How are you doing my fellow robots? Hanging tigh?

For a while I had this girl interested in me and I thought that something might finally happen and that I'll ascend to normiedoom but in the end it went nowhere.

Since I was 18 I always knew I'll end up going to the whores but now this seems even more likely. What's too bad is that I'm probably more after the intimacy than the sex and they only provide the latter.

Let's have a chat to put those thoughts away.

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Barely hanging, more and more i get anxiety about my current situation

mind you its not horrible where I have to struggle to get things, I have a job, it pays me 12 dollars an hr, I live with my family so I have thr opportunity to save up and we all pitch in for rent/money

but I'm totally clueless as to how everything works, I'm just an unskilled worker.

plus people have literally ghosted me out, it feels horrible.

If I don't take care of my self better, I wont make it until old age

OP what happened with the girl? why didnt it lead to anything?
also the need for intimacy i guess comes with being raised beta, nothing wrong with that, but you might have to start aiming for just sex, then you will have women wanting intimacy from you.

what do you love doing user?

Still jobless NEET but otherwise okay I would say.
Really need a job to move on and be set.
Happiness is finally within my grasp

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how do i politely tell my e fuckbuddy that as much as i would like to see him, he should bust a nut before booking plane tickets and approach this with a clear head?

>e fuckbuddy that as much as i would like to see him
nigger, how fucked up are you to be prison gay at 25+ and e-larping no less for fuck's sake leave

26. Dream job & dream hobby but no gf.

My parents used to tease me about it sometimes but it stopped recently and I asked why because I found it odd that they'd suddenly be okay with the whole mgtow shit.

My mom works at my old high school in one of the support positions (not a teacher, think tech/librarian that hovers around as a jack of all trades staff member). She told me the shit she overhears girls talking about is disgusting and she's happy I don't have a gf because I'd be subjected to that. It's like, commonplace for them to lie about being raped, lie about being abused, or cheat on multiple boyfriends and then act like it's perfectly okay.

She's also started chumming it up with the younger female teachers and they're confirming this behavior doesn't end after high school. Her coworkers are straight up saying that they wouldn't even set up some of their friends with single guys they know, because most are fucking batshit crazy in relationships.

I've had girls interested in me, last one was a roastie that had an abortion, that immediately put me off. I might rationalize settling for used goods as there aren't any good virginal girls around, but someone that had an abortion, no way

you know one thing i've noticed, is that most of you beta males want a fucking Virgin Mary, Then we you dont get that you settle for trash, like why do you think so backwards?

life's short, I'm gonna fuck who i wanna.

to add to this post, what makes you feel so entitled to a "perfect" woman? I could see if you where a top prize male but most of you are not

>life's short
>spends hours each day erping online with some ugly gay fuck 100s of miles away

You should just kys

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I'm 27, and on disability from work right now, trying to get rid of my sciatic/hip pain from working out too hard on the treadmill as a result of gaining 25 lbs from medications. The weight gain is one thing, but the sciatic/hip pain is another because I think I'm returning to work soon and I'm not ready yet! It's scary.

Overall my life is miserable and I'm coping with each day by reminding myself that I only have 60 more years until it all ends. Being immortal would make me go absolutely insane.

I need to make a bot that will swipe right and "super like" every girl on Tinder.
>However, in March 2015, the website Medium published a statistical analysis quantifying the degree of inequality on Tinder as a dating market. The analysis concluded that "the bottom 80% of men (in terms of attractiveness) are competing for the bottom 22% of women and the top 78% of women are competing for the top 20% of men. The Gini coefficient for the Tinder dating market based on 'like' percentages was calculated to be 0.58. This means that the Tinder economy has more inequality than 95.1% of all the world's national economies. In addition, it was determined that a man of average attractiveness would be 'liked' by approximately 0.87% (1 in 115) of women on Tinder."[70]

It's just a numbers game. For an average man, you have to swipe right on a thousand women for 8 matches. But swipe right on ten thousand, that's 87 matches. Etc

I think there's some spamming security I need to be aware of, but it's totally possible.

kind of nothing happened.

We texted and saw each other a few time, then vacations happened and made stuff more complicated. She stopped initiating texting conversation with me. I saw her yesterday and didn't feel any sparkle. I guess she just got bored.

I'm invited to 2 events next week where she'll also be, one being a birthday party. Because I might be reading the mood wrong, I'll still try something but am not very hopeful.

Well, alive, not more. Work-home cycle, nothing new and nothing really to be even sad about. Cause I have nothing and my life is empty.

tinder seems very scewed against you

I think approaching girls in real life is more efficient, though I didn't try it firsthand

Why even investing if you can only get a shit reward you don't want? It is not about deserving, it is about not being interested in shit.
Cause virgin gives at least some hope that she is not sex obsessed animal who will fuck around behind your back.

Have you been definitely diagnosed that it's sciatic hip pain? I'm just saying, if you haven't, inquire about avascular necrosis so you don't have to get your hip replaced. It happened to me 2 years ago when I was 27. If you catch it early enough you can just have your hip resurfaced and not replaced, some places are even looking into stem cells so they potentially don't have to do resurfacing.
I'm not trying to be a downer, I just want you to be sure of your diagnosis and not have something worse happen to you.

Who are the autists shitting up a 25+ thread with:
>e-gay shit
>roastie whiteknighting

fucks sake make your own shitty 3D

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Fine to be honest.
Got fired from a job I hated months ago, currently studying web dev, reading and working out.
Feels good not hating to wake up every day.

I would like to find a girl soon but I'm focusing on myself first.
I really want to land a job in this field and money has nothing to do. It's just a personal challenge.

Well, what did you expect, when all boards are infected with normies?

back to being a neet after a cert program ended up with me not getting a job
thinking about starting therapy again

33 fatty NEET reporting in. gonna see if a Manga Spice Cafe subscription gives my life any meaning. I'm surprisingly excited about starting it next month.

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Last Friday a temp agency I signed up to told me they had a job on Monday. Been packing car parts for sending out. Radiators and condensers, whichever part of the line they tell me to do.

Absolutely body racking first few days, got new insoles and am working a slower line now. Have room for improvement on the stapler, because they stick expanding foam bags into boxes and it bends them a bit out of shape. Shit to staple because you have to push them back together and if you don't do it right it causes problems. I was sent to the wrapping machine because I fucked up a few boxes.

40 hours, $12.40/h, hopefully they don't take anything off the top (they might, temp agency and all that). Trying to get back to a real job. The work isn't THAT bad once your body is used to it, but it's just really brainless. My body is trash so it's a really bad fit for me, but it's better than $0 since unemployment ran out. Around $480 if I get $12/h, take another 20% off the top if there's taxes, $384 wouldn't be bad for my situation. It hurts though. 6AM-2:30 with a 30 minute drive is annoying too. At least they space the breaks well.