Do you like/hate getting a haircut ? and why ?

Do you like/hate getting a haircut ? and why ?

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I hate it because I'm under the impression that everyone is looking at me. Also, I don't like looking at myself.
My mom cuts my hair, the split ends at least because I have long hair.

I like it when people touch my hair and head. Also the hairdresser I usually go to is a sweet 40 yo lady who always compliments me.

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Unsure because I prefer having short hair but I dont like people seeing my disgusting, flaky scalp up close

used to hate it as a kid
then got to like it once I developed taste and learn what to ask to get the style I wanted
now I hate it again because it confronts me with how quickly I'm going bald
but I like how the big titty hairdress presses her funbags against my head

My mom cut my hair too when I was like 7 yo , and she was bad

I'm 23 and my mum is great at it.

I shave my head every 1-2 weeks. It is the most practical for me. Also I am balding at a young age so i don't want someone looking up close at my balding head.

Sound great , wish I could a haircut experience like this , then I would love to getting a haircut

I like the noise of the cutting and stuff, I don't like my hair being cut in way that my hairstyle changes though.

Besides trimming split ends, I haven't gotten a haircut in almost 3 years. Before that, it was 5 years. I really like having long hair.

fucking awful. only get one once a year or so so never been able to get used to it.

>means i have to get used to a new ugly
>have to look at my ugly face in the mirror for an extended period of time
>try to find a male hairdresser but even men's barbers are filled with female employees
>actually prefer when they're disdainful of me than when they make conversation about their normie lives acutely reminding me of normal things that i miss

i won't even let an asian woman touch my hair, they are the absolute worst, they just don't care

i only hate getting a haircut in the winter due to the cold wind hitting the sides of my freshly cut head, causing me to shiver in despair. Even with a hoodie i can't seem to escape the wind.

I wonder , did your haircut look like this

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Man , just think the money you save and don't need to have deal with those annoying barber, lucky guy

Oh god no. I just shaved it clean bald and let it grow out again.

I got a haircut today and I hate it.
Social anxiety building up, having to talk with the hair dresser & sitting there.
It's especially bad if they try to small talk

Oops , reply mistake

I generally hate it because the hair stylist always tries to spark up small talk. I don't want to fucking talk outside of giving the initial order for the haircut and describing the general length I want it cut down to. Beyond that fuck off and just do your job. Started considering shaving it all down to whatever with a general razor.

>small talk
it's tolerable but i hate staring at my ugly mug for 20-30 mins.

i only hate it because my hairline is totally receded and there is nothing any hairstyle can do to make me look good. when i can afford it im shaving this shit off and getting a hair piece

I like getting shampooed by a qt and I like looking clean so yeah. But sometimes the social anxiety, especially when they DON'T know how to make conversation and we just sit there silently

> i hate staring at my ugly mug for 20-30 mins.
this too..
And I guess small talk is okay for some, but I get really nervous

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I stare away from the mirror, fixing my gaze on random shit they typically have on the counter or certificates verifying they can cut hair legally. I just loathe human contact outside of imageboards so sitting there for half an hour typically talking about menial bullshit is just tedious.

I hate paying for it. So i dont do it... I simply use a hair trimmer to look like a skinhead then wait 5 months till i look like some crazy homeless guy. Then repeat the cycle.
Why the fuck cant my hair grow naturally to llook good?
Its so fucking annoying, even shaving. I swear id probably find cancer or nuclear warfare good since i wouldnt have to shave and worry about my haircut anymore.

>barber always wants to make shitty small talk
>no matter where i go or how much i pay it always looks shit
>have to go out in public


it always looks bad

i'm balding now so i do it myself, i just buzz it

i don't like doing anything that requires me to get up and drive somewhere. i already go to the gym 5x a week, that's all i care to leave the house for... and i truly wish i had an at-home gym

I'm wondering when I'll finally go in again, been almost 4 months no cut

Very much, it's like a massage