post images that make you stronger

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>you vs the guy she wishes you were.

I just want to fly man

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So have you never been on a plane or do you want to be a pilot.

i like this greentext, i feel sorry for the user but somehow it just doesn't matter

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Working on being a pilot, I just wish that I can pay for my hours

I want to be able to lift a really autistic weapon and it be usable

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I believe one day you'll fly, user

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lances are pretty fucking cool
>smash a nigga
>stab a nigga
>add a blade to one side and slash a nigga

42.2 hours logged at this point. I fucking hope. College is the big fucking barrier since the old boomers don't know that college is worthless

Luigi can only ever increase my power levels, thanks for many a comfy friday pal

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Need to be at least as fit as the girls i jack off to

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you're a man of good taste

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i only got 10 hours and havent flown in ages. hopefully i'll be able to start again once im finished with college

>finished with college

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i should've mentioned i live in the UK, where college is a different thing to the US

You guys may be more fucked than us in the USA, but I'll give you guys credit, you guys have it better with colleges. At least in some of them you will never see a nigger ever.

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True, at least for my college. Its mostly whites and suprisingly no muslims, however this is very different in places like London and Birmingham

You have no idea man, it pisses me off seeing niggers who sag their pants having the same rights as I do, fucking apes

An original yikes from me you mutt

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You don't have to deal with them. You fucking Euros are retards for bringing in niggers from Africa

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You needed them to build you nation and we need them to keep our shit going but hey your not even white so....

I have blue eyes and my fucking family only came to the new word years after the civil war. My father's family is Austrian and Bavarian while my mother's family is Iberian. Stop pointing fingers and fix your goddamn country. Don't let them in and make them suffer

Oi fuckboi, yer mahs under the sheets, come ere n ill give ya a right hook goodnight ya fwkin weasel, be gettin yer mahs pwm pwm n yer dahs a fwken tranny ya absolute fanny pack of a chuld

Thank you for dooming the west you dumb fucking brit

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>mods delete my post
you fuckers have no idea how bad these "people" are

It's old news, mods are confirmed homosexuals, they unironically hang 30 oiled dildos from the ceiling, and have minimum 2 always stuffed up their ass

The great emu war, many lives were lost. May they always be remembered, their sacrifice gives us strength.

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t. Sugar Ray

Yeah I forget how insufferable they are. They need to learn to let sleeping dogs lie