Could this be behind the incel crisis?

Could this be behind the incel crisis?

Are things only going to get worse?

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bump, why deny the incel truth

Uhhhhhh is birth misogynistic???

The dick is pretty much formed if the mother gets lots of nutrients

Society is advancing, people are eating better

More boys die early on, thus the gender ratio is optimally equal at adulthood.

but what if they stop dying early on? is okay to depend on men dying? sounds like men are the ones in need of help and feminism is a sham.

>the natural order of a baby being born is misogynistic now
I fucking HATE women and I FUCKING HATE SJWs.

You can't change our biology no shit feminism is cancer

Lol no, there are more baby boys because of gender-based abortion and female infanticide in China and India. It's not the "natural order."

No it's caused by evolution because men were always more likely to die

There are more boys born per year besides that brainlet.

>wanting a daughter
Just think about it logically.

>More boys are born
>A percentage of them die young
>Another percentage turn out gay
>Another percentage have men dying due to work hazards or stupid stunts
>Another percentage die due to suicide
>Another percentage turns out to be a tranny
>Another percentage turns out they have extreme mental illness and are unable to function in society
>Another percentage gets incarcerated
>Another percentage becomes social outcasts
>Small percentage of men left
>Women only go for the top 10% of those men
>The rest of the men get all the ladys
>5 years down the road they get #me2
>Now western civilization is nearly extinct
>Still blame men for everything

I think for all intents and purposes the extremely mentally ill and the social outcasts count as available men who are ignored.

kinda off topic: why are babies so fucking retarded?
Why does it take at least 14 years for an infant to become an actual human being?

k vs r selection. it's known that black kids learn how to walk faster.

This. The 1.05-to-1 ratio melts away pretty fast, considering the way higher rate of various genetic diseases, higher mortality and way more faggotry. It's more like 0.95-to-1 in favour of men, but women can always be content to cycle thorough the higher tier men and stay single for a time.

the ratio doesn't change til 35 and and that number is increasing.

I'm mostly talking about eligible males-to-females ratio. An actual autismo or a deformed cripple isn't eligible and a fag isn't too.

>An actual autismo or a deformed cripple isn't eligible
why not aren't their women like that?

also for real women outnumber men til middle age and that's getting worse. what are we ever going to do if men STOP dying more? is it really okay that we depend on men dying? sounds like men don't have as much rights as women these days.

I think you're a retarded baby still.

According to some pseudo birth trend science that an increase in male births is indicative of a large incoming war.

the trend has been recorded since the early 1800s

It would be an improvement.
nice trips, by the way.

That is Apu Apustaja.

Well that makes it sure to be real. Those 1800s guys never got anything important wrong, right?

Chad actually produce boy babies. Beta Males produce girl babies

I would lol if this turned out to be true.
Industrial pollution will fix the problem. Based hydrocarbon industry.

Based and pseudociencepilled

it's been recorded yearly without change for almost 200 years

So do you think 13 th year abortion should be legal? They aren't humans yet right?

oh damn i guess i should start littering

This is no longer true, the ratio stays above 1 male for every female until 55.

Sex selective abortions
Big amongst Indian, Chinese and some Muslim cultures
As the government are flooding our country with these the practice is only going to get more popular

mandatory sex changes for the spare men when

who said it was misogynistic?

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too lazy to check it but if it was true i would suppose it to be a result of the decreased mortality of children and women in labor, it and also the increased number of faggots and trannies

Y chromosomes are lighter than X chromosomes, so male sperms are faster

>In 2011, the U.S. population was more than 311 million, with females comprising 50.8 percent of the total population.


there's more women on the planet that men

>Sex ratio by country population aged below 15. Blue represents more women, red more men than the world average of 1.06 males/female.


I don't know what to tell you dude, but those babies must die or something.

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They are born much earlier than primates of similar body ratio, women give birth at nine months because the birth canal is small from bipedalism and the fetus starts using more nutrients than the mother can provide. Other primate fetuses develop longer in the womb

>Baby Boys Are More Likely To Die Than Baby Girls


It's okay OP. Calm down, they die off.

i already imagine an athletic male spermatozoon who also carries less weight easily leaving behind female spermatozoa burdened with her two massive x chromosomes

do you think they got some affirmative actions to let female spermatozoa win from time to time?

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What you linked though says even under the age of 15 there are more females? What am I missing here?

Even if there was one man born for every 5000 women, if that man wasn't tall enough, wasn't muscular enough, wasn't aggressive enough, and didn't have a strong jawline, you'd have women writing articles "Where have all the good men gone?"

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh world average of 1.06 and in the US under 15 it's 1.04 so there are 4 extra males but this changes over time and evens out around 24-54 years of age.

Daughters are more likely to give a shit about you when you get old.

jesus thats like at least 50 million permavirgins there

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Where do they put the female babies? Sell them into slavery off record or something? What a fucked up country.

they have pretty good pre-natal screening so many females are just aborted

One child policy really fucked up their pool of women

Basically this though it has more to do with sperm selection in the womb, women who are well nourished have a higher chance of gestating boys. Biologically it's a sound reproduction strategy. Male children are high risk, high reward reproductive investments, females are low risk, low reward. A girl can pop out a dozen kids at most before she's spent while a chad enough man can sire thousands.

Do you want to sire thousands? What would you command your horde to do?

fuck yeah I do, I play free cities pregmod all of the time

i play as a futa woman and impregnate myself as well as my massive harem of broodmothers

Seems interesting. I wish we could get uploaded into a computer and create our own universes. Maybe that's what this reality is.

Because some people are logical

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fucking check damn

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these articles are dumb as fuck
why there are more boys than girls(105 to 100)? because nature is never exactly 1:1 and a 1.2% difference is normal?
there were periods in time where more girls were born than boys.
the question is really nothing more than "why this normal thing that happens as it should is happening?"

>i play as a futa woman and impregnate myself
I must know how, for science

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>why are babies so fucking retarded?
why are you so fucking retarded?

Because they are smol, so they must grow