I had an existential crisis at 7

>I had an existential crisis at 7
>Can't help but start referencing political ideologies in everything I do
>Recognise the fact that the human race is just bacteria in a petri dish we call earth multiplying to divide
>Try to avoid the fact that every single thing we do is for the ultimate goal of multiplying and carrying the generation forward and absolutely everything else is a distraction, the fact of which we subconsciously choose to ignore
>All my friends think intelligence is measured by memory and not recognition of patterns based on past events and contextual contrasting
>"Durrr stop using big words to try and sound smart" no I'm using the words because the factory definition is what is best fitted to the relative situation you fucking brainlet
>Tried to explain to my family that time is a social construct
>Now they try to mock me by saying "haha time doesn't exist right user?" Every so often
>When I get into debates or arguments and fucking destruction them they get mad for "taking it too seriously"
>When i say I want to die because life is a complex mess and it's only getting worse they give me degenerate reasons and get mad when I get confused to why suicide is a bad thing
>I've never found anyone with my mindset irl

God I wish I was stupider life would be less lonely and so fucking simpler

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Surprise surprise, nothing would change.
Being smart is a blessing, literally nothing bad about it.

Explain to me why time is a social construct. I agree that the language is a social construct and because of that time is but time in itself isnt.

sucks user i wish there were people like u near me wouldve liked to have a good comfy debate or some shit

Smoke some 5-MeO-DMT in a good set and setting.

Do it in nature.

>the ultimate goal of multiplying and carrying the generation forward and absolutely everything else is a distraction
Everything we do is for that goal, even what you deem as a distraction. Diversity is the life of organisms.

OP is gay because he doesnt answer my question

then why are you bothered and try to explain things to people?
leave them to their ignorance if you perceive them as such.

god you're so dumb.

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also this, time is affected by gravity so how can it be a social construct

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Very briefly:
The earth goes around the sun, right? Do that once and we call it a year. The earth spinning once is a day. We have recognised it spins (once again a recognition of patterns) and compared that in relivence to that of orbiting the sun. Finding a common denominator to find hours, minutes, seconds, you get the gist. Time is a seperate concept we made when in essence it's just Newtons of gravity and maths which is once again recognition of patterns, as the day (24 hours minus the extra time) is based on the axial tilt relative to the sun of 23.44 degrees. Technically everything is a social construct as maths itself is something we chose to adapt to make sense of something. This is where it gets a complex mess and this is when I want to kill myself. If there are any irregularities it's probably because I typed this out as fast as possible without reading it over, sorry

Everything else referencing things like entertainment and junk food, not natural things

What else is there to do with your life? You want to go explore the universe? It's a boring mess, the most interesting thing you'll see is a bunch of worthless pretty colors.

Relationships with other humans are just as meaningless as sex since you're just doing it because your monkey brain is telling you that it's essential for survival.

Emotions don't make sense, we don't need them. Nothing matters since there is no meaning to anything that is not you.

Time itself is indeed not a social construct. time itself is very real. The way humans devided time into seconds, minutes, hours, etc. is a social construct. Seeing time in actual numbers makes humans feel more like there is an actual limit. And so we will most likely use our time for usefull stuff. But here we are on the internet.

So you say time is a social construct because humans invented it. No shit sherlock I have analysed this kind of shit when I was 12

Fucking everybody knows this, it's not something you should get depressed about.

Sheer frustration and loneliness
>God you're so dumb
This is probably a better explained version of what I was saying, thank you user

Obviously I'm not going to kill myself solely over the measurement of Newtons being recognised as something called time. Don't be a fucking idiot. Time is trivial in comparison to everything happening in unison
>No shit Sherlock
Someone asked. I explained. Once again, don't be a fucking idiot.

Im sorry bro but you telling us about these kind of things and pretending you are intelligent is actually a meme. You know what actually depressing is? That everything you do doesnt matter. You are garbage, I am garbage, We are garbage. We die and nothing we do matters anyway. Life is worth nothing, killing yourself doesnt mean anything. Being dead is purity. Dying is ascending. Life is pain. Wind is worth as much as you. Emptiness is a solution. Fulfillment is a lie.

>Thinking that I don't know that everything doesn't matter
>Thinking that I wasn't aware of literally anything you said
>Thinking I'm pretending to be intelligent to try and impress people over the internet on a website that has anonymity as an essential part that don't even know me, making the act useless and non-profitable anyway

Did you read my post?

BASED, WOKE&REDPILLED user, THANK YOU 4 POINTING OUT THAT; OP is a brainlet. Dunning-Kruger.

user can you please explain to me how time is a social construct when gravity effects it

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Time is a social construct because mathematics is a social construct. Scroll up
Once again, scroll up. I wouldn't have mentioned it if someone hadn't asked. I shall refer to my catchphrase once again: don't be a fucking idiot.

No one cares how smart you are, not here and especially not in real life. So, stop pissing off everyone around you by trying to prove your intelligence to them. You'll be happier if you just chill out and try to get along with people. All that matters is your relationships with others.

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>"""""I had an existential crisis at 7"""""
>"""""Recognise the fact""""" that the human race
>All my friends """""think""""" intelligence is measured
>"""""When I get into debates or arguments and fucking destruction"""""

You obviously got an ego problem, you think you know everything better then everyone else.

>Time is trivial in comparison to everything happening in unison
And it's fucking beautiful

That's just your view, not reality, existence can't be dumbed down to "good" or "bad".

Unless, of course you're being ironic. It's hard to tell these days.

Okay so you're baiting me.
peace out

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It can be, but you dont want it to be

>*looks up from paper, stares off to the side for a moment, folds up and puts down paper*
right now, you are at that point in the rabbit hole where you're too far in to try to back out, but not quite far enough to see the glimmer of light coming through the other end.
you've essentially disillusioned yourself of some beliefs that most normalfags around you will never question, but you have many more illusions to dispell concerning yourself and your relation to the world, and these are no longer trivial to understand or deal with.
>wish I was stupider
all you have available to dispell ignorance is your ability to rationally analyze your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, in terms of their causes and effects. what you do with that ability is up to you.
good luck to you user, to all you anons.

Im not ironic, its reality

"Stop trying to tell people things about yourself that result in you being unhappy"
Love the double standards on this board.

you need to be 18 years or older to post here

The human literally cannot fully comprehend it, neither of us can sum it up in a simple sentence and call it the truth.

It's not an ego problem if what I'm saying is pure fact and happens to be applicable to me. Everything you read was true. That's like telling someone who is good at something they have an ego problem for recognising they are good at that certain thing.

Reading the thread and your answers really just shows you're mid tier intelligence surrounded by average IQs. If you were actually intelligent you would recognize your narcissism and immaturity, never making this thread to begin with. Even still I hope you don't halt your growth to become your full potential just because you think you've arrived at a philosophical and ideological plataeu - you haven't.

Dear god. Good luck in life.

If we assume that there is no intelligent life in the universe, does it mean that because humanes cant fully comprehend it, it doesnt exist? Because if humans cant comprehend it something else has to but if there is nothing, nothing can fully comprehend. So is what humans think the whole comprehension?


Op doesnt show us anything devastating or controversial and thinks he is extremely clever.

Yes, I'm only 18. While I both fear the future I look to it as an opportunity to expand my mind. And using the logic that you need narcissistic qualities to make posts and replies of this nature would dismiss many, many posts that go without being called out for the same standard. But thank you. I see myself as being a realist, and I realise that it can be violently in your face sometimes. Apologies anons.

Its obvious that you arent mid 30ies. Comeback in 4 years and tell us how your views changed

I've been there. every one of us has been there but have you ever asked yourself questions about the thoughts you find?
for every assumption you make, is actually subjective and you just take it as a truth. no user don't do that, challenge your theories try to verify them and if you don't get answers, doesn't mean you're right. everything needs a proof. seek it.
that is where a smart human and thinker are different at.

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Intelligence is recognising patterns. I am good at recognising patterns. The climax of the post was that I don't want to be alive anymore, not the cure for cancer, so i am confused to why you think I ever claimed to bring anything devastating or controversial.

If anyone else has anything to point out, ask, or advise, feel free. I may seem like I'm being a bit cynical but again I'm just being bluntly realistic.

this stick to this advice.

I never claimed you to be controversial, I wanted you to be controversial. You just put some edgy 16 year old thought up here and expected us to give you a propper input

I dismiss most narcissistic opinions because they don't have the ability or work ethic to solve their own behaviour, often enough I treat them accordingly to how they act. Reminder that even if you view life to have no meaning except in biological urges, the decent thing to do would be to present yourself in a more respectful and pleasant manner, even here. There is a difference of a narcissist giving a "factual, "scientifically" backed argument, and a narcissist talking about philosophy and mostly opinion. At eighteen years old I would suggest reading the nihilists who came before you and I, they could help you in your mindsets and thoughts.

i wish there were people like you around me instead of the intellectually inferior fags at my school

Yes. I ask myself all the time. The point is I know no truths. Verification is a luxury. But I'm getting there.

>I never claimed to be controversial
Yes. Neither did I, in the respect of both being controversial and claiming you were controversial. I don't get your point.
>I wanted you to be controversial
Please explain.

Rest assured, I don't act like this around people. What you're receiving is raw unfiltered output. I'm not a narcissist at heart or mind.

You obviously didnt read the statement I made

I only vaguely understand that the universe started at the big bang and before that there was "nothing", at least nothing we understand at the moment. Does that mean nothing existed because we don't understand it? I don't know.

Existence isnt bound to humans, thing will continue exist even without us.


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If you're so smart why don't you just find a way to trick your brain into making you happy. Even tho life has no real meaning apart from multiplying you should try to have the most fun possible. I know it must sound stupid to live, I had a period when I had the same train of idea going around my head but then I realized that I could be stupid and do stupid useless thing just to entertain myself. Being stupid is super hard and a good exercise to control your mind.

Okay. Have a good day then.

anyone who thinks he's smart or intelligent is not intelligent.
if you can use phone or light a fire and know how to use it. yes that's intelligence.
intellectual people are the passionate people who know their field and what they're good at.
why Newton wrote calculus and not music like Mozart?
if you are a drug dealer and know how to do your shit Mr. white style. yes! you're intellectual
what if someone is good at aptitude knows how to give a perfect IQ test, does not mean that person is overall intellectual. it's just he or she is rocking their own field.
and don't tell yourself that you're smart, people should give you that compliment. if you keep saying to yourself that you're smart,you're gonna be an underachiever.
this is for everyone not just OP.

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Yes, rereading it has revealed I misread it. And I apologize for that.
But even so, I know you didn't claim me to be controversial. That was my point. You shunned me for not being controversial and devastating when, once again in essence, I never claimed to be, tried to be, or wanted to be. That isn't the point of this post.

I have been told. I don't live in a safe bubble of ignorance.

Thank you. You too, have a good one

I despise ignorance and I would hate to have to trick myself into something rather than experience authenticity

find your field.**

True, but that includes everything we do not and will not understand, whatever that may be, so I do no think it's possible for us to have a view of reality that is the complete truth.

I think it is bound to be the truth for humans.

Everyone has an existential crisis at 7 you fucking idiot that's why it's called the age of reason.

>I'm using the words because the factory definition is what is best fitted to the relative situation
Clearly you are retarded since a word that isn't understood is useless, even if it's technically correct. Use the rest of your vocabulary among people that share that vocabulary, use easier to understand terms when around normies.

I pretty much agree with you on every single topic you named, without being an autist
As much as suicide not really is bad, do you really want someone close to you to commit suicide. Some people will not accept the fact that we are simple organisms. But the fact that we are self aware of it makes us extra ordinary. Keep the thoughts for yourself and keep your loved ones out of the miserable world.

The Existential crisis I had most definitely isn't the one you're thinking of then. It wasn't thinking "bruh who am I where do babies come from" it was thinking, "what was the point of doing anything when it only takes about three generations to be forgotten?" And of that likeness. That's when I first started to think that suicide was a valid choice and should not be seen as a bad thing among society. Life isn't for everyone.

Specificity is key. Vagueness leads to redundancy.

If there aren't any more opinions being input, I think I've genuinely learned a little here. Thank you anons. And I hope for the best in your future.

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