Tfw pc gaming is coming to an end

>tfw pc gaming is coming to an end

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i dont understand this picture originally

Epic games sticker replacing a steam sticker.

So? How does this end PC gaming?

i wish pc games still had physical releases.
i wish steam never took over the entire system because i enjoy actually owning my games.

video games fucking suck anyway
who gives a hoot

it's not and it never will
all fields

don't you mean steam exclusivity is ending you fucking moron? the game is still released on PC.
>the absolute state of these zoomers in 2019
they can't even post a proper bait thread.

steam/valve are niggers

>steam/valve are niggers

And Gabe is a disgusting fatfuck

>>tfw pc gaming is coming to an end

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GOG my friend. Granted not everything is there but at least you can keep the installers if they go down.

How do i get a refund from steam?

>adult video game players

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When the ps5 comes out in 2020 and can run games at 4k 60 fps just like on pc for a cheaper price there will be no incentive to be a pc gamer anymore. I'd say at the most pc gaming has 2 or 3 years left of activity before the console prices drop below that of pcs, enjoy that while you have it steam fags lmao.

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How about the fact that mouse controls are superior AND no need for season passes?

There's already keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One (not just for text input but game controls). Xbox One X is pretty much on par with a high end gaming rig at this point.

>When the ps5 comes out in 2020 and can run games at 4k 60 fps just like on pc for a cheaper price
You could do 4k 60fps on pc on pos gpus last year.. and that's said every signle console iteration..
how old are you sweetie

>then just plug a keyboard and mouse into the console

>60 fps

Console games will never run at 60 fps. Developers have two options:

1. Smooth frame rate
2. Cancerous visual effects that fuck with performance

They always choose option 2 because that's what impresses the plebs.

You guys are currently experiencing "denial". Shock will come when it's announced in 2020 and all your nightmares have come to fruition. How does it feel?

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>using a PC only to play games

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building a PC and having to figure out what parts won't be outdated as fuck in a few years is a pain in the ass. would rather buy a console and get all dem exclusives and be good for almost a decade

who even gives a shit?
go back to with your shitty teen bait

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>tfw pc gaming is coming to an end, to be replaced by mobile gaming

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Oh look at that. Console peasants that dont know any better. what are the Odds

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OP is a moron. Don't try to think too much into it

idek. this is obviously clickbait for someone else, probably someone that cares about
>epic vs steam
or thinks the fact that two companies competing is somehow bad for them

Moved to anger lol

Not using GOG yet, but it's the only fair system of them all (no drm etc.)

this, I miss the days of having a case full of discs from old games

Still not paying for PSN or XBox Live, bitch. Besides, I can emulate on this thing for free.

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I don't even play games fucking zoomer piece of shit manchild

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