Does anyone know any mangas/comics about robot characters who lead broken lives? Like...

Does anyone know any mangas/comics about robot characters who lead broken lives? Like, they live in shotty circumstances, their life is a really bad mess, they suffer a lot etc.

I've only found Suicide Boy and My Exchange Diary so far

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Tsumi to Batsu: A falsified romance
Mahou Shoujo Site
Happy Sugar Life

yeah I know one which is pretty good
its called Berserk

Oyasumi Punpun.
Onani Master Kurosawa.

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These seem pretty interesting. I'll try the first few chapters of all of them, thank you :)

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Tokyo Ghoul. Kaneki is a robot who suffers constantly. Try not to self-insert too hard.

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PunPun and Nhk are shit about failed normalfags

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Based berserk poster

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Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa is a real robot manga

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thank you for telling the truth. the people need to hear this.

Welcome to the NHK. I read it before I knew what a Robot or NEET was.

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Welcome to the NHK is where you should start OP. It's essential robotcore

well then by your definition, virtually all of the "robots" in r9k are failed normalfags. any of the 30+ year old virgins who wanted to experience love but never got to are failed normal fags, by your definition. literally a "real" robot doesnt exist

and coming from a 28 kv neet, NHK is by FAR the most robot literature in existence. i highly recommend it

I'd also say watch Welcome to the NHK. Honestly it should be a required viewing for this board.

if you can relate to the normalfag protagonist from NHK get off this board. he's a self-centered asshole with friends and he gets female attention. he's big, handsome, unthinking and impulsive, ungrateful, and so abusive towards a young girl that she tries to kill herself

eva is pretty good if ur into the main character being a sad melancholic emotional mess. it also one of the greatest anime's ever made, but you said manga not anime. and you probably already seen eva because its like a requirement for being a Jow Forums

on a side note, i wonder what is the % of people who've seen all of
Neon Genesis Evangelion as compared to the entirety of Jow Forums's userbase over time is? the show came out about a decade before Jow Forums

i bet between 2004 and 2009 the % of people who've seen all of eva in all of Jow Forums's userbase was relatively high. but then slowly year by year it started dropping, and especially past 2014~ it must be at a record alltime low

imagine being alive in 2019 and not have seen eva

>if you can relate to the normalfag protagonist from NHK get off this board

okay, what is your definition of a robot then? a virgin who's never in his entire life ever wanted to be with a female or succeed in life? because those people dont exist

Everything about the main characters personality was very normalfag. It's arguably true that it's the most robot story but that's just because other stuff is even more normalfag.
The details mentioned, such as that he's neet, didn't change how normalfag he appeared.

- Punpun and maybe other works by Inio Asano
- Onani master Kurosawa
- She doesn't know why she lives
- Saikyo densetsu Kurosawa
- Neeko wa Tsurai yo ( Ch.6 really fucked me up)
- Three day of happiness
- Hoshino, me wo tsubette (as far i remember the MC keep switching between a normie and robot, and I heard he ends as an anti social just how the manga begins)
Well that's as much I can remember, have fun

>he's big, handsome
>implying these are qualifications that should get you removed from being a robot

a robot at the core is an autistic shy virgin. this is REGARDLESS OF PHYSICAL APPEARANCE. there exists males who are literally male models who are virgins because they are recluses and autistic. its not about whats on the outside, its about whats on the inside

dolph lundgren, pic related, was a virgin until 25 because he was a nerd who spend all his time studying. david gandy, the best looking supermodel to ever breathe air, got his first girlfriend at 21 and lost his virginity at liek 22 or later because hes an autistic recluse. daivd gandy had publicly said had he only ever had 3-4 relationships and he was never sexually promiscuous

being a robot is a state of mind, not a physical attribute

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thank you! I've put all of these in a note to check them out later.

I've watched NGE but I was looking for something where the MC suffers a little more than that

>everything about the main characters personality was very normalfag. It's arguably true that it's the most robot story but that's just because other stuff is even more normalfag

nhk touches subjects like
> pedophelia and being a pedo creep, which is super robot oriented
> extreme isolation from society, which related to robots
> being sexually inexperienced and not having a gf, which is related to robots
> bullying from normies, which is super robot oriented
> resorting on your parents for money and eventually getting kicked out/being on the verge of getting kicked out for being a loser bum, which is super robot oriented
> it deals with homelessness due to being an uneducated dysfunctional bum in your youth, which is very real robot problem
> being addicted to a MMO which is super robot oriented
> suicide, which is super robot oriented
> being a manga and anime nerd, which is super robot oriented

and thats all just off the top of my head. and you have the fucking nerve to tell me NHK isnt robot literature? you have to be a real disgusting normie not to relate to NHK. NHK is extremely depressing robot centric piece of literature. only the most disgusting normies cant relate to it

Subarashiki Hibi. It's a VN centered on a bullied otaku who breaks with reality, a girl who getsraped by bullies, and others. It questions reality itself by showing how it's distorted by all these mentally unstable characters.

Also, it's a woman and is autobiographical, but I liked My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness.

Just read oyasumi punpun.

Shit is life changing, especially since i read it at the peak of my depression when I was visiting asia. I think i was like 15 at the time too, so it was still early enough to have an effect.

Apparently janitors no longer like originalio, or oreganol. What fucking happened to this board?

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>virtually all of the "robots" in r9k are failed normalfags
they are

>big and handsome
looked skinny and 5'10 and like a 7/10

based and redpilled
fuck nhk

thank you user
people should know this but apparently not

The mc from Aoi Bungaku No longer Human

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he's japanese, retard

>I was looking for something where the MC suffers a little more than that

overly self-conscious, unsuccessful with females as a result, virgin, more of an observer than a participant. please note that this is different from being a repulsive globe-headed narcissist.

Why can't you just say NGE instead of eva
I had no idea what you were talking about in the beginning

Ressentiment fits the bill perfectly

Arataka Reigen is one of us

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Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji
Kaiji is in poverty - he lives by himself in a slum and is constantly in debt. He bides his time by playing cheap gambling games with neighbors, though he always loses. In spite of this, when his life is in danger, he displays a remarkable hidden capacity for gambling, which allows him to endure the hardships he faces in the manga. He is shouldered with a 3,850,000 yen debt at the beginning of the story by a co-worker who convinced him into cosigning a loan, leaving Kaiji with the full weight of the debt compounded over a year.

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not a wannabe normalfag
not being good at making friends

oyasumi pun pun god tier

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>oyasumi pun pun god tier

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>not a wannabe normalfag
>not being good at making friends

first of all your statement contradicts eachother, not being being good at making friends implies you want to make friends in the first place, which would contradict your first statement because normal fag has friends

second of all, by your definition a robot simple be awkward and bad at making friends and thats it? nothing about virginity or autism?

honestly every single person who hates NHK is a tier 1 normie

For all you NEETS out there, I found this manga extremely relatable

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This "NHK is for normalfags" sentiment came here with incels from reddit. Ironically they think pussy will save them when NHK posits the exact opposite.

ending was fucking kino

nijigahara holograph. don't quit halfway, it's pretty short.

and your a normalfag
and no i don't want friends you moron

He's barley even a failed normalfag
he's even worse

Very based user, I approve.

shindol emergence

fucking facts right here

>t. normalfag
go have sex and pretend you're depressed

bump b4 death

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yeah but nobody likes those guys

>t. redditor
Keep thinking sex will cure your "depression", incel.

>facebook filename

>well then by your definition, virtually all of the "robots" in r9k are failed normalfags
Yes, that is fully correct

>being a robot is a state of mind, not a physical attribute
t. Delusion

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who is this cutie-patootie?


I Am A Hero

Teasing master Takagi-san.



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Based but most of Jow Forums are pussy herd normies

Bad at making friends because special interests are too esoteric
Socially awkward due to anxiety, paranoia
Poor relationship with parents
Adult virgin
Difficult to make or break habits
Hate food but eat a lot of it
Poor sleeping habits
Missed out on a lot of time sensitive childhood milestones and experiences
Forgotten what happiness feels like
Feels better alone despite loneliness of it
Goes through moments where change seems possible, but overdoes it on the first try and feels emotional pain
Unreasonably high expectations of self, so dont bother
No headstarts or bonuses in life, like from a trust fund, etc
>disfigured, ugly, short, or disabled

There's this one manga about a guy that failed to join a university after finishing high school and becomes a hikokomori. Then his life changes after seeing his neighbor killing someone. It's a murder x victim relationship kind of story. It's called Ana Satsujin (Peephole).

that is not a peephole. literally none of that happens.

Casshern sins and gunslinger girls and battle angel alita

Basically anything by Jiro Matsumoto, he writtes a lot about losers and adds a sureal touch to it.
I am a Hero it's top notch too the MC is higly relatable.

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>I am a Hero
didn't it have a terrible ending?
was going to read it

pic related is
>i'll give it my all...tomorrow
pretty funny and feels and the same time as it goes on. MC is pathetic middle aged man whose life smells like our futures

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literaI robot

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robots cant be main characters

Read Ashita no Joe. Old but gold.

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>robot manga
>Just a guy sitting in front of his computer every panel, occasionally jerking off then going to sleep

Post more nagato

Ha ha ha. This is making me laugh a lot more than it should.