Tfw got job at amazon today

>tfw got job at amazon today

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Make sure they send me the fucking grinding belts I ordered. Returns are a bitch and I am sick and fucking tired of having to send back 1 x 42s and waiting a fucking additional week for the actual 1 x 30s I ordered.

Ok ill make sure to check the status of your grinding belts lmao

My dad worked there for almost a month as a picker or something like that. The repetitive motion caused an injury and in order to avoid paying workplace injury compensation they forced him into a job that would aggravate his injury further to try to get him to quit. Long story short, he obtained the right to sue amazon because they refused to pay for the workplace injury and retaliated against him to get him to quit.
Make sure to be careful dude, amazon has a history of pulling this type of shit. Their management is full of sharks.

Enjoy pissing in bottles and having Bezos make personal visits (as he's been accused of doing thousands of times) to fuck female workers loudly.

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>>tfw got job at amazon today

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I remember those days, I quit within a week

Fuck Amazon but your dad sounds like a whiny pussy who just wanted to make a quick buck.

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>I quit within a week

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Not him, but it really is a shit job. I know a dozen people who cycled through the Brownstown center, all burning out in under a month.

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Why would I continue working there if I can survive without it? It's such a shit job I was a "stower" so I spent about 11 hours putting shit in shelves and getting visited by the managers if I'm not going insanely fast.

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I worked at an Amazon warehouse for a little bit a while back but had to walk out on the job because I had a physical medical problem. It wasn't a particularly great job and it could be pretty physically demanding at times, but one good thing about it is that no one was ever breathing down your neck. You could fuck off quite a bit if you weren't unloading the trucks that day and were doing something else.

I quit literally the first day after the three day training, god that job sucked.
I honestly have no idea how the people who make it work do it, but I have respect for them.

Hell, I saw someone old enough to be someone's grandmother stacking heavy boxes and probably risking injury to do her job.

I pimp her ass out

Amazon was one of my favorite jobs but i got fired for looking at Jow Forums on the job. Fucking porn ads.

Get a job at Burger King instead.

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Why did you enjoy it?
What did you enjoy about it?

Had a few buddies there and I like putting things in places like putting a puzzle together. I think the supervisors didn't like me because our crew was loud as fuck and goofing off alot. If Lord Bezos find out some bitch fired me, im sure that single mother would lose a job so im fine with leaving.

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Ahahaha, this is the most ridiculous, pathetic and yet entertaining thing I have ever read.

lmao shady business practices aside, how do you get a repetitive stress industry in only one month? Is your dad totally retarded?

I've worked there for about three years and made over $7000 from the stocks alone. since doing the $15 starting wage they don't give you stocks anymore.

it's not as bad as everybody makes it sound. You won't be able to stand the job if you're a soiboi zoomer who thinks the only bearable work is getting paid to sit in an office and repost facebook memes.

In reality, it's a job. It hurts your feet and makes you tired but you also get paid quite well and you get a lot of time off.
Amazon works in tune with the rhythm of American consumer spending, so you'll be working non-stop for all of December and then the building dies out in February and there is unlimited time off.

I am lazy and so I haven't worked a full work week in ~6 weeks or so. When I do go to work I just stumble around and read books off of the shelves, go eat lunch in my car, come back and do it again and then the day is over.

And if you're a more driven person and you can stand to stay there for a year, at that point they will fully pay for a community college degree for you. You can also shave off up to ten hours a week in "school accommodation" so they give you an avenue of escape.

I suggest anybody at least try it out. It's a pretty good job for a robot with social anxiety or agoraphobia.

this lmfao i hope he wastes his money on a lawyer and loses

i seriously hope this is real

>at that point they will fully pay for a community college degree for you
I didn't know there were jobs that did that besides the military.
I may give this a shot just for the promise of having college paid off alone. If it's too much for me, I suppose I could just quit.
Unless I die in some kind of workplace accident like a stack of boxes falling on top of me and crushing me I got nothing to lose!

keep in mind it's something that works closely with HR at the building

they'll pay for you to get a trade or technical associate's degree but if you have debt from a university degree, that wouldn't be included

they also require that you get a degree in an in-demand field where there are lots of job openings, it couldn't be something like art or philosophy

>they also require that you get a degree in an in-demand field where there are lots of job openings, it couldn't be something like art or philosophy
>implying that's a problem

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