Tell me how to live, anons. I'm 29 and I've reached the point where I've wasted every opportunity to get the normal...

Tell me how to live, anons. I'm 29 and I've reached the point where I've wasted every opportunity to get the normal, good life, but I still have 60 potential years of human life left.
>losers don't live that long
I work out, eat healthy and avoid narcotics. Hell, I'm probably going to outlive all normies and have nothing to do.

Love, joy, friendship, romance, being interested in something, having fun, partying.. none of this is part of my life. I've never tasted alcohol, partied, had fun or been in love - not once, and I'm almost 30. I genuinely believe I have no soul. Whenever I go out I see teens enjoying themselves, tattooed single moms my age pushing a baby cart.. They're all hung up on life, and I merely observe it.

I literally want to know what I should start doing in my life. My mom always told me others can't decide it for me, but I can't do it on my own. I have no desire, passion or will to do anything. The only thing I ever wanted was to be a normie who finds his true soulmate at 18 years old and lives happily ever after with her. That obviously didn't happen to me.

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>true soulmate
That shit doesnt exist. You could try involving yourself with people.

>That shit doesnt exist.

Everyone else has a girlfriend or a wife and I don't. Seems pretty real to me.

Im talking about soulmate thing not having gf/wife.

My theory is that the dilemma of being a "robot" is that you're more intelligent and analytical than a normie, but just to the perfect amount where you can't enjoy life but have no idea how to fix it. So you just sit around calculating life without coming up with an answer.

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I think you're onto something - too much self-awareness might cripple interaction with people. However that doesnt explain lack of desire.

Sounds like you are a schizoid.

Nigga, do you have money? Do you have a roof over your head and food on the table? If so, be grateful and stop wining faggot.

I've never been shy and I've always wanted to interact with people but I guess they don't want to interact with me, seeing as I don't have any female friends or ex girlfriends. I find females to be the hardest to get along with. Mentally I got nothing in common with them. I prefer math and nihilism to puppies and dancing.

>However that doesnt explain lack of desire.
Decades of rejection might create an emotional void to protect the mind from further damage.

>Mentally I got nothing in common with them
In what way?

I might be. Can you tell me more about schizoids? All my life I've felt like I'm playing life from 3rd person and everyone else is in 1st person, completely indulged. That's the simplest I can put it.

>Nigga, do you have money?
>Do you have a roof over your head and food on the table?
Currently yes. I'm somewhat grateful for it, but humans need fulfillment beyond bread and sleep. There are people who live under a bridge but get sex, and are happier than I am, because the validation from a female specimen matters more than superficial comforts.

Women are mental children who use feelings as their guideline in life.

So what's the problem? Isnt it easier to talk to children?

Shieet, are you me OP? I'm even of same age. I too live healthy, lift and practice ascetism.

Read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Book helped tremendously.

You're overblowing it big time dude. A lot of those times those people get fucking miserable. I mean yeah I wish I wasn't a 29 year old virgin as well, but you need to let go of these storybook/movie definitions about relationships.

>you need to let go of these storybook/movie definitions about relationships.

Yeah, I feel like the only way to get a girl is to accept they're used up, past their prime, needy, and you essentially need to become a cuck.

Holy fuck being alone and without passion is the ultimate depression fuel.
Sometimes I don't even know why I get up in the morning.
I mean literally why the fuck do I do anything?
Normies don't think about why they do things, they just do them. But I'm not a normie, I was engineered to be a questioning autist.

Men are mental children who use their fragile egos and feelings of inadequacy as their guideline in life.

But how can one be devoid of passion?

I'm the poster of that post and I somewhat agree with you. Most men live to get a woman, in the way that they just want to cuddle with someone and give them their human worth. It's weak and pathetic. Most men are dependent on women and would become doormats to get female attention.
But women are children in the way that they just want a daddy figure to provide for them and listen to their madeup emotional problems that wouldn't exist if we had a war going on.

There's nothing interesting in life.

Meh, tried it, failed, got bored.
Meh, tried it, wasn't the best so gave up.
>vidya games
Meh, not real enough.
Too real.
>being unemployed and watching anime
Not challenging enough.
>doing brain surgery
Too challenging.

I have it all, but nobody likes me, so in the end it feels like I have nothing.

>have it all
what do you mean?

Well if your only goal is finding a womandog then you might aswell neck RGTOW

I'm in med school, I have a fancy car, I work out and look 4/5.
But it's all a mask I've slowly built up for myself so I'd be accepted. Ironically I still hate myself and the only people I will attract when I graduate is single moms who want a rich doctor. I don't want that.