentally ill? Is it punishment for a past life, or some kind of balancing act?

Why are some of us born mentally ill? Is it punishment for a past life, or some kind of balancing act?

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Because your mom couldnt control herself and drank while she was pregnant with you. Also later on your parents didn't give you the proper attention that a child needs and didn't care about you.

someone lost in the genetic lottery

It's a balance patch right after you're born.

It's because your parents were fucked up too.
And the ones before them, until you go to either unlucky accidents or contamination as fault.

First one didn't happen, but the second cold be true.

Your brain is like a computer that your soul tries to interact with to control the body. With a damage brain not only it is difficult to interact with things but may feed bad or different information to the soul then what others usually get. It may not be a punishment.

But they weren't so fucked up as to be unable to pop a child out, so something had to be going right for them.

depends bro. if you mean "depression" or "anxiety" then you're just lazy and it's punishment for an easy life where you have no consequences for doing whatever you want until it's too late.

if you mean you killed your mother and don't know why its wrong, then theres no reason, your brain just developed bad.

Yes some people are born mentally ill
Not a punishment or a balancing act
Just like how people can be born with random diseases and deformities in other parts of your body, you can be born with these deformities in your brain

Because some's mom are old when they give is birth when it's bad idea to do that 30+ since it greatly increases the chances of mental illness or development disorders mine was 40

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Being unable to feel healthy or be sane definitely seems like a pun(ha that's a pun)ishment in my desu.

they were both a little fucked up and you inherited ALL the fucked upness

Niiice. Now that's desu.

>be adopted
>great parents despite helicopter mom..which gave me various other problems aside from mental illness
>be 14
>get diagnosed with autism
>looking back i had that shit since i was 3 my mom says
>be 18
>get diagnosed with schizotypal
>be 28
>get diagnosed with bi-polar 1

turns out my birth mother had schizophrenia. I was cursed from birth and it had nothing to do with my parents raising me.
>recently doctor told me i was misdiagnosed with autism
>doesnt think i have it anymore
>said you can grow out of it
fuckin lold hard in his face.
Im starting to think that i may have schizoaffective disorder due to the bi-polar diagnosis and my schizo tendencies.

>my face when i go into autistic rage fits
this life is not worth living if this is how its going to be for the rest of my life.

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That's a shitty lot to have.

>born to mother when parents were both 22
>perfect childhood and parenting
>lifelong gender dysphoria I've had to repress
Just fuck my shit up. The worst part is I have n o b o d y to blame for this. My brain just actively hates me for no reason.

God had to nerf me to give the others a chance.

yeah and im not seeking any attention for it, but i do have to rationalize my behavior sometimes, because i honestly dont know WHY i act certain ways.. its usually due to the autism aspect. But i also have delusions/paranoia, so maybe im just imagining it all lol no really, i cant just wish it all away but i wish i could.

>wish it all away
If only...

My mom is bipolar and I really hope I dont get that shit

Pretty sure every single one of us wonders this. The really crazy ones have proportionately crazy answers but at the end of the day I just like to pretend it's just very bad luck.

>thread theme

This is now /mentalillness/ general

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FFS! Why didn't my dad use a condom?
Why bring me into this shit existence? To suffer.
I should have been aborted, no joke.
I have to shovel antidepressants down just to keep from killing myself.

The antinatalists are correct, don't reproduce.

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I've always thought of my life as a mentally ill transgirl to be my own personal difficulty choice. I always pick it in video games, why would I not do the same upon my own life? It's hard but I feel I'm enjoying it. I really hated it at first though.

Who schizo here? How do you do? My last psychosis ended up with me jumping of a bridge and ending up in a wheelchair.

My parents told me that I was planned. I just wish that they had waited a few more weeks before attempting to conceive. Maybe they would have gotten a better son.

so mentally disabled that i feel like a robot..
This song always stings in a certain kind of way..but for some reason its not touching me like it used to. not yet


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Combination of genetic lottery and upbringing

>born when mom was 40
>after first trip to the psych ward found out she had untreated psychotic disorder
Never had a chance desu

I think it's genetic. My grandma, mom and me have anxiety + depression combo.

Genetic lottery
I lost big-time - my brain doesn't know how to sleep properly so I can't stay awake or function without my stimulants

>First one didn't happen
and you know this how?

History of mental illness and alcoholism in my family. Uncle killed himself, one cousin is an unemployed alcoholic, another is an unemployed schizo. Brothers came out normal. I'm a functioning alcoholic with depression, at least I can hold down a job I guess

I feel like it's more a punishment towards your parents.

i don't feel like my mental fuck-ups impair me, they make me feel better sometimes

Or hell they could have been not fucked up at all and you just got a bunch of Genes that were recessive in them

Sort of like how 2 blonde people can give birth to a black haired baby
2 mentally healthy people can give birth to people like us