Something is waiting in the woods

Something you surely desire. So why wait? Join me. It won't get better otherwise. Trust me, I know.

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I'm interested. Elaborate, OP.

The thing one must desire is the end of all desire. Only then do we set ourselves free. I'm sure of it now.

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Is is a gf?

I dont follow you mr.op

it's me in those woods nigga

step up

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wait, weren't you fucking killing yourself dude?
If you aren't just stop pretending and shit.

Why will I desire the end of all desire if I follow you into the woods?

I thought you killed yerself.

No tenes los huevos gaspar

Stop copying him, or post some new pic just to prove you're really are him.

big sexy werewolf to fuck me yes finally

you really are a perverted sperglord you know that

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But it is me, user. I've come back after realizing that I was wrong all along. I want to be friends with everyone now!

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I honestly would. Me and my buddy have camp set up in the Manistee National Forest if the collapse comes. We might use it early if he comes back home.

Time stamp or stop pretending to be eye-chan

It hurts me deeply that you don't believe me, user-kun. After all we've been through together.

I don't mind ^^


>I don't mind ^^

good. now bend over you little slut

Are you trying to get me killed? There's all kinds of bad shit in the woods.

I decided not to be a slut on the internet anymore user. I want a bf

nice try leszy im not falling for your dirty tricks

>set up camp
>in a national forest

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There is nothing in the woods but old Indian curses and serial killers. No thanks.

i'm pretty sure it's him
the filenames seem consistent
this post
this one
but he also sometimes pretends to be someone else? like in the first example there is a post with the same filename that says " R.I.P. Avatarfag. I hope your suffering is over."
also the image that he used for his "last" post was used a day later with the same unique picrew filename, and the grammar in the post was similar to his
but also maybe there's someone else pretending to be him? or not?
like here's someone using the same pic with a consistent filename starting february 14th to both insult and pretend to be eye-chan?
so is he pretending to be someone who is pretending to be him? or???
also after his "last" post someone posted this
and the filename is a unique one from picrew that eye-chan himself used
and if you try to save that pic your Jow Forums generated filename will be the one that was used after february 14th in all the posts
nani the fuck

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Could be downloading from the archive. Then the filename stays the same. At least for me.

Ya think that the government is gonna focus on some backwater national forest most people don't know exist during the collapse?

You can literally rename the files you braindeads

But just nor for that specific image. I don't get it.

Silly boys, looks like you got me. It is indeed me. Eye-chan is here to continue her work.

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