You know that at some point in your life a girl had a crush on you, right user?

you know that at some point in your life a girl had a crush on you, right user?
you just fucked it up

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>clear hints
>cant just fucking say it
>its your fault for not overstepping boundaries

hi, normalfriend!!! is that way

>implying anyone would have a crush on a fat and ugly autistic loser like me

Yeah, that one who thought she liked me, then thought she loved me, then when I opened up to her she lost interest in me completely.
Or maybe that crazy girl in my art class who idolized me for no reason and liked a person who didn't exist that she projected onto me, or maybe oh wait that's it, that's all of them.

I had long hair in high school but not past shoulder, so no one ever talked to me. I got a haircut cut short and all these girls the next day tried talking to me. I didn't even realize why and thought it was some king of elaborate setup.

>girl drops clear hints
>hit her up
>"lol i was just messing with u user i can't believe u fell for it"
>laughs at you with all her stacy friends
>reputation as a loser-creep enshrined

One psychotic drug addicted fat girl had a crush on me in high school, and that's it.

Oh I fucking know, user. Trust me I fucking know. I knew I fucked up immediately after the fact to.
>be young in MS
>theres this girl I've crushed on since elementary school
>in hindsight theres zero chance she didn't know this based solely on how autistically shy I was when she was around amongst other things
>one day she gets me leaving class
>openly confesses she likes me to always has
>immediately assume this is some convoluted bullying scheme I'll get excited and then she'll laugh and the others will laugh etc.
>autistically sperg out at her for this perceived fuckery
>she seems to realize what I think is going on and tries to tell me otherwise
>tell her angrily I actually thought she was better than that before walking off
>can hear her crying as I'm walking away
>instantly realize I fucked up that was an actual confession she genuinely was trying to defend herself she even gave me 5 chances to realize that before I threw it in her face
>people are already showing up because of the noise
>too cowardly and scared to turn back around and apologize even if it did jack shit to repair the situation
>just double down on being a knee jerk reaction asshole to anyone that shows even the slightest bit of interest in me as a human being for the next 5 years of school instead

Yes, but the worst part is that she wasn't a thot and we were really compatible.
but as others have said, fuck it if you really are into someone just go for it, fuck giving half assed cues and hoping socially inept people pick them up

That's me 5 tyms different girls i was busy studying n classes
Now I'm lonely as fuck n stay home preparing to crack medical entrance at some good college. I just wanna be a chad doc

I fucking know and I made her hate me because I'm insecure as fuck.It was honestly for the best I'm not a stable person and hurting her would push me to suicide.I couldn't bear watching her cry from my mental illness.

>at some point in your life a girl had a crush on you
Intellectually, I know this is probably true, because of statistics, but I still do not believe it.

Bullshit. There's no way anyone would ever feel that way about me.

i say bullshit

Seconded, the reason why I don't approach grls who I suspect are into me

It's especially unbelievable considering how few people, let alone people attracted to men, know I exist.

I know. This one girl had a massive crush on me in when I was in sixth form. She kept trying to follow me and talk to me all the time. She was pretty and sweet.
I was so scared shitless to the point of physically shaking that I just hid in the library.

>girl drops clear hints
Since when is this a thing that happens?

I find this whole idea way too unreal to even try to imagine it.

If that girl ever existed, she never made me know it. I would have played video games with her at least.

>haha user actually thought I was being serious!
This was something I wanted to forget

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I doubt that
>maybe a bit interested
Possibly, but I still have my doubts about it.

>look at girl a lot from elementary school to hs
>girl adds me on fb
>never talk to her
>she deletes me from fb

>girl from hs adds me on fb
>one day starts talking to me
>"who are you?"
>"I'm user"
>"where do I know you? why are you on my friends?"
>never talk to her again

>at "prom"
>girl pulls me to the dance floor
>puts my hands on her tits
>have the biggest shit eating grin then (also the most far I've been with a girl, though haven't kissed or held hands with one to this day)
>few songs after she leaves
>never talk to her

>sitting on girl's bed
>she goes for the kiss, maybe?
>"uhmmm, I got to go, bye"

There's also been these situations where a girl is just nice to me and I immediately fell in love and can't talk to them again because that's just how my retarded brain works.

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>>clear hints
>>cant just fucking say it
>>its your fault for not overstepping boundaries
Clear hints like always fixing their hair when they see you. Super clear.
Clear hints like always sitting near you in class.
CLear hints like always making excuses to talk endlessly with you.
CLear hints like immediately ghosting you once she finds out your not some sadistic serial killer you are just a quiet nice guy.

>always fixing their hair when they see you
Who the hell would notice that?

>always during near you in class
Anyone sitting in the front row or back row is likely doing so for the same reason. If someone is sitting near me, that doesn't suggest that they like me.

>Always making excuses to talk endlessly with you.
And never about what they want, if what they supposedly want is me.

Couldyou not recognise the sarcasm in his post?

During my graduation a girl took a picture of me, and then uploaded it to facebook adding a really nice filter and lightning to accentuate me.
I was friends with her but I wasn't popular or well liked and she had a boyfriend so I'm still not sure if she dropped the heaviest hint or if she was just trying to make it a nice moment for me

Multiple did and I knew about it and they told me but I rejected them all because I had my eyes on another girl.

You can recognize these things but girls should still honestly just say it.
>fixing their hair when they see you
That's really stupid bullshit though. Like holy fuckin shit get down off your horse if you think that should be a significant sign.

Nah, I was geniunely unlikeable. I was a loner asshole. Always starting trouble with other students, getting in fights during school hours, yet also saying the dumbest, most retarded shit and acting like a cringy autist. Girls probably thought I was an escaped special ed student.

>Like holy fuckin shit get down off your horse if you think that should be a significant sign.
What did xhe mean by this?

>girls whom i liked, didnt like me
>i didnt like girls who like me

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My sister was at a girls camp and apparently one of her campmates perked up when she mentioned she had an older brother

And that's the entire list of girls who's been interested in me

I've fumbled so much free pussy it's not even funny.


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why is it this way user
it's the exact same here
fuck these feelings

I do not understand. Are you a boy or a girl?

For you baby I could be

In all circumstances; no one has ever had a crush on me. Don't you ever make me believe that 'cause in their heads; they all hate me.

ah yes because literally every single male on earth has had a woman attracted to him at some point yes this is must be entirely true for every man no matter how attractive or ugly they are

Yes, multiple times.
I always chickened out.
>class mates always shit on me and I don't want them to shit on her too
>I will fuck up and people will laugh at me
>Maybe I'm blind and she's ugly so people will laugh at me again
>She's just trapping me into something
As you can see I had issues. Had. Not so much anymore. Now I have different issues.

>implying I ever looked at a girl for more than a quarter of a second
>implying she had a time to drop hints when I sped past her or slept in class or ever looked up from my book
>implying I ever saw anyone more than a disturbing piece of shit and when I sense shit I don't tell them fuck off
Fuck off OP, you're a retard

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I like your thoughts as the way they should be.

>ITT: It's her fault for not doing something ++and++ Never
All these issues. Holy fug.

Yeah I know. Unfortunately I despised her.
She was ugly, stupid and annoying.

Someone did love me once and I pushed them away because I am a bad person, that's about it.

Look, she (supposedly) had a crush on me, not the other way around. It's her responsibility to do something, not me.

>at one point stacy had a passing interest in me for being the class clown
incredible. i might have dated her, and been more depressed as a result of her dumping me in the most heartbreaking way she can think of in another life, and that's not even mentioning STI's/children
dodged a bullet there desu.

I think this thread is more about mutual stuff

Are you me?
Originallytyyy, of course

>Only girl interested in me was a prepubescent slightly autistic qt
>Lost my KH status to her
Literally no other female in my life showed any sign of interest

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>Girl has crush on me
>Ask her out
>She fucks me over in no less then 2 days later
fuck you jackass, you no nothing of what you are talking about