What women want and don't want in a man. It's that simple, incels

What women want and don't want in a man. It's that simple, incels.

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Why dont I just post their nudes on their facebooks instead?

>Assertive and easygoing
God women are fucking annoying.

Well that's me alone forever
Thanks OP

>I want him to be confident and assertive, but also easygoing and sensative
>I don't want him to be domminent or submissive.
How about I just become Christ himself

I want
>sensitive, submissive, shy, quiet
but don't want
>asssertive, demanding, aggressive
So what are you talking about?

some of these are obvious psychological contradictions i.e. women have no idea what they want or that their concept of a perfect man is an unobtainable state of mind for any man

tfw submissive shy and quiet

Women are really hiveminded gender
they all want the same thing all of them lol, it's pathetic

This. Why do I have to be 2 different people at the same time?

But you're not a woman(female).

Who gives a fuck about women.
Just jerk one out when feeling lonely and take a nap.

what women want and what they claim they want are two separate things completely

Fembots, what do you mean when you say you want sensitive guys. I keep being asked to be more open about my feelings but I dont like showing weakness and I dont really think women like seeing it either.

They unironically want a guy with a troubled backstory who mostly has his life together

>Women are really hiveminded gender
A lot of people say this in the incel community. I just wish people would substantiate it, because it's probably true.

>don't want: dominant
>want: assertive
>don't want: submissive
>want: easygoing
>don't want: shy
>want: sensitive

It's "words that sound bad" vs "words that sound good".

Why are you treating women as a being capable of logic and reason? Start seeing them as living creatures following their primal instincts and it will all make sense

They want someone who can appropriately express a wide variety of emotions depending on the situation. It's not that complicated.

>tfw this describes me
you're annoyed because you're incapable of understanding their perspective. At the end of the day most girls just want a balanced guy who is nice but doesn't let people walk over him. Most people end up being too nice or too aggressive which is boring.

>confident, assetive, easygoing, but not dominant
What even the fuck
They mean sensitive to their problems
They don't want to see your weakness or hear your feelings

I'm a little shy, and can't help getting anxious around a girl I'm interested in. But it's not to the point where I'm unable to speak. I'm not submissive or meek either, and would love to dominate someone in bed. But having quiet moments is important too. I want someone to be able to watch a movie, listen to an album with, or to lay with me in the darkness and be in complete silence.

In the end, I'm really just so fucking tired of being alone, working my ass off and still not having someone to come home to.

>0% submissive
This is why I'll never have a gf

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originally the same thing

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Assertive is taking action being easy going is how you react. Seeing as you can't figure it out you should probably just keep focusing all your mental energy on breathing just in case

Perfect example in fiction is Don Draper from the early seasons of Mad Men. Cool, relaxed, composed. Great at conversation and holds it well. Deals with blacks and gays without a lot of prejudice. Is fine with hanging out with beatnik hipsters and smoking weed. Definitely easygoing.

Doesn't take shit from anybody. Commands respect. Succeeds in business. Applies himself. Has plenty of work ethic and leadership skills. Not afraid of verbal confrontation. Not afraid to put people in their place. Definitely assertive.

The combination of those two traits is the most chad thing you can possibly be.


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can confirm, since I started being an assertive and actually tell people what I want from them, I get to talk a lot more with girls at school

>tell people what I want from them
what the fuck do you even want from other people?

>hey, can you help me with this really quick
>look, thats how you could improve this
>since noone seems to have a clue about what should we do, I say lets do XY
I learned theese and many other phrases by hard to actually be convincing and changing my appearence in front of other people

I am a mentally ill autist, so this will not work for others I suppose

>>hey, can you help me with this really quick
i've never needed to ask anyone for help. not sure when i could ever use this line

>>look, thats how you could improve this
no idea when i'd be in a position to use this line either

>>since noone seems to have a clue about what should we do, I say lets do XY
basically you're in school. well, i never had group projects in school. i graduated though

>I am a mentally ill autist, so this will not work for others I suppose
meh, i guess you just have more social opportunities than me

I genuelly hate people like you
go to a self pity thread, noone likes to hear about your sad life without giving any advice

You forgot
>Handsome (100%)
>Rich (100%)
Jokes aside, all what that list shows is that a guy who is born highly on the introverted is essentially fucked for life.

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>Be this, but not TOO much this
>Be that, but not TOO much that
>Be X and Y at the same time, but don't be X OR Y
And yet I'm the demanding one when I ask for a girl who's loyal and non-superficial.