Reminder that he lurks in here. what do u think?

reminder that he lurks in here. what do u think?
he is leaving subtle redpills on his videos and clues on that tv, as much as i know apu hasnt left Jow Forums that much unlike pepe. Also theyre rare, not your classic ones

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i originally dont give a original shit

Hello pewds, I wish that i had the kind of money that you have. Best of luck on your vacation.

I don't know why this is a shock to anyone. Look back at his older videos and tell me that you're not obviously looking at a robot screeching his way through happywheels.

I've seen them. I knew he was a Jow Forums user , he definetly acts ''stupider'' in his videos than he is. Not insulting him

Also , what pepe did he use on the second photo? I want it

Apu Apustaja, sir.

O do u hear the froggies reee

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This, I found him in 2013ish and figured he was a fellow fortune autist

Yeah i know but its interesting how he leaves these hints aftet he had those power lvl slip ups and had to normalize his content a little bit

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My Mom bought me some of his merch for Christmas and a kid punched me at school when I wore it

pewds is my man he is my husbando i want to marry him

He's a faggot and your a faggot for liking him
Your a faggot for caring about him
>not insulting him
And your the biggest fag of them all for caring about a millionaires feelings you think he gives a shit faggots like him need to be gassed for flooding the site with armies newfags every time he has a "gamer moment" or says the "gamer word"

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Marzia is that you?

He's the male equivalent of a female Twitch streamer, who's gotten where is in in life by growing his hair long, shaving his chest and doing ASMR live stream friend roleplay with kids online.

No. Grown men don't come to Jow Forums. You're underaged, all of you.

That's not what matpat told me.

You've obviously never met a basement dweller. They delude themselves into thinking they run this place and lurk for fembots.

Oh fuck karl joined the thread. Why are you so angry at life?

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Yes, we're all 9 year olds.

Go buy some merch.

>Apu Apustaja

It's great to see kids out in the street holding signs to make a rich guy even richer, and into a meme, yet when all these other horrible things happen around the world they just watch some Youtube and buy tshirts all day. Bunch of fucking losers. Seriously. I hope you burn in hell, I hope you're one of the 1/3 people that get cancer. You're more likely to die in complete cancerous agony then ever get married or be happy.

You are welcome. May good thoughts and peace come to you.

>you would rather a streetshitter corporation get money than a white individual
Good goy.

>youre such a bad person for watching some youtube
>so this is why i wish you a death in complete agony from cancer
Every time. Dont know whata more cringe the kids that suck his cock or moral high ground incels like you talking shit.

So the problem is he sells merch? If someone wants to buy overpriced clothes its their retard fault desu

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>grr you watch videos???
>youre such a bad person die from cancer!
not nice

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Literal drooling retards. Go watch some Youtube.
>Good goy
Who the fuck owns Youtube you deluded freak of nature. You're mentally deformed, you belong in a circus locked in a cage.

You sound like a normie that heard that someone in class is a virgin so now that person needs to die for it.
Why do you come here if youre a normalfag, user?

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The problem is a millionaire gets YOU to spend $100,000 to donate to charity so he can virtual signal that HE is such a great person while filling people's minds with junk all day. This world deserves to burn.

Theyre just kids man and its all just a game, enterteinment. Now step out of your edgy teenager commie phase and start enjoying a little being alive cause if i know one fucking thing is that some retard r9k virgin wont do shit about anything just like the rest of the fucking world

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>while filling people's minds with junk all day
and you are sitting here, filling your mind with incel junk all day

Deflecting much ?

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I'm like Jesus hanging out with prostitutes and homeless people.

Ewww back to plebbit you go ,only bots in here.

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>I'm like Jesus hanging out with prostitutes and homeless people.
i think you need jesus

Probably. Anyway, enjoy your fan girling. If I see that merch irl I'm going to squirt my water bottle at it.

I don't think he said he was a communist user are trying to put words in his mouth

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>reminder that he is a millionaire profiting off of impressionable little kids and reddit users and doing no actual work for himself

How does it make you feel?

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So pewds uses reddit for lwiay to keep normalfags out?

Yeah a good asumption i guess thanks for confirming it

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>everyone else is evil for liking someone
>I hope you get cancer
Nigger, you're on an awful high horse for being such an angry asshole. Stop being bitter about someone else's success.

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That image ignores the fact that the person espousing that statement is talking about the commie and not themselves.

Slaughter Swedes and Dutchmen like dogs wherever you see them.

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I'll never understand celebrity worship.

Who the fuck cares?

You're probably a newfag, we've known pewdiepie was a Jow Forums user for fucking forever, he was shilling his videos on /v/ when he first started. He just figured out a target audience that was easy to cater to.

>got a big ass, conspicuous "illuminati eye" tattoo on his arm.

He's just too big to trust at this point.

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