God I wish I weren't cut

God I wish I weren't cut.

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The fact that you're coping so hard about it, on an incel board, no less, tells me that you've got real issues with your mutilated genitals. You should seek therapy.

Eh. I don't know where else to go. I already see a therapist, but I've never talked about my dick with one.

my permanent mutilation is one of the many reasons I hate my mother and being a kike

I just wonder why America is so stupid to have mass circumcision.

I've been trying to do foreskin restoration with some benefit. I just wish I had the self control to retain and restore all the time.

I don't think you understand what "coping" means

I wanna see anti circumcision legislation debated in mainstream US politics. Not just because I'm against it, but also I wanna see evangelicals and conservatives try and defend mutilating baby dicks and sucking them off. Only to keep their Jew fetishization alive of course

look up dr. kellogg
the guy who invented corn flakes (read why he did so)

Yes, but circumcision used to be semi-mainstream in Britain too, before the NHS.

I prever circumcized guys though

Then be my girlfriend femanon

Reminder Iceland was set to be the first country to ban it but Jews threatened them and installed their first Rabbi there in retaliation to help make sure it never happens.

Why can't we have a circumcision debate rather than an anti-vax debate?

victorian england and victorian u.s. were remarkably similar in some ways
as usual, amerifats took an already bad idea and just took it to turboautistic extremes

Fuck off virgin she's mine

How do you know it's not a gay guy?

>he thinks that's an issue for user

My purity will bring her to me wurstie

The only thing worse than being circumcized, is being European and circumcized.

People always think I was circumcized for some religious reason and assume I am Muslim or Jewish, when in fact it was for medical reasons.

And when I go to America, women expect me to have foreskin and get disappointed when they find out I don't.

I mean, they say it's fine. Women aren't cruel and won't intentionally hurt your feelings. But I can tell they are disappointed from how they behave.

>And when I go to America, women expect me to have foreskin and get disappointed when they find out I don't.
Really? There are American women on the hunt for foreskin?

Yeah, well they aren't on the hunt for foreskin. There are tons of women who are really into European guys. They like the accents, the foreskin, probably the implied money too ("if he can travel to the US casually, he must be wealthy").
The foreskin is just a part of the bigger package.
I'm sure they won't go "oh look a Japanese man with foreskin mm i want that"

Interesting. I hadn't thought much about this topic.