Is Jow Forums just the femwhore support board now? Where did all the robots and incels go?

Is Jow Forums just the femwhore support board now? Where did all the robots and incels go?

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At this point I'm thirsty enough to let women on so I can try and get a gf.

Femanon here. Get used to it.

>Is Jow Forums just the femwhore support board now?
Please refrain from using mysogynistic terms ty
>Where did all the robots and incels go?
Idk, who cares? Possibly they all killed themselves yikes

Ugh that would be super sad.. not :) Bye felicia hehe. Wig

Where did robots go to other boards

>Where did all the robots and incels go?
I have been a robot since 2008. I mostly just browse other boards. For the most part, the guys just grow out of it here. You see them come back every few months for old times sake though.

They grow up or die.

This is the normie board now thanks to breddit and other shit tier sites. That being said this site has been going down hill for the last half of this decade anyway. The incels probably went to another site or some shit.

If the femanons drive out the r/incels refugees I'm officially a femanon supporter

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>hates incels but likes femcels
yeah okay whatever cuck

i'm hoping more single fembots in my area come on so we can meet in person and then i'll marry one of them.

It's amazing
Women have this unworldly ability to make the worst place in the world even worse

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You normies are so pathetic just look at yourselves

>implying it won't attract more
vagene pls dear

I've noticed this. at least the incels were funny

>just look at yourselves

I like what I see

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i won't stop until Jow Forums is literally all girls and me

Robots were funny, incels are like a cheap chinese produced mouth breathing version of the robots of old

Or just go to fb or Insta and there's more dumb thots then you can handle.

It's been this way since like 2015. People have dispersed pretty much, some went to infinity, some to wizard (both are dead as fuck though), some went to sites like the incels forum (but they require you to write fucking essays about yourself so it sucks) and some probably just stopped lurking anything entirely. Jow Forums is a husk of what it used to be, and that is telling because it wasn't of greatest quality even back then. Nevertheless if you want to lurk here I recommend typing at least these filters into 4chanX
I miss the old times. But they are not coming back. Normalfaggots and failed normalfaggots with nothing to do need an imaginary enemy and they just chose this board at random. Raided it with shit and it stuck.

Jow Forums is now a NORMIE board.

its all part of the robot master plan. first step is to get femanons to talk about themselves. the second step is to make them our gf

famous words of a man who got stuck with women talking about themselves

soon they will be our gfs, dont worry, youll be happy soon buddy

the second step is to make a lot of noise about the incels being driven out

the third step is convincing fembots that the remaining guys are much more okay than they were back in the incel days

the fourth step is making fembots our gfs

hang in there anons, we're almost there

the fifth step is marrying them and making babies

Me and a very depresso robot already saved each other. And he's very lovely, not misogynistic at all like I expected at first.
There is hope for everyone, anons.

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>not misogynistic at all
either hiding it or not a real person. nobody of even slight moral fortitude approves of modern day women.

i agree, where is my fembot gf to make babies with? I already have a house to keep her and our babies in, and a job to pay the bills

I'll just say that he's actually empathetic, and leave it at that.

so he doesn't care about fembots' struggle at all like every person with even a slight amount of empathy?

so does he lick your butthole? asking for a friend

he doesn't have to care about the plight of all fembots, only his fembot.

just like you don't have to care about the problems of all women, only your woman.

that's not exactly what i pictured at actually empathetic but i guess i should've assumed a female wouldn't understand empathy.

you're replying to a dude. Also, you can't have empathy for a group, because a group doesn't have feelings, only individuals do. Also, a fembot doesn't have any group loyalty to fembots as an identity group, so she only cares that you care about "fembot problems" insofar as you care about her problems.


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don't interrupt my reply chains ever again you 75 iq faggot

this wasn't the first thread i've interrupted your reply chains in and it won't be the last. That fembot is long gone to cuddle with her bf, and you're left talking to a dude. What a fucking cuck you are.

>Where did all the robots and incels go?
Jow Forums according to twitter

femanons, why are you here in the first place?
I'm here because any social privilege of being a female doesn't apply when you're a shut in.

could you tolerate living your shut in life as a robot's housewife?

if you mention being female on the internet you're still partaking in the benefits.

I considered that in the past but no, I couldn't take the risk of being 100% financially or socially dependent on a man.

i'll let you be as independent as you want to be so long as i'm not cuckolded.

>Jow Forums according to twitter
can you share a link?