Tfw just ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes

>tfw just ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes

day 2

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I'm happy for you, OP
Personally I'd advice you also start running/biking outside, that fresh air induced dopamine rush is real shit

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>just ate 1/2 dozen donuts

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Good job user, I've done elliptical for 30 minute like 25 times this year so far, gradually increasing the difficulty. Starting to feel a lot more alert during the day. Keep improving yourself and I will too!

and what advice, pray-tell, do you have for me?

i don't have advice, i'm on the journey like you and trying stuff out, and figuring it out. I am trying to add a new piece to my self improvement routine every month though. if you can hold onto treadmill running for a month, keep holding onto it, and add something else next month. then you'll gradually build up a routine that would've been much too hard to pick up all at once.

That's the theory anyways, I'm seeing how waking up an hour earlier goes right now.

thanks brother, but it's the winter where I'm at
it's ok, just take a walk outside or do 5 push-ups
thanks brother

>couldn't even get up until 2:45PM

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Fuck yeah. You've hit what I like to call "the point".

You're now in good enough running shape that you can add 5 min a week without much issue, provided you run at least 2-3 times a week.

I'm up to 50 min doing this. The hardest part is that first month or three where you build up the breathing and heart conditioning and etc. Now you're just onto muscle.

Good job man. Enjoy the easy weight loss and comfortable endorphins. Haven't been able to yet but I want to run an hour then get high as fuck and just ride that wave. Let me know if you get there before me. :)

Thank you
Fuck off. People don't do this for other people or to train or help or be a model for other people, etc. No one gives a shit about you. They're doing their workout for themselves.

YOU need to be the one to get your balls in your own hand and do it for yourself. Otherwise you're going to sit on your ass every day and wait till the "advice" is "buy this pill and you'll be skinny" or whatever other lazy way they'll come up with in the future. Fuck off, get your own motivation. No one is going to or should help you until you've proven you can do it yourself.

>Work out and fit enough that I know that if I sleep till 2:45pm it's because I need the rest and recovery, not because I'm a fat sack of shit.

Do something. Literally that's it. Get out and do something. You'll be tired as fuck and sore if it's any work, but you'll be starting a journey to actually feeling good during the day and having a normal schedule, which is more than worth it.

Also, similar to above, fuck off with the pity me bullshit. No one gives a fuck. Everyone is on their own personal journey. No one's going to pity you for being a fatass lazy sack of shit. Either get off your ass or shut the fuck up.

That's great OP, keep it up and you wont be an absolute fat ass anymore!

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you sound like a gymcel

No matter how much you run on the treadmill, you will always be you.

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You sound like someone that will never accomplish anything near as important, personally, as what the OP just did. It's an amazing feeling to have made it however long it takes to get there and finally do that full 30 min. You will never feel that. I pity you.

fuck off, no one on Jow Forums is a chad and if you are a chad then get the fuck out, gymcel. Have fun being a swole autist while i just stay a regular autist.

You can always aim to be the best version of you

I like how you attack me because you're so afraid and disappointed in your own inadequacies.

I do pity you, when it comes to physical fitness. One of the only things you can do with literally nothing but will and motivation, and you can't even do that. That's why OP got congratulations and encouragement, and you got scorn. Because you can't even muster up even the most base level of motivation to improve. Really sad.

A pristine-condition log of shit is still a log of shit.

is correct. And along with that improvement comes a balance of chemicals and hormones and an increase in water intake and other beneficial activities that improve your overall "you". You might be fucked because you're body is fucked right now. Unfuck it. Don't be and just wallow in self pity when it's literally "move your foot forward repeatedly".

Absolutely pathetic...

>They're doing their workout for themselves

Always sounded like bullshit to me, the truth is that oneself alone is a poor motivation, we strive to better ourselves to serve/be accepted by the others and that's perfectly fine. An advanced civilisation don't run on individualistics and narcissistics spergs.

If your trying to lose weight exercise is basically irrelevant just stop eating so much fatty

oh quit your fucking moral fagging. Just because i see the monotony of your vain and carnal pursutes doesn't mean that i am inferior, if anything you are. dumbass
>trying to be better than someone ON Jow Forums

i could say i feel sorry for you, having to come to the lowest place on the internet to feel superior because chad shoved his fucking cock down your throat in hs and made you drink his piss. But i don't I think we are all equally shit here and thats how it's supposed to be, faggot.

I've had too many people fail me in the past. Attempted to be motivated by gym buddies, girlfriends, etc. all failed to follow through and I slump because of them. I can't rely on other people for my own motivation.

Yes, from one perspective I do enjoy looking good and it's motivating to have that response out in public compared to what I feel like I experience (which is probably my imagination) if I take a couple weeks+ off... but that's not motivation, that's just an after effect of getting there.

The motivation is my own internal expectations and the near immediate "out of wack" response I get when I don't work out. Muscles start to hurt, temper and anger increases as I have no outlet, lethargy increases, etc. etc.

My motivation is fucking killing myself if I ever reach the point where I get out of breath from tying my shoe again or walking up a flight of stairs. Fuck living like that.

>previous poster pointed out how selfish it is as a hobby

hmm... the real moral outrage is you being such a sloth that you can't do what you just admitted to KNOWING is such low effort that it's borderline monotonous. That's like saying "I can't check emails, too mundane for me". Like you have fuck all to do in your tired existence.

>If anything, you are inferior
>> trying to be better than someone on r9k

Interesting approach there, let's see how it works out.

And again, I have to point this out. Your need to justify the perpetuation of your own incredibly poor quality existence with such a mental leap that it'd require a nat 20 to make "I don't have to have an iota of motivation towards bettering myself because my perception I have created for this board, centered on my own inadequacy, is that there are others who do not, is astounding. If you could JUST turn the effort you put into deluding yourself towards improving yourself you'd be OP inside of 3 months. But you're not going to. You're just going to comment again.

i could hardly understand a word of that bullshit. What are on about? I think i heard something about self improvement but i'm too lazy to read it again. self improvement fag? okay fuck off.

"Vain and carnal pursuits?" Dude, it's just exercise.

Ah, didn't realize you were a progressive. The ol "I don't understand what you're saying" response to avoid anything the person just said. Great tactic to end a conversation without having to consider anything. Have a great day, bud. Or, as best as you can with the shit health you've given yourself.

Keep reading. That's the level of delusion he has to be at to continue what he's doing. It's amazing. Like I said, turn that into "maybe I'll walk to the store today" and he'd be well on his way to comfortable and happy.


it says "blah blah self improvement blah your a looser blah pathetic haha blah im so much better than you blah blah i wish i had a gf blah blah'

i believe in you op keep at it

Yeah, go ahead and try and bring your projections into the conversation that are all assumption and have no bearing on the topic to begin with.

I'm sure if I cared at all to correct your opinion of me and took the bait it'd be a great way to derail.

he's on day 2. Lets not throw a party until he leaves here. I give him 3 months tops.

Day two of what took a while to build up to. No one jumps into 30 min without going through the hard part first. As long as he doesn't take too long of a break and can handle the pain of getting back into it if he does, he'll be fine. It really not that hard of a hobby to keep up once you start. Just time consuming after a while.

ok, how about i TRY to decode your post

>Yeah, go ahead and try and bring your projections into the conversation that are all assumption and have no bearing on the topic to begin with.
so you believe my responses are unfounded and wrong because i didn't grovel before your excellence .
>I'm sure if I cared at all to correct your opinion of me and took the bait it'd be a great way to derail.
so first you say you are going to respond conventionally but you know your wrong so you just call me a troll.

you are truly stuck breathing the ass stench in the wells of Jow Forums

I didn't say anything about you being unfounded or wrong. I simply don't care enough about your opinion to sidetrack the conversation and comment on them.

And I'll always respond, user, because I'm here to help people. You might not like the response, and I'm more intelligent and socially aware than you, so I'm going to avoid getting down in the shit you're trying to throw around and cover up the actual conversation. But I'll always respond unless you do actually go off the rails into full blown troll. And only after that because there's no reason to respond because I've won at that point.

So if you want to get back to the topic at hand, OP's accomplishments and your incredible dedication to avoiding even a hint of personal responsibility to your own well-being, we can do that.

Or you can keep trying to throw out these little asides and I can keep shooting them down like fish in a barrel. Either works. :)

But I'll brb, gonna go vape some 90% THC as I've got a while at this coffee shop. When I get back you're welcome to play shellshock live with me on steam. Fun as fuck and simplistic to boot.

I can do 60 push-ups! Started out not being able to do 10. I do 60 push-ups 3 times a day, sometimes 4 times. Working towards 70!

im on night shift that's my everyday brother, this winters been particularly bad usually 3-4pm.

To combat it i try to do everything before i go to bed. So i go to gym in morning as soon as it opens which works out because not many people

Fuck, that's impressive. I absolutely hate leveling up my pushups and situps. I can do running, but that stuff takes effort.

Well done user. I need to get mine up so I can keep going down my career path. Eventually... What's the method you used to get up there?

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