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Kratom nausea finally gone, managed to keep myself from puking for hours but just barely

I am used to taking 40mgs of vicodin.

Will codiene cough syrup have any effect on me at all?

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Codeine is the weakest opiate, you'd probably need a lot

What happened to that user who thought he could control his upcoming heroin addiction?

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How many mgs we talking


Not sure if he posted yet but he was supposedly going to do it again today before he claimed he would start his "long break"

I love weed and psychedelics. In a couple of weeks I will be getting 10 grams of cubensis albino.

Pretty sweat.

Codeine the weakest typical opioid, compared to vicodin (hydrocodone) the dose is 200mg of codeine for 6mg of vicodin, it ain't really worth it trying

Drugs ruined my life. Fuck off

You ruined your life by abusing drugs.

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Well maybe we aren't so bad at it as you are, ever think of that fern?

nice. do cigarette smokers (one such as myself) count as drug users?

Even though I'm not OP, meh fuck it why not? Thread seems to go slow as shit

Contemplating whether I should get some beers?

buy some H instead

official thread theme

Who need beers when you got heroin?

day drinking whisky and playing league on my off day. Drugs make me /feel/ good, Even if all i can handle is alcohol and weed.

My life is still great 3 years later, not my fault you're a weak little bitch boy.

does anyone have experience with dxm? i'm going to try it tonight, bout 300mg with pomegranate juice

'cause you re a spoiled rich Cunt

dude don't do it
it ruined my life dxm addiction is the strugle
dxm is short for dextromorphan aka similar to morphine so pretty much heroin but with hallucinations n shit

Sorry I don't speak little bitch boy

They don't sell H in the store where I'm going

How the fuck do you get addicted to DXM I forget about it after a few months and then enjoy some after that then forget about it again

I refuse to believe people are this weak

If you can handle alclohol you can probably handle quite a few things

Dude shut up, dxm is nothing like morphine, it's a dissociate. And who gets addicted to DXM?
It's okay, but me thinks 300 ain't gonna cut it


yea i'm pretty unexperienced so i'm just gonna start small for now. i read that would take me to the second plateau and i don't really want to go beyond that for a first dose

Anything below 3rd is not worth your time imo

Playground insults is not an argument

My life was ruined way before doing drugs senpai.

Come back when you have something intelligent to say

Some people hate it but DXM is unironically one of my favorite drugs
300mg is fine for a first time

I like it too. Can have some heavy unexpected hallucinations in high doses, lsd got nothing on it

No, really can't. I'm a functional alcoholic. Methmonkey, not so much.

Xanax fucked up my life completely bros.
I've been clean for a long time but it's still mentally and physically fucked me.

story time bro, just popped one

How so? I'm recovering from benzo too but it's not that bad after a few months

>tfw barely any replies to my very optimistic and friendly speed post in the last thread
>tfw coming down from the speed
Great day but now I'm sad.

I'm here, made a post about it in the last thread but to sum it up I decided to do amphetamine instead today and take the long break immediately. Being spun today was amazing and I find it hard to imagine the H would have reached these levels of happiness, especially considering I went out and met people here and there and had lots of fun. I might have to put myself under the addy gang label.
Time to pop some alprazolam and hope I wake up with at least a little will to live tomorrow
I'm dreading the comedown

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it has a very dreamlike headspace (in my experience). be prepared to just chill in your room, i would recommend watching a movie or listening to music while trying to astral project

>while trying to astral project
I've had those, but not sure what places I was seeing, if they were even on Earth

dealer told me he has "Dilaudid/Hydromorphone " which i guess is an opiate similar to heroin

kinda want to try it desu, scared ill get addicted though, or if theres any risks

anyone have experience with it?

Have fun feeling nothing

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Opiate addiction is really exaggerated other than smoked/injected. Oral and snorting of opiates is really handable

eh idk may just not do it someone online said its risky

Can't get addicted to opiate if you od on fent

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Suit yourself. Don't change anything for me

I bet adderall would be a positive influence in my life if I didn't take hundreds of milligrams over the course of days, spend half that time masturbating and the other half being out of my mind.

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Addictions start as habits. Just don't get into a habit. People have misconceptions of how addictions work, you're not totally powerless

my favorite drug is alcohol tbqh
love being drunk and lonely

This comedown feels very calm and relaxing so far, might even be able to get a good nights sleep.
Wishing some good sleeps to the tweakers out there, goodnight

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Not sure how I can even put it into words but I'll try.
>23 now
>started taking them for self medicated anxiety at 17
>led to full blown addiction for 4 years
>made my anxiety a million times worse, never left my house
>tried quitting cold turkey 3 times, ended up hospitalised for seizures and relapsed
>lost my gf of 3 years because I started becoming emotionally manipulative to her and would be super aggressive, ended up fucking some whore whilst completely blacked out
>started self harming whilst on them
>stopped giving a fuck about myself and didn't brush my teeth, they're now completely fucked up
>feel like a literal brainlet all the time, I used to be pretty intelligent and motivated
I'm completely recovered from it but I fucking hate myself for getting hooked.
This is really all I can think of to put into words but there's probably a lot more too it. Most shit I can't remember.
Hope you liked my blog.

Does he have them every day of the year? If so I have a bridge to sell you...

too bad the bartards here won't remember your story when they sober up huh

bartards are a completely different league of drug users, glad you made it out user. I take phenibut once every few weeks but I avoid benzos like the plague.

>nearly bought a renault clio rs(fast little car)
was literally walking by and fell in love. cost 6 grand which is a rip off, though justified it by saying it'll get me off drugs. then there's the part where I probably can't afford nor insure it. first time trying nicotine and it made my mood so lifted I nearly bought a car I couldn't afford. never that impulsive, its a total rip off. they go for 3.5 k usually.

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Yeah it's really sad, benzos are fucking evil when abused. They will make all your problems a million times worse, wish I realised that 6 years ago.
>glad you made it out user
Thanks bro.

Join the addy gang. Improve your life or your money back :^)
>20% plowing through work like a madman
>20% acing FPS games
>200% stroking your flaccid dick

If you don't have a girlfriend you won't even care, no woman can jerk you off for 4 hours like you can on amphetamine.

Thanks for the offer phetbro, but I think I'll pass this time.
If my life doesn't improve this year I'll hop on the ride with you.
>no woman can jerk you off for 4 hours like you can on amphetamine
I can already beat my meat for 4 hours sober if I really wanted to desu.

>just made some myco tea with 4g
>burned a fatty an hour ago
Time for a comfy night. Enjoy your buzz bots

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>I can already beat my meat for 4 hours sober if I really wanted to desu.
Yeah but I doubt you're getting the full experience. You have to fap on stims to understand how fun and degenerate it is.

>You have to fap on stims to understand how fun and degenerate it is
I've fapped for like 2 and a half hours on coke before, railed lines every 30 minutes in between too. Was pretty based, I imagine amphetamine is way more intense though.


Shure why not

benzo addicted here. feel like I could kms any momento. fucked up my life in many ways. im going to become a father soon and feel like I already fucked everything up. also, ive used mdma, cocain, lsd and marijuana. pretty much addicted to weed.

I don't get it. I've had benzo withdrawal and I handled it pretty fine, it's unpleasant sure, but I got through it

the problem happens when im on benzo. I just did everything I wished to. can't remember everything, but i used to have 2 gfs, some threesome n shit. now, everything broke apart. im broken mentally, financially and my left arm is broke. stole a lot from stores too.

Looking for the noob consultant user from the last thread, where are you good sir

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If withdrawals are fine then just quit, unless maybe somewhere mentally you don't wanna quit

I'd do anything to be able to get dilaudid my man. You're a lucky lucky guy. I envy you, it's better than any other opioid and H.

I got dilaudid many times in the hospital and it's the greatest rush ever, H don't even compare.

okay fuckos
sometimes when i take too many pills i have hiccups for 24 hours straight
i only got benzos
last week i mixed up etiz, ativans and xanax and my chest was sore from hiccups for two days

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No idea

But I only take benzos to help me sleep
I don't feel anything recreational from them and I'm not a spaz in public so they they don't help me there either.

why did you even respond

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You never taken enough benzos to hallucinate? Strange type of experience, nothing like hallucinogens

Because benzos are for fucking losers

Take opioids like everyone else.

Both are for losers. Dissociatives are the patrician drugs

also i am a very functional bartard tyvm :)))

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Take Benadryl before you take kratom. It helps a lot with the side effects while at the same time increasing the good effects. I like to take 30mg of Benadryl before I take kratom

That won't work, you can only get so high from codeine at a time. The reason is because codeine only has an effect on your body when it's processed through the liver (or kidney, can't remember) and turned into morphine (or some other opiate, pretty sure it's morphine tho). So with codeine you can only get as high as fast as your liver can process it, that's why it's better to take processed opiates.

Stimulants is the patrician choice

NOPE. I'll tell you why, Stimulants won't let you see in the future

All Wrong.

The true best drug is a cocktail of all of them.

..d-death is the best drug?

The future sucks and I don't need to take
dissociatives to know that

agreeing with the other anons that say 300mg probably won't cut it, 450mg is a healthy first time dose if you want to experience something but i only say that because thats what comes in robocough bottles

Oh yeah, well I predicted Trump winning and predicted Kek before that and the spirits told me the future was gonna be great and awesome. You can't disprove that

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Well I'm saving money by not having to buy food and time by not having to cook and I'm being productive

Is it much stronger than the normal cubensis? I got some but since people said it is stronger I'm unsure of how much I should consume

I'm productive too, in my own way. I generate half of our lingo for a few years. I came with fampai and I was the one who started the oregano thing, everybody copies my shit

I just jack off for multiple days straight providing the world with cummies

Cubensis is about 5-10 grams a dose I'd say, not sure been a while, I only done Cubensis, back when they were legal in Holland

Who here /tripgang/? Where my hallucinogenic boys at?

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I'm so shaman I even like deliriants, hallucinate my ass up, I'll predict your future doing it too. Others won't get that shit from hallucinogens though, not as strongly, you need to almost die as a child to get that spark, path chooses you ,never the other way around

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They`re not anymore? Why? I've never gone beyond ~2g cubensis by the way, I wouldn't want to take something over 3g anytime soon.

Well I"m speaking strictly fresh, not dry. 10g fresh will become like a few dried. And they did, one asshole drank and took shrooms and killed himself, asshole tourist ruining it for everybody

I plan on going to a rave in a few weeks. How much MDMAshould i take (first time), and how cautious should i be of taking too much/getting cut shit?

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If you're a burger you might find Meth in your MDMA so who fucking knows