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which one would you want the most?
include a drawback, or several!
>can only teleport to places you have been before
what would you use it for?
i'd probably just use it as a convenient way of transport, or crime

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I would spend a lot of time traveling to new places to increase my teleport options with that power. I like powers like that because you can empower them with experience.

>can communicate orders telepathically to others
>can only be transmitted to those loyal to you and your orders

>tendies apportation
>you must visualize a particular living chicken in order to use this power
>the chicken will be consumed by the void in the process

>body swapping
>consciousness, the power itself and memories are passed, but not personality

Also I would use it to be comfy and escape from uncomfy situations, as well as to create an archive of human experience

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isn't personality a amalgamation of consciousness and memories?

I think a cool ne
Nerf on teleportation could be that it takes some variable amount of time. Taking less time would cause more strain

>can shapeshift into any living thing you have touched
>the process is extremely painful and takes several minutes to complete
Basically just The Thing

>time manipulation
I'd freeze time and do shit with no one around, rewind time when it suits me. Maybe even go back 20 years and relive my life. I don't care if a bunch of people aren't born, fuck them. I'd mainly use my powers to avoid people and get free groceries or whatever. Maybe use it to make myself younger.

>drawback is I don't get to share the experience with anyone long term if I keep resetting time or doing things in my own time frame

>Be able to read minds
>can only read one mind at a time and only read people in a 15 meter radius


The teleportaion thing, can only go to places ive been before.

>loyal to you and your orders
how much loyalty is necessary?
disciplined soldier-tier where they will follow reasonable orders, or as simple as someone being friends with you who are trustworthy?
wouldn't the other person know who you swapped with desu?
i mean they would be inside your body so it would be obvious, though with celebrities it would be pretty okay since you'd be a nobody to them - not anyone close, however.
>extremely painful
not worth it desu
>rewind time when it suits me
pretty op, I'd have thought that a major drawback would be a limited time of it, and it slowly becomes more and more powerful as you use it until you stop time itself forever.
>read minds
great pick, you'd be able to win over anyone with enough practice.

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>can stop time
>each time you stop time, your lifespan is shortened by the amount of time spent stopped, effects accumulate over time
for example, if you stop time for an hour, you lose an hour of your total lifespan

>can create and manipulate sound
>you're pretty much deaf

I'd like to be able to speak every language in the world. All these outlandish super powers, teleportation, mind control, they'd be fun at first but sooner or later someone's gonna notice what's going on and it's gonna be impossible for you to live a happy life after that. Being able to go anywhere and communicate without any language barrier sounds awesome for someone like me. It would provide innumerable opportunities as well, from employment to travel to getting laid. And if someone finds out about your ability you can pretend to be one of those gifted polyglot type people with a natural affinity for languages.

>>extremely painful
>not worth it desu
Huh, I guess my perspective is kind of skewed then since I don't really care about pain that much anymore. It's just another feeling to me.

>how much loyalty is necessary
basically if the order to kill yourself would not be obeyed, then all orders would not be heard.

You can fabricate any necessary documents or identification to do something. Tickets, ID, clearances, staff access, people will always believe you and think you belong there. The downside is, whenever you use it someone else with the same level of clearance is erased from reality and wiped from peoples memory. They will not come back and a vacancy will be left there once you no longer are using the specific ID.

>everything creative you produce becomes instantly very popular
>you're never directly credited with it, and gaining recognition for your work is possible, but an uphill battle, though you are still well compensated for your output
>the downside is that you're not actually that good at creative stuff so as a result, the entire world has shit taste, copying your own cringey fashion and culture everywhere for you to see
>a decade later, everyone looks back on the trends you created with a collective "what were we thinking?" while still consuming your latest products

So, basically a hack?

yeah, you become a major cultural influence, but you're haunted by the unending reflections of your own sophomoric creative output, and despair at the poor taste of humanity.

Money is money
I wouldnt complain

>Can move through physical objects
>The density of whatever you pass through determines how long it takes you to move past it, with thin screen being less than a second and solid 1 foot lead wall being 1 minute.

>Teleportation, but only to places where you've taken a shit before
i would've just said "toilets you've been to" but then thought "what even counts as a toilet?"
basically a stricter limitation, you could just come out of toilets all the time or take the phantom shitter route

This is fine, imagine all the things you could do in seventy years of frozen time