lt's Friday, I'm in love edition


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Friday never hesitates, eh lad?

I said I'd quit alcohol last Saturday on my birthday because I'm an alcohol.
It's 6 days later and I'm considering getting drunk out of boredom.
Should I do it?

the curtain goes down on him again
were you a problem drinker before?

No m8, don't do it. You have more strength than you're aware of. Dig deep, get yourself down an AA meeting if you can. I'm at almost 6 months now and I feel a lot better.

No lad, find something else to occupy yourself.

Yeah there's nothing else going on.

>That humble brag

Over 10 years.
It's been real bad the past few years though.

To be fair, I don't feel like I want to... I'm just fucking bored.
Might just pick up some bud instead.

I know right, disgusting.
I hate normies.

>I'm at almost 6 months now and I feel a lot better.

What do you do when you get drunk lad? Does being drunk improve it any?

Mostly just sit here and shitpost whilst listening to drum and bass.
It's rare I go out and socially drink these days.

If someone said it was ridiculous and childish to want to do something that you've done, you'd probably mention it.

Did cola kill himself?

calling it quits for night. done a good 17 out of the last 24 hours on apex leg ends. i'm slightly less shit than when i started, so that's good. and the last game was a very good one so am happy to end on that.
drinking time now.
bed within next 2 hours

No, I wouldn't humble brag about it. And people can think what they want about what I would like to do.

they deny attempting last night but it kinda seemed like they trydid
they posted dis morning 2

cola followed in the host's footsteps and took his own life

Host was streaming on youtube last night

update on the radio, host, zeus?

>Online job applications

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He's just been after sympathy on /lgbt/

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Everyone involved got scurvy and died

Sadly no but he's more than welcome to try it.

Nah, not Zeus m8

That downtime is when it's easiest to pick up; perhaps moreso than when things are tough. Block that voice out, go for the bud unless you get dependent on that too.

Try making yourself a nice meal and downloading a few films, find things to do to keep yourself occupied. Lift, go for a walk with the dug etc. Maybe you could just have one or two nights a week on the bevvy.

Host was admitted to a psychiatric hospital after a failed suicide attempt and was discharged a few days ago.

Zeus went on a trip to Yokohama, Japan to visit a shitting denial fetish brothel and hasn't been heard from since.

Would you actually be happy if a poster killed himself?

Are you proud that you consider posting on /cow/ a step up from posting on kiwi farms?

i'd be happy if it meant they were no longer unhappy

my scottish friend hasn't showed up for valentine , guess he doesn't want to hear about me anymore

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>guess he doesn't want to hear about me anymore
no one does fuck off

I'm gonna redpill you on online applications, lad. You ready? They're bullshit. If you want the job, phone them. If the advert is legit and not just put up while they recruit internally, then there will be a phone number on there. Ring the number and talk directly to one of the hiring managers. Online applications go straight in the bin.

I wouldn't be, but I wouldn't be particularly sad since we're anons either. I can't stand a few of the personalities though so I'd probably be glad they're gone.

that was yesterday.
try making a bat symbol but with a irn bru can instead of the bat

>tfw no Scottish friend

*hands u the most boomer post of the thread award*
gratz m8

I'm gonna absolute mog manletyuri and bust a nut in cola's face

right i'm away for the weekend. stay comfy lads, see you in a few days.

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imagine if you moved and by chance ebin was your new neighbour

That was the a running joke on /cow/, back when the Kiwi Farms was called the CWCki Forums. I've never really been on there so I can't comment. The guy who runs the place is definitely an autist though.

hav fun lad come back safe

What a shame, would have got rid of him and bullying mayuri over it would have been funny.

>The guy who runs the place is definitely an autist though.
Absolutely. If he wasn't the owner the people there would tear him to pieces.

im not scotish but i can simulate it for you
dunnae touch ma irnbru ya wee bastard ya

Closing in on 40k in savings. Am I the richest britfeeler? Mind you i live with parents and dont have a car, just straight cash

This is genuinely the first award I have ever won in my entire life.

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You could always just buy a car if you want m8. Probably might be a good idea to invest all that wonga somehow too. Increase it and all that.

That's not bad lad, want to be an apprentice Scotty? I can show you the way.

giz a grand mate

Think Shippy owns a house

glad 2 hav maydid ur life

Shippy owns a repressed homosexual desire for girlcock

Just cant be bothered to get a license. Planning to buy a house, parents are offering to chip in maybe 10k for the deposit. Im not in a rush though since I dont mind living with my parents, i imagine living by myself will be lonely af

I'm have about 37k cash and have my own car. Should be over 40k by the end of the month.

Not that I do anything with it. It's just going to waste.

Did you hear about that shit about him threatening to rape some girl on a Lego forum? Absolutely insane.

The richest britfeeler is a lad who inherited a townhouse on Portobello Road in London that is probably worth about 10 million quid and he rents to rich Chinese for a fortune.

Well done on your savings.

cola is qt

What did you lads get?

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>Kevin Smith teasing a new Jay and Silent Bob movie
God he's so irrelevant. I wish the AIDS would finish it's work.

i have a complete collection of those coke glasses you get from mcdonalds sometimes
it's a priceless collection

>Im gonna redpill you
Never trust any sentence that follows this statement. I have worked two different jobs and currently on the third. All of which were applied for online. This advice you give is no better than the firm handshake meme

BritNormie why have you never told us the story of how you and Angela met?
What did you do to get a girlfriend?

>the richest britfeeler
is the one with the most frens

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Ah... well, I've not really lived alone ever. If I were you, I also wouldn't be in a rush to make the leap, only to be left profoundly alone.

To the lad who keeps crying about his Scottish friend, stop it, he LARPs with me now.

>Absolutely insane.
Yeah, it was Roblox. Not that it matters lol. He made a real fuckwit of himself, but then again he was only in his teens, so,you know. There was some out of context comments he made about fapping to shots. His biggest mistake was getting doxed; wasn't long ago that a cow went after his entire extended family. He is absolutely fucked, he can never leave this life. The farms is his troll shield, and he has made A LOT of enemies. One tranny even showed up at his house. He hid in the toilet apparently and let his mother get the door.

I was out drinking with workmates sitting up at the bar, she was sitting next to me with her work colleagues and we got chatting. I asked her if her drink was any good because I was thinking of ordering one.

I'm on your side here, but some teachers really do push it too far on the 'be ambitious' front which makes people then think they are 'above' more normal jobs.

What's more I remember someone at school saying they wanted to be a 'data entry clerk' when asked what they wanted to do when they were older and the teacher almost went ballistic. Nothing wrong with that I thought.

Think I'm gonna go back to lying in bed. Put on some ASMR

Agreed lad, Id give her a tickle with me picke

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I don't think I could get any more like Lee Anthony Hoyland if I tried

>speaking to people you don't know

How the fuck

wholesum post

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Cola is fucking gross. Will never understand chasers.

I hate how he has assigned himself as some kind of nerd ambassador. He made some alright films at the start of his career but I dont know why his word is treated as gospel

>The richest britfeeler is a lad who inherited a townhouse on Portobello Road in London that is probably worth about 10 million quid and he rents to rich Chinese for a fortune.

This was a ShipLARP btw. Could have been true though, my grandparents did live in a townhouse in Portobello road that is now worth 2.8 million and had the opportunity to buy it, but they moved to a 4 bedroom house with large garden in Banbury instead

You are going to get BIG cuddles if you keep nice posting like this.

>tfw no hoop dancer gf

>Ship Anthony Hoyland explaining to Poley that their love is not haram because he is an honoury white now

they got my birth area pretty accurate tbqh

Dont be a meanie lad, I think shes cute

>Ring the number and talk directly to one of the hiring managers
That's beta.
Walk directly into the office, sit down at a desk and say "what needs to be done, boss?"

Lads why are building sites 99.9% white and male? Its so comfy working with proper working class lads, we have the odd Pole but they either keep to themselves or provide good bants.

Building sites are top tier comfy. Enjoy a pre-work ciggy with the lads at 7am, dew, fog and a chill in the air.

How do single guys have female friends and not fall in love with them or even want to bang them?

I'd slip it in long as the benis was hidden

Kind of sad how some trannies put so much effort in and they still look weird as fuck.

they DO want to bang them, but they're too beta to make a move, or if they do make a move they're put in their place and don't make that mistake again.

girls actually really like having orbiters and the feeling of control they have over them. a beta "friend" will always do what the girl asks them, no matter how much it puts them out.

guys stop laying into cola
she's in a vulnerable position right now after her break up with mayuri

quite accurate considering im from Bolton

>Walk directly into the office, sit down at a desk and say "what needs to be done, boss?"
Thought you were supposed to be alpha lad. Right, heres what you do. Walk into the office, and figure out who the boss is. Once you have him in your sights, walk right up to him and shake his hand. Do not stop. You are establishing yourself as the alpha male. Dont stop shaking his hand until he has given you the job and the promise of at least 30 days holiday. Simple. As.

This is why I always treat my friends like shit so they dont think I'm beta

Nice post work pint alone in a busy Wetherspoons. /britfeel/ arms when?

I remember the shota thing too, I didn't know about people turning up to his house though. Pretty fucked, almost feel a bit sorry for him now.

I get what you're saying. I know loads of people who have office admin type jobs and it's perfectly respectable, they quite often have things they do at the weekend that they are really passionate about like playing in bands etc.

I still think people should be encouraged to be ambitious though, because that's how you can find out what you're actually capable of. My brother is a teacher and he told me a story about a kid who wanted to be a plumber but he didn't want to say in front of his mates because he was worried they'd take the piss out of him for aiming too high.

There wasn't any risk to it, if she was standoffish then I'd have just went "cheers have a good night" and turned back to the people I was with.

Gutted that wasn't true, I was well happy for the guy. In that case you probably are the britfeeler with the highest net worth, I'm guessing your house must be worth several hundred grand?

>don't make that mistake again
I keep pushing it until we're no longer friends or she puts out.

Blimey lad you werent doing anything weird like reading a book there were you?

christ, betas coping this hard

have fun in the friend zone, all that effort your spending pretending to just think of that girl friend as just a friend will totally pay off when she needs a shoulder to cry on

Na lad. I only read /britfeel/. Bit too busy and loud for anybody to be reading a book here.

Bloke in a dress etc.

I think a lot of the people who find them attractive just want to give them a quick fuck before they move on to an actual female.

Ah, good to see some fellow alpha chads about

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