Do you ever feel that your father failed you, Jow Forums? That he failed to raise you to be a man?

Do you ever feel that your father failed you, Jow Forums? That he failed to raise you to be a man?

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Yes, and I'm not even an incel.

nop, it's the opposite, I wouldn't have climbed out of the hole I was 6 years ago had it not been for him.

I'm not an incel either.

No. I just don't think he had certain capacities of understanding or initiative toward a son. I mean I've flown in his face a lot of times and raged against him, but you learn the hard way that it's not the answer. Thankfully we still have a good relationship. We've both apologized to each other for how things have been between us in the past and we get on the best we can now, I'm thankful for that, and ultimately, for him.

he fucked my shit up by being an alcoholic and growing up in a stressful environment. he tried to act nic enow but i wanna bash his retarded fucking face in

yep, he shouldn't have had kids in the first place. he's not a father, he's just a reluctant piggy bank.

No, I don't blame anyone but myself for the way I am.

My father passed his small dick genes to me

Thanks Dad at least I know what not to do

Too busy working 15 hours a day to do much parenting. I think he knew this and tried to condense his parenting into short lessons which in Irish means yelling about taking responsibility and Israel and then yelling at my mom for spending all the money on drink and drugs. Then he'd sleep for three hours and go back to work where he yelled at his apprentices for endangering the lives of everyone around them.

Oddly enough he settled down a lot ever since he quit weed, but he still gets set off if I waste any mashed potatoes. Must be an epigenetic thing

i am thankful to my mother for preserving my purity and elevating my love towards her.

Pretty much. He wasnt the role model i needed.

my dad died lol

My father left my mother before I was born and I know little about him. When I was a hormonal teenager I decided to track him down and found out he is some sociopathic beta IT manager. So me in ten years basically

My father was a boomer who raised me to believe that women are my equals and to live in the economy of the 70s that no longer exists. When I went out into the world and found that I'd been lied to, I rejected it completely and now I'm a neet in the basement waiting for the day sweet death overtakes me.

He tried, he really did, but he was completely oblivious.

I dont place the full blame on him, but I recognize that he could have done a better night job instilling certain skills, values and examples in me.

He was always very good at being a father, just not very good at being a dad.

However, I cant honesty say I would have done any better in his situation.

If you weren't raised by a single mother you can't be a robot

sure. in fact, he's the only reason i'm unemployed

he literally told me to quit my job and offered 1 week of pay and said i could live with them "as long as you need" -- an offer i couldn't refuse. he promised i was "qualified" for a "better job" with "better pay"

7 months later, no job, despite daily efforts and applications

now, he criticizes me every day for being unemployed, even though i had a job and i only quit because he told me to

also, i was totally malnourished and weak my whole childhood because he had no idea about nutrition. 80% of my diet was basically wheat

i am not an "incel" though but i don't waste time trying to get a gf since i have no job and live with my parents

the closest thing i can think of to my father is tony soprano. that's pretty much his personality, but without the mob shit and he doesn't have the whole 'muh family' thing that tony has. just a pure narcissist that destroys everything he comes in contact with.

no, my father was pretty good. I blame my mom for the most part, but above them I blame my school teachers as a very young kid. I've hated myself for as long as I have been old enough to grasp the concept of self and I have almost no doubt that it's mrs. hogan's fault that fucking bitch

how old are you?
do you have a college education?
My dad actually told me to not waste my time at shithole jobs, that pay 10 dollars an hour.

No, it's my mother's fault for divorcing him and then neglecting to raise me for the next 5 years while looking for chaddy stepdaddy.

>how old are you?
25 years old

>do you have a college education?
yes, i went to the top ranked uni in my state

>My dad actually told me to not waste my time at shithole jobs, that pay 10 dollars an hour.
my job was $18/hr and untaxed

he told me to quit because that pay was "peanuts"

he thought i would be able to get a "better job" with "better pay" (his exact words)

7 months go by and nothing. now he's basically saying i should start applying to a mcjob, which would be making HALF of what i used to make

Why would you quit your job based on ur dad's feelings? He didn't have a job lined up for you, just his boomer mindset?

Ever think maybe your father is a fucking feminine retard who subconsciously or consciously tears people down?

My dad barely talked to me about anything unless I was in trouble or telling me to study. I was raised by Boy Meets World episodes.

same here. but I am way too empathetic.

Is the Israel thing a typo or did he actually yell at you about Israel, and why?

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My dad was a schizophrenic, alcoholic, convicted paedophile.
The end

my dad only talked to me if I was not studying or playing too much games and he would shout at me. I was pretty much raised by mmorpgs and grew up to be a incel.

>Why would you quit your job based on ur dad's feelings?

there was a lot to do with it:

- i was 25yo, never been NEET before
- absolutely miserable at my job (i just hate wageslaving though)
- apartment lease running out, would have had to sign another 12 month lease
- he offered me 1 week pay to quit, and then said i could stay with them "as long as you need"
- my job was technically illegal because i didn't pay income tax
- i absolutely hated the city i was living in
- my health was rapidly declining due to a fucked up circadian rhythm (i think this is genetic, because now i am still falling asleep around 4-5am and waking up noon-12) i had a fungal infection of my skin that 2 prescribed drugs wouldnt fix (it went away within 2 weeks of quitting) and also i was prematurely balding

keep in mind here, i don't think there exists a job that i wouldn't be miserable doing, so i just wanted it all to end in general, i didn't think (and still don't think) i could avoid being miserable by getting another job: quite the opposite. any other job would probably make me more miserable, even if i got paid more. my old job was the epitome of comfy

>He didn't have a job lined up for you, just his boomer mindset?
basically, yeah. he thought i was entitled (in his words "qualified") for a "better job" with "better pay"

also i was deceived by propaganda, such as this:
>U.S. Job Openings Hit Record, Quit Rate Reaches 17-Year High

I don't feel that, I know that. But I don't blame him for abbadoning us. Those times were really hard on him too. And now he is trying to make up for it.
Too bad I'm 20 and I am the dictionary definition of what can potentially go wrong in a fatherless household.

>I dont place the full blame on him, but I recognize that he could have done a better night job instilling certain skills, values and examples in me.
>He was always very good at being a father, just not very good at being a dad.
Sounds like some rationalizing to me right here. I mean I get that a father is the disciplinarian and a dad is your friend, but a father and a dad is the same thing.

Yeah you can you entitled retard. A lot of people either have straight up shitty fathers which worsen what they will become, or fathers who were gone working too much and were either still bad, or tried their hardest but the kid still comes out fucked up. Gatekeeping mentality is stupid nigger woman tier and should be recognized as such.

when i see a father being an actual decent father to his son, it creeps me out. that's how much my father has fucked me up.

no, my father was supposedly a virgin until he met my mother at the age of 25ish.
I am as emotionally distant as he is though. I recall that in basic training, I noticed that my drill instructor really reminded me of him.

Sure blame your dad for not being able to fuck a roastie. Atleast your dad banged at some point to create you

the why the fuck are you posting here kek

>Atleast your dad banged at some point to create you
I really really wish that he didnt create me

pretty amazing how it always comes down to being a mans fault in facebook tier images really makes you think.
But yea my dad just ignored me, while my mom did the same.

Sometimes yes, but then I remember that my dad enjoyed his youth in the 80s. Meanwhile I am living in what is the worst era for white people ever

No. I failed to be a boy. I should have been born a girl instead.

>I am living in what is the worst era for white people ever
lol what about the plague though

Yes. My father isn't a bad person but I feel like he was too distant from me and I missed most of the developmental milestones like social skills that usually would be taught to the sons by their fathers.

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The plague made us stronger and gave way to the age of exploration and conquest. The times we live in are worse in comparison. We are fighting mass immigration from the 3rd world and we will be minorities if we dont produce children and tell them to fuck off. Unfortunately we are under attack by Jews in power and even worse: White Traitors

>bitching about daddy instead of getting your shit together
just quit beeing a bitch and fix yourself if you know the issue you colossal nigger

and have you exposed any white people to the holocaust hoax yet today?

I would but I have to be careful, In this day and age if I open my mouth at the wrong person I could lose my job prospects. Fuck this world

Not at all. My dad came from a very strict upbringing in a small mountain town. He is tough as nails and gave me a similar upbringing. He raised me alone and desensitized me to the idea of loving a woman bringing fulfillment and happiness. All I do is work, exercise, and race motorcycles which honestly keeps me super happy

do it anonymously online, ya goofball

No shit, I do it there

No, I'm a virgin at 25 but my dad is great, he did his best for me and I can't think of anything I'd do very different as a dad myself.

No, I failed my father

>muscular yet intellectual type
>knows everything about art yet spends 80% of his time outside running, fishing, gardening
>knows a lot of practical stuff
>can tell by his mannerisms he was once a beta but then took up weight training in his 20s
>always cheerful outlook despite being a manlet
>always tried to be close to me when i was a kid
>always took me fishing and tried to get me to exercise
>when i was bullied, told me i should kick the bully in the face

I failed him so fucking much and I feel bad he didn't have another son.
Why you might ask? It's simple, I never felt like I could love him back, I always felt "ashamed" about doing social things, there is like an inner shame in me that is so strong it prevents me from loving people. Even though I am a frail manlet who keeps to himself, I feel responsible to keep a distance between me and other humans and appear strong by not developing intimate ties - even with my own family.

I don' know. Feel bad for him, he as aspergers too and there was a lot of things that made him uncomfortable. If we had a problem it was always "talk to mom". I'm glad I didn't go the route a lot of chicks do with distant fathers but a bit worried about my sister. He's a cool guy to be around though, very funny and would fit in here. He just was kind of going through his own problems growing up, especially when I was in high school and having the most problems with my aspergers and depression. Cried like a bitch when he got mad that I got ditched at prom. Didn't realize he actually cared at that point.

>there is like an inner shame in me that is so strong it prevents me from loving people.
You should see somebody about it.

My father killed himself because of depression when i was 12. It makes sense that im going to have similar fate.

but what if you're a cel? a voluntary celibate? is my father still a failure?

Father attempted suicide when i was 11 but failed ended up with psychosis and got deported for crime

Step-dad came, stayed for a few years and left for good to another country, didn't even get a proper goodbye


No my father is a great, smart powerful and rich man who climbed out of poverty by being intelligent.
I just failed him.

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Both of my parents failed me.

They had nothing to say or do when I was at the lowest points of my life. I feel proud that I've had to teach myself so many basic life skills but I always wonder how different I'd be if my parents intervened and supported me earlier.

>parents divorced when i was 3
>got to watch my dad throw my mom into a car WWE style as a kid
>got assigned a counselor by children in youth who had me diagnosed with autism
>lived with my mom only seeing my dad on the weekend till i was 9-10 and my mom went to jail
>mom was a heroin addict who cashed a bunch of bad checks and dumped me on my grandparents so she could run off with her loser boyfriend
>went to jail for 2 years
>never lived with her again as my dad did everything in his power to keep me away from her and her side of the family
>i have not seen her in person in 6 years
>the last time i talked to her was when she called and begged me for money to fix her car
>got to live with my dad and stepmom
>dad had a decent job working in a factory but worked long hours so i spent more time with my stepmom who hated me because she wasn't her kid.
>factory disappeared in 2008
>dad spent all his time trying to keep a job, working out in the basement and sleeping
>wanted to join the scouts one summer
>dad said i wouldn't be able to handle it
>dad decided to start his own business with stepmom
>borrowed thousands of dollars from grandparents to do it
>stepmom decided to sell baby close and dollar store shit she bought in bulk online
>went out of business in less then a month
>to this day i don't know why my dad went along with this but at the same time my dad let her get away with a lot of shit

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Holy shit, are you me? Oraoraora

My dad literally told me I was a failure and that I was the reason he had his sister, even though he was never around to fucking raise me.
So not only did he essentially admit to failing to raise me, he also admitted that he never wanted to have me in the first place.
Really great feel, that.

yea. Poor old man

My father is a weak alcoholic, gambling deadbeat. I was ashamed to be his son.

My father is a sperg who didnt teach me shit except help with homework, I cant blame him, he doesnt know how to be a man either. I blame my mom for wanting to have kids with him. I wont have kids because no gf and I dont want to make them live in this world.

No, I failed him. It's alright I have two other siblings that are normal.

I think that is rather unfair - it's not entirely my father's fault that I was born with an ugly face (he is a decently good-looking guy himself) or that I was born with a shitty personality type.

It's true however that my father was rather absent during my childhood, and never gave me "the talk" about how I was supposed to get with girls (or at least I've heard there is supposed to be such a talk). As I was growing up I simply saw other kids around me starting to have their experiences and leaving me behind, and my own misguided attempts to get with girls were met with rejection, and sometimes contempt and ridicule In fact, I still don't know how the fuck people get to be in relationships and stuff. The idea that things like relationships, intimacy, kissing, cuddling, sex etc are normal in other peoples lifes is entirely baffling to me, as I can not even imagine something like that even happening in my life. Love and intimacy are just things that happen to other people.

Though to be fair with the guy he probably doesn't know how to get girls either, as far as I know he has been with my mom since his teens, and she might have been the only girl hes ever been with. Which is another part of the issue: dating dynamics have changed a lot since their times. Back then (at least in my shithole country) relationships were usually more stable and people married much younger, women were much more reliant economically on their husbands and there weren't things like Tinder yet. Because of these cultural diferences people from older generations simply aren't able to understand the problems we face these days.

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What do you mean by the economy is like the seventies? Like dumb normies with no college could get jobs easy


Dad was an alchohol (as usual)
Dad was also a narcissist
Dad also was one of those extreme jealous
type of people
Dad ALSO acts like a spoiled 10 year old
(Hes 50)
Denies every wrongdoing..

And now the worst has rubbed off on me, Atm im guessing thankfully i ended up a doomer and not an incel..

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Are you Muslim? Are the women over really using tinder

Same here. My parents met through a mail matchmaking service for jesus freaks because they're both such awkward spergs. I never had a chance.

Please. Depressing.

he didn't fail he just not tried

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Plus that shit is poison pills to impressionable normies. Deep down they fear being overrun by brown people but at bringing up nazis or holocaust kind of scares them off

My dad was a fighter pilot and nearly became an astronaut.

Only makes me more ashamed of how much of a fuckup I am.

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my father worked nights at a fucking bodega for the first half of my life so i barely saw him, my mom mainly spoke spanish so i barely communicated english to them, they didnt know shit about nutrition my dad would always be drunk every weekend when i would just want to fap, thank god im not an incel because he did try, i tried missing out on school alot just to be with him but now that hes retirement age idk its like that song cats in the cradle right now and im getting all the feels i hated him so much for not being able to communicate but we were poor and our home was all we had

No, I am brazillian.

Imagine how fun it is to be an incel in a culture that is known for promiscuity and general degeneracy. It isn't.

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Yeah, he and my mom never married, they didn't live together, and he didn't make much of an effort to be in my life, he could've easily drove over and hung out on the weekens, but I'd see him maybe once a month. Even then he didn't seem very interested, eventually I'd only see him once every few months, he died in 2002 and when I heard the news it didn't really affect me, it was just, "oh, that sucks" then i felt bad for a few minutes and moved on

It's not our fathers' fault. Last time I recall, my father wasn't the one who made the girl's decision to say no to me.

exactly , a smart guy right here.

yes he did. he is a fucking chad, banged girls half his age before my mom divorced him (even tho he is a manlet and so am i), and continues to this day (also he is a fetishist) and I dont know shit about women and I may be turning gay slowly. so fuck you dad, instead of working/banging you could have teached me your ways but no

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Try not to be too hard on yourself. I went to a pretty decent school and I was in a rough patch trying to find a job. Took me around a year of applying to decent jobs, not mcjobs, to finally get something.

being NEET doesn't bother me. my dad is basically saying if i don't get a "real job" soon, i will have to start applying to get a mcjob

i'll have no choice. ultimately, if it comes to that, i intend to get fired by being totally miserable and shitty at the job

I heard there are a lot of autists in brazil. Because their parents dont let them go outside because of all the crime

This is partly true, my parents didn't want to let me out to play with other kids because they were afraid of the high crime rates, which probably helped stunt my social development from an young age, and even now as an adult I still feel uncomfortable having to leave my house.

I also find that this is a country that celebrates extroversion and appearances to an extreme amount, perhaps even more than in the US, which I think makes life even more difficult for the average robot. Everyone is expected to be super social, like sports (god forbid you're not into soccer), and there isn't even so much 'dating' as there are is casual kissing and fucking with people you don't even know, which everyone is expected to accept and partake in. Even in colleges there aren't things like hobby clubs where you could casually meet people you relate to, there's only hardcore partying with heavy drinking and casual sex; even my psychologist pretty much told me I'm shit out of luck if I can't deal with that. It's very much a hardcore Chad/Stacy country.

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