I have a higher powerlevel than any white boy on here

I have a higher powerlevel than any white boy on here.

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>that sprinkler
Is that one of those low security prison cells?

*dislocates his thumb*

Absolutely based. God bless my beaitufll ebony child.

-Finnabuss Afatnat

me too

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aYo is this Rugarell? Shiet I haven't seen you round here in a minute my nigguh

Yeah I just usually get banned so fast you don't see me. Just recently came back to this board(rangebanned on /v/)

Whats up RnigK, havent seen you for a minute
Why does your room have sprinklers in it?

weebs are cancer, regardless of race

>Clout tracer

You have no power level

Liking Anime doesn't make you a weeb

Black weebs, you guys are my favorite. What fighting games do you play?

namefags are cancer, especially if they're also tripfags.

You're so fucked up, user

Based anime niggas

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no, but having anime posters and unironically discussing your "power level" does

No it really does not. it's just a hobby.

Why do black people like anime so much?

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Your hand looks gross. Wash your hands.

They're better than your shitty drinking and train threads.

Can't remember now but I think I'm gaining on you little niglet, past 200 days and moving fast. Gintama a best, too bad the final episodes were such a mess.

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>Why do black people like anime so much?
A better question is why do non-Japs in general like anime so much?

If your black and on r9k you're a pedo or gay but probably both

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says the unironic non-virgin tripfag who shamelessly posts his face

you dont belong on my r9k you disgusting faggot, if theres a hell you genuinely deserve to burn in it

Learning DBFZ. I own SFV but I don't really play it much. I would like to learn UNIST one day too.
Blacks loves cool flashy stuff like kung fu movies in general, anime is pretty good in general.

>tfw this nigga rugarell has a penis twice as big as mine and a higher power level

might aswell end it

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UNIST and DFCI are my main games. Melty, BBCF and CvS2 are my side games. Might go back to BBxTag if the fifth fate is something I like

Yeah you may as well white boy. But let me fuck your gf first.

Kill yourself
you're not welcome on /n/ anymore for that

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I thought niggers had white palms