Comfy night in shitposting with the lads edition

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First for Capri-Sun

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Did you like the anecdote about Gorillas loving Ribena, lads? Wahey.

this is my new trip, lots of impersonators in the last thread. I'd give SP another go but I don't really trust men anymore after Mayuri broke my heart

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i will strike you too. don't think i wouldn't or couldn't

i don't want sp coming to my door, i am sorry someone mislead him into coming to my place but i am not interested and i will strike him down if he appears at my front door

you have been warned sp

>got drunk
>yelled at mayuri
>instant regret
lol guys it was sumone else xD

stop impersonating me or i will strike you

Beers on, snookers on, mums birthday tomorrow
and I'm feeling good.

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>no scottish brifeel friend to watch romantic movies


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/britfeel/ posting statistics
>30 posts a day
>15 posts a day
>~30 posts a week
>60 posts a day
>over 200 posts a day
>60 posts a day

Weird how it goes.

britfeel radio is probably responsible for the increase in 2018

They fucking wish

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>600 viewers
thats kinda mental tbqh

>inb4 they paid for views.

haha jacob u fookin madman

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Happy Belated Valentines, lads. Took this especially for you lot. Enjoy my loverly arse.

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wish theyd come back tbqhwyl

Don't believe they ever had that many viewers. The live streams never really had more than 30 at it's peak.

Cola mate, nobody wants to see that.

if you opened a dictionary on 'boipucci' there would be this picture with 'not this' under it

only gone and eaten some prongles

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Those are the total views including people who watched after the show after it was uploaded to their channel.

The 600 view episode is the Poleaboo episode.

>once you pop...thats great
this was britnormie's genius slogan that was his big break into the marketing industry

I didn't understand his point?

Been playing Crackdown 3 tonight. Glad I didn't pay 50 quid for it, feels like a Xbone launch game

>salt and potato

That is funny.

rate my dinner Iads

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>strike him down

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i watched the giantbomb quicklook of it and was shocked by how bland it looked. like fundamentally it looks no different to an open world game that came it in 2006

i rate; dog vomit out of pretentious presentation

this is not it chief

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If they are making it for themselves that might be just how they like it.

>Oldboy (2003) deleted scene

Got an all night D&D sesh with the crew tomorrow for my good lads birthday.

Cant wait for some great times, glad i have monday off work as well!

Battlefleet gothic armarda 2 is a great game btw.


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Wish I could say I haven't written anything worse than that.

oh, no, one of the worst posters of all time is back.

I feel like these tubes are insulting me.

MY Minecraft modpack is complete and I will play it tonight.

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The smile sessions

What are you lads up to tonight?

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>it looks no different to an open world game that came it in 2006

It kind of is one but also has a wonky multiplayer mode where you just autoaim at everyone. I need to hear the behind the scenes story because it took 5 years and 7 different studios to get it out the door.

I think this is bait. But whoever made this is surely autistic.

just ordered a pizza lads. pepperoni, beef, peppers, onion, jalapeno and pineapple

10" cheesey garlic bread too wahey

Working again tonight, only had like 30 min sleep at most though, and 3 hours the night before. Lately I've been sleeping very little during the week and then conking out for like 14 hours in one go when my weekend arrives, don't know what the fuck is going on.

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Anyone play any instruments?

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Invade Banbury

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guitar, bass, drums and dabble with keyboards sometimes.

Do you think Mayuri and Cola had sex

>tfw scared to get fired because my obese gf is racist and keeps forcing me to send anonymous racist limericks to the office as a 'joke'

How do I make her stop? We both work there and she thinks it's funny. We work in a company that sells paper supplies.to give you an example the one she just force me to send d was

>the chinkies cut down all their tres
>doo dah doo dah
>Chinese boobies Japanese
>chopped the trees away
>so now you sell the chinks paper
>paper paper
>now you sell the chinks paper
>thinner than their eyes
>the chinky took a bulldozer
>big bulldozer
>and he chinkied up the whole wood
>rhat a roser

I like this job what if they find out its me

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Yes, see pic.

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britnormie its time to stop mate.

What's the state of the ship-moni arc then?

I dabble with the skin flute.
nothing changes.

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any interesting plans this weekend lads? might finally watch loving vincent

Best film of all time? Off to make din dins then watch the simpsons. Early night for me, yourself?

Gonna replace my toilet tomorrow

I am having a succulent Chinese meal tomorrow.

same might go into the nearest city to me and have a chinky

Groups of women have been trying to break off and live freely apart from shitty men since the beginning of time. Every time women go off and create a colony/society/island governed by or just for women, men take it over because male "superiority" only exists if women are forced to be inferior to men through systematic religious, educational and social oppression and conditioning from birth.

I'll be doing some judo practice tomorrow

>loving vincent
excellent film. Its so good when it came out I fantasised about having a gf just to take her to see that film.

>britfeel is just poleys bit on the side
>He always puts /brit/ first

luv sweet N sour pork balls and chips me
i love Socialisation desu lads haha

He left /britfeel/ after the last of his friends turned on him yesterday.

>Have to set out for work in 10 minutes.
>Thoughts drift to how nice it would be to have Bernard's Watch and how I'd mostly just use it to have a nap before work every day.

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>streamer shows desktop
>has a file called enslave.ogg
big hmm

Trannies replacing trannies, anime fags replacing anime fags

Gonna get pissed tomorrow for my Mum's birthday because she doesn't drink much anymore.

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>Who will do the plumbing without EU migrants they said

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i am juan i am manny

Lads, this is Democracy manifest

Right, which one of you perverts is this?

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Anyone here ever read the Confessions of St Augustine?
I feel like, despite being a virgin, I strongly identify with this man.

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i-is that your mummy?

fucking hell no it isn't.
my mum is nowhere near that thin.

Lads I have something important to say

As If I'd write that garbage, I know what a limerick is.

everyone shh user has something important to say...

My GOOD FRIEND "Anonymous" got a perma-ban because he asshurt the janny and the mods lel, seriously banned him for life for "criticising mods/staff" or whatever.
How do you even get out of permabans? VPNs are all a clusterfuck because the chingchongs always have bans themselves.
No idea how to change public IP either.
I don't get it lads. I've had week long bans that have just suddenly lifted themselves for no reason. Does it have anything to do with deleting cookies etc?

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Wouldn't be the first time you've written garbage.

ate a load of raw carrots earlier lads and now i'm farting like a madman

*taps you on the shoulder*
psst, take this my friend

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My standards are very low, admittedly, but they are slightly higher than that.

Cause nobody loves me
Its true
Not like you do

Pewdiepie uploads a magic the gathering arena video. Fuck sake. Now it's paki.

i really dont understand some people

explain this please, pewdiepie isn't a paki

a disproportionate amount of pakis watch his videos obviously

What on earth don't you understand? It's nice to wank, sometimes you want to wank with another lad, and if they have a convenient house then that's even better.

Stupid fucking normie.

I liked it lad, thank you for posting it. I bet all that Ribena undiluted gave him the proper shits.

I love portishwad

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dead thread faggots cunts

>tfw was fapping so I missed the fun
it's all coming up millsofi

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My dad is visiting from America and I am taking my 12 year old half sister skating.

speak to me like that again and we going to have a fall out.. watch yourself, kid.

Where the hell did everyone go?

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He was based, I like the libertine's prayer. "Oh Lord, make me chaste. But not yet".

Who were you wanking to? was it sophie?

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havn't fapped to her in a while actually, is that cheating? devlish I am

Who was it though? post pics.