Becoming a hedonist degenerate has destroyed my conscious as a man

Becoming a hedonist degenerate has destroyed my conscious as a man.

But I simply I can't help but fuck other men's wives/go to bars/lounges to get pussy

What the FUCK should I do?

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>What the FUCK should I do?

get yourself boiwifed up

Conscience is the word you're looking for my guy.

>fuck other men's wives
sure you do porch money

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You are already on the path to hell. Might as well enjoy the time you have left and impregnate the wives.

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you really are the lowliest of scum

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One of the wives I fucked. Cuck husband was on the side they paid for my uber.

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>he payed a prostitute
oh wow I'm real impressed seriously fuck off kunta kinta

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Paid? What are you talking about? They have kids together that's not my house they are married. The kids weren't home.

>it even has a Jow Forums file name
>ou go bogo bix nood I fuck u wife wite boi
can you fuck off already

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Because I don't want you to reverse search it?

Post more niggereell

lmao you can still search it you fucking tard

Then you won't believe me anyway :)

Didn't have flash on but I should have.

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what do you expect he is a niggers from red*t I'm surprised he even knows how to operate a computer

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Get some willpower and self discipline? Nah, you are a weak limp writsted faggot who can't control himself. Should probably just end yourself if it bothers you that much.

First of all pasty face ass NEET white boy, I never go to reddit.

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>back at it again with the the pics from /b/

Because I go there?

>ugo bogo I no like white skin
whatever you say kunta kinta

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I never said I disliked white skin I just don't like NEET white boys who think they are superior to black men because they are white.

yeah to steel pics to use for your shitty race bait threads

I don't need to go to /b/ to steal race bait pics when Jow Forums,Jow Forums,and /v/ do it for me

well you do make shitty race bait threads and namefag so I'm pretty superior to you

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You really aren't superior at all if you come to Jow Forums. Why aren't you out in the real world making money and getting white pussy?

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at least I'm not so desperat to fuck white women I larp as a Tyrone cucking white guys

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desperate? Not at all I fuck all races

larp? Not at all as this is reality/

> I fuck all races
no you don't

Just ride it out you fuckin retard larper. If you really didn't have a conscience you wouldn't think twice about this shit. Just go ahead and keep doing it if it's working for you.

Read "mindfulness in plain english" and stop tripfagging

Why do these newfags think we're from reddit when we have never even been on that gay site? Don't they know about the Great IRC brigade?

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Newfags being newfags. Also newfags keep my name alive by sheer hatred from oldfags. So newfags turn into oldfags and then remember me again.

. thinking anyone will remember you
there we go with that larping shit

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Irc? Wuts that

Been on 8 years white boy. My name alone brings hate on many boards.

So what? You cuck white guys and bang there wives? Then brag on Jow Forums?

yeah whatever you say nigger nobody will remember you in a hour of seeing your thread

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check it out

Go on /v/ and ask who Ruggarell is.

no I have given you enough of my time

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>It thinks it can be salvaged

unironically kill yourself originally oregano forced originality