Pornstar Nacho Vidal Now Being Reported To Be HIV Positive Guys

The Porn Industry In Europe Are Now Freaking Out

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Well I've never fapped to one of his videos so I'm ok

Oh no. Seriously? Please god tell me it's not true.

Saged, faggot shill.

I dont fap to porn with men in it so I should be fine

Rather have a microbenis than have this nigga hairline and be HIV positive

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if i deleted all the links i have of him will i be okay? asking for a friend

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Europeans look so weird. They're like alternate reality people.

>Europeans look so weird. They're like alternate reality people.


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t. alternate reality character

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>t. alternate reality character

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> (You)
>>t. alternate reality character

i dont get it

That "amerimutt" picture you eurocucks pass around oddly looks more eastern european than anything you can find in america.

Damn i paid like 5 grand to fuck his wife a few weeks ago

>paying money to have sex

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>That "amerimutt" picture you eurocucks pass around oddly looks more eastern european than anything you can find in america.


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Never liked that guy. He still wins in the end though. He lived a full life of fucking the world's most beautiful sluts and then got AIDS in the age where AIDS doesn't even matter anymore.

>Nacho Vidal
Literally who? Nacho Libre?

how in fucking world you can have favorite porn start that too cringe and retarded to the point i dont know what to say

do world a favor and kys

he's a gigachad with a glorious godcock who has spent his life crushing teen pussy and spreading hiv to sluts. he is basically /ourguy/

Top left is Polish. Her mother is a YouTube.

it's how lots of americans look because it's the same racial admixture brainlet.. or do you think white and mutts living in the continent of America magically makes them look different?

Shut the fuck up and get the fuck out you normalfag piece of dog shit

anyone else find him hotter now that he has aids haha?

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That's what happens when u start taking it up the ass on camera

>start taking it up the ass on camera
what? he did tranny or gay porn as a sub?

Not sure if you refer to both of them, but the girl is colombian.

Amaranta Hank

He's a 10/10 performer, but yeah, it's not at all surprising that a guy who fucked probably 1000 whores is getting some bad STDs.

He looks alright, mutto.

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Oh fuck. Really I'm being serious here, FUCK this is bad

Someone I know (really, it's not me) fucked unprotected in Germany with a porn star at a GGG a few months ago and it's very likely that she's been fucked by Nacho Vidal at some point or fucked by someone who's fucked someone that's fucked him. If he doesn't know already I'm going to have to tell him to get tested


For the wages of sin is death dear user

>fucked unprotected with a porn star
Seriously tho, that's a great risk. I know porn actresses and prostitutes are supposed to get tested, but it's still risky as shit.

The chance he caught nachos hiv are extremely small, although he probably has herpes now.

The problem with HIV is that it can take months before it shows up in a test, and said person is still infected and potentially spreading it to everyone they have sex with. Plus porn stars only have to show a clean test every two weeks IIRC, so that's still up to 14 days they can be infected with all manner of STIs

I wouldn't have unprotected sex with anyone unless I was in a committed relationship with them and I definitely wouldn't fuck sex workers/porn stars at any point even with a condom