IS your iq higher than incels? Or are you scared to find out?

IS your iq higher than incels? Or are you scared to find out?

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noooooooooo fuck offfffffffffffffffffff

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we all gotta take the same test for accurate results because online.

ooooooookkkkkkaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ccccccccccccccchhhhhieeffffffffff

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But which are you, normie or cel

I always get the same results... 115-119. I've had 11 partners.

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I already did this once, it came out as 115 I think. I don't know if this is the one that also tests your language, but that one is bullshit. I'm not a native speaker and even if I was, I'm not a walking thesaurus.

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Every time I do this I get the same score

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this one is all pattern recognition.

Wait nevermind I found the screenshot, it was 121 not 115.
I'm a hopeless virgin if that matters.

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Those tests are fake and gay and not the real mensa ones..
I got like 145 last time i took them u gotta shave off 30-40 points to get the actual result

what'd you get this time brainlet. we're all taking the same test so comparisons will work. so, are you really smarter than an incel?

Hopefully your IQ is not lower than incels.

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what's your iq though??

Imagine being dumb enough to pay for membership in "smart people club".

>smarter than an incel
I don't understand this, I'm an incel and I posted 121. That's already pretty high, like 13 people in a room of 100 are smarter than that. Are you supposed to be insulting incels here?

this shit so boring i stopped paying attention at like 30% through

is this easier for non-/adhd/ nts

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if the test didn't take you 5 minutes you are extremely slow.

i forgot the start time but i finished at like the 20min mark

>what'd you get this time brainlet.
im not taking the test as it fake and gay as I said, I already took it last year

sounds like somebody isn't as smart as an incel.

yay it went up by 2 points since last year

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intelligent people on Jow Forums? i find that hard to believe.
don't make me laugh.

>don't make me laugh.
why is it always the ones who don't post their iq who don't think incels are smart?

incels r dumb as fuck either way lmao

>incels r dumb as fuck either way lmao
>doesn't post their iq
everytime. just goes to show anti-incels are all retards.

im 134, professionally measured, and im a fucking retard. dread to think how dumb a 100 iq person really is.

>not even reading any part of what I wrote

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posted mine a couple of posts up
im 130

yeet we are iq bros

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Congrats on almost being as smart as an incel.

its fine i dont need to be smart ewe

I wonder what the difference in scores would be if I "hypothetically" took this test while being under 18. I wouldn't think there would be too much of a difference in scores, right? This test isn't as accurate as a professional one as well

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Boring AF and bullshit test. I ended up skipping the last few because I couldn't concentrate.

IQ based on pattern recognition alone is pretty meme-worthy anyway.

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Old pic from phone, too lazy to do it again

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no online test is going to be as accurate as a professionally administered test but if we all take the same test we get comparable results. this is a pretty good test.

it's the least meme worthy iq barometer

>i skipped the last few
nice try brainlet.


I don't really know if this proves anything

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I guess you're right, unless it gives randomly generated results or something. the only reason why I'm even wondering if this is close to being an accurate test is because I'm getting a full neuropsych evaluation around next month

>iq barometer
nice try brainlet.

>guess on every question
>still get 106
At least my intuition isn't completely shit

Mine lowered since the last time I took one (138 last time)

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at least i didn't have to skip the end

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I got 108, am I a retard?

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Online IQ tests are not valid.
Also good job on those fake screenshots

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someone's mad that they were stuck within the norman demographic

Call the ones with the fake screenshots out then

I'm an incel I guess. I can't have sex due to performance anxiety (can't get erect), but I do attract women. So technically, I am involuntarily celibate. I agree with most incel talking points though. Genetically superior men exist and women prefer them. The rising STD rates are because of females preferentially sleeping with Chads. "Chlamydia remains the most common condition reported to the CDC, with over 1.7 million cases in 2017. A full 45% of these occurred in females aged 15 to 25 years." ( Women rate 80 percent of men as less than average on dating apps, so they funnel into the top 20 percent of men ( If you understand evolution, this phenomenon is not hard to understand. It's simply sexual selection by female choice and male competition. Dating is fundamentally harder for males. Heightism, the halo effect, the black pill... it's all true.

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Fucking retard

>IQ based on pattern recognition alone is pretty meme-worthy anyw
It's the only useful thing.
Fuck verbal IQ

The shapes have spoken I may be retarded but at least im not stupid.

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I did that test a while ago. It was 118. The questions stop making sense after awhile.

I take online iq results with a grain of salt, but whatever.

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I also got 90 , i think is the worst you can get because i tried to answer everything wrong

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123, superior... But I guessed one a few because I had no idea.

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Got to 80%, then everything looked like greek.
Had 12 minutes left when I bailed

Of course, this is + or - 15 iq point in either direction

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i felt so fucking clueless, i even clicked finish when i had 10 mins left to recheck shit.
At least its not 2 digits

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The US military doesnt accept anyone lower than 80iq cause they are all potatoes.
>tfw 10 iq away from being rejected from military

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neither beeeeeeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaatch

alirght ill do it
im a constant poster in science and bible threads and people shit on me
ill save the results

What does the percentile mean? Is it when you are equivalent to the 90 percentile when 90% of people are under you in the iq test?

guys im literally 9999 IQ cant you see this is datamining the r9k population? In the future people under 500 IQ will be sistematically hunt down and hanged. I warned you

I swear this thread is full of geniuses, but i guess this will do

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since when did the us military iq test?

Can never do these because I cannot stand being timed. Was tested in teens to be 117.

>Is it when you are equivalent to the 90 percentile when 90% of people are under you in the iq test?

I really don't give a fuck. Maybe I'm stupid maybe I'm intelligent, I still gotta work.

It helps that it's a test about recognizing patterns and not about recalling facts.

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Literally for decades.

This has to be fake, I don't believe that I'm not a sub 90 IQ brainlet.

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It's supposedly the most accurate online iq test

Haven't taken it yet, but from the first question, it seems really idiotic. Pattern recognition? Fucking seriously?

>literally answer randomly
shit test

Jow Forumstard here

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inspect element is so interesting

Not higher than mine.

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Always get ~126 tbqh

I am a 31 year old high-school drop out NEET shut-in hermit.

The shit stopped making any sense to me half way through.

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This test was given to /b/ recently, and I plotted the distribution of results in this chart. let's see if Jow Forums is more retarded than /b/.

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>tfw last time i took the thing i got 115
>tfw it dropped by 2

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At least I'm not a complete retard. Im happy with this result

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This hurt my brain.

I just want to sleep and die

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You're a normalfag then.

>Caring so much about future and living.
Fuck off normie

haha i beat u op

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Male incels actually are statistically more likely to be less intelligent. This is according to intelligence research by Richard Lynn who finds that intelligent women have substantially lower fertility rates than unintelligent women but unintelligent men have lower fertility rates than intelligent men. In his words:
>"Low-IQ women tend to have higher fertility because they are inefficient users of contraception and there are always plenty of men willing to have sex with them. Low IQ men, on the other hand, tend not to have such high fertility because many of them are unattractive to females and lack the social and cognitive skills required to secure sexual partners."

I didn't understand the last few ones. Could you explain them to me?

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Last time I took one of these I got a 101, so I'm pretty happy with the results.

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whats inspect eIement

Take this one to see how it compares please

I tried to get everything wrong - 91 iq (I was in a big hurry, maybe made an accident). When I pressed 2 of the answers wrong and clicked finish, it said something along the lines of "We don't yet have enough data, blah blah". I chose 18-whatever all of my times taking the test.

Yeah it's to see how well your brain can create images in your head and rotate them etc. It's legit my son. There's a name for it too in neuroscience. Men are better at it than women

If all of us had 120+ IQs we'd be sitting in a comfy desk job and not jacking off to trap hentai everyday

problem with this is people who get higher scores are more likely to post them so the data is skewed

I wish I was a cute futa's househusband

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Test is such bullshit, I end up always getting 125-130. I believe I fall within 1 s.d. of this score, no way I have an iq that high. My guess is probably ~100 ish or brainlet, patterns are easy to recognize.

So would you say there is a strong correlation with high iq and attractiveness? Total redpill desu.

This isn't an IQ test so I don't understand what their aim is with it.