"So user, are you a virgin? I'm not trying to make fun of you or anything, I'm honestly just curious."

>"So user, are you a virgin? I'm not trying to make fun of you or anything, I'm honestly just curious."

How do you respond?

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Yes, why do you ask?

tfw no qt 3.14 taradactal gf

I'm 29. I'd just say I'm a virgin. I've told people this before and they don't give a shit. They didn't avoid me after that and we always kept speaking as normal.

Where did you get this picture of Rachel the Jew Princess?

This is, for the record, NOT Ben Shapiro's sister.

"i get asked that a lot, fem, don't really know why. is there something about me that makes you think that?

>This is, for the record, NOT Ben Shapiro's sister.


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No, i fucked your mum last night m8

I respond: yes

>No, i fucked your mum last night m8

and why?

yea, whats it to ya? Not like I would care about sex.

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I don't even know who Ben Shapiro is or who started this meme. I have actually interacted with that girl. She's just a normal person, not related to anyone famous in any way.

It isn't, this is her, the family resemblance is obvious.

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Is she that Abigail Shapiro lookalike camwhore?

she looks like that frank youtube guy

i have a micropenis kek


this is a image board not a text board let me post

Her main assets are a bit lower than her face.

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Rolling to the store to buy some rolos.

roll, but I fully know what I'll get

lol doesnt her face look like filthy frank tho

Stuck-up bastard

she is disturbingly ewish

Yeah is there anything YOU... YOU... YOU... can do about it?




Of course. Why would you want to know?

I wanna roll something good.

You realize this means you have to leave this board now don't you?

I enjoy coming here more than leaving my house. My life is a disappointment.

But is she actually Jewish?

Did you know the actress who played Matilda, Mara Wilson, is Ben and Abigail Shapiro's cousin?

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whatever i blew bigger dudes than you at state school

Nope I've slept with three different women on a number of occasions, but I can barely maintain an erection and I cum under a minute these days. Thanks for the questions, bird lady.

Abigail looks far healthier than the girl in the OP.

i say no because im not wtf


It's ironic because the girl in this picture is a virgin.

give me the ben roll

So m'lady, are you a slut ? I'm not trying to make fun of you or anything, but OH NO NO NO NO LOOK AT THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD

She looks like a manic pixie girl, not gonna lie.

>disliking moptop pixie cuts
fucking faggot

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Huh, interesting. I can't think of anything she's been in at all other than that movie, but still.

this has turned into a roll thread lol
my thoughts exactly lol

She (girl in OP's pic )looks good on the thumbnail. Not so much on fullsize view. That nose.
Angelina, unironically, looks good even with a buzzcut.

Yes I am woman, I've been a virgin all my fucking life

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"Stacy, I think your mom is buying drugs. We should leave."
>vacate the premises
>continue conversation in private location devoid of her faggot druggie fatass mom
>fuck her
>continue dogshit relationship with idiot stacy so you can steal mommy's dope
scenario's too easy

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We Dem Rolling Boyz

R-re-roll maybe?

Give it up user, she's clearly not impressed.

Why are you commenting on her hair if you don't like her nose then? Or has you mind just been subsumed by memes?

Probably. Do you see her fucking nose m8?

i would say "no, i am not. now i have a question to you, what gender are you?"

I've told all of my female friends that I'm a virgin.
What do I care what other thinks?

Sometimes Italians have noses like that.

>answer honestly yeah that I'm a virgin and that I didn't have a lot of confidence in myself and looked like shit as a younger lad
>don't really care as it will happen someday
>mfw this actually happened with the girls at work
>mfw they were surprised but ultimately didn't care and still mire me
>mfw all my co-workers openly joke I have a fan club because I'm so popular with younger female colleagues
>mfw I'm dead inside so it doesn't matter anyway
>caring what other people think

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>So thot, do chads still make you wear a bag over your head? Im not trying to make fun of you or anything, Im honestly just curious.
>I say this while palming myself and staring at her tits

As a wise user once said. If you're going to care what other people think, just think of smug pepe and make that your attitude.

>"So user, are you a virgin? I'm not trying to make fun of you or anything, I'm honestly just curious."
now why don't i believe that

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Yes I am. Would you like to change that?