So, how much of a loser are you?

So, how much of a loser are you?

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Did it before, still accurate.

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you set the bar too high.

i know im a total fucking loser

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have fun being unhappy comparing yourself to society's mould for a successful person (strikethru, slave). thats probably why u dont get laid, u care too much about what individuals and society at large (an abstract, intangible entity) think of u

lmao don't even have 5

just be yourself brothers im sure you'll do fine xDDDD

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cmon nons stop eating so much. I'd got bingo if my libido hadn't run dry

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>inb4 we realize the board is filled with normies.

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tfw avoided bingo because I like to know where my shit is.

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Haha no bingo, what it's like to be a loser

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smart of you to use the fill tool user

nice to meet you. *shakes hand*

I did manage to lose a lot of weight

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Well Im just a regular looser after all.

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I feel like not having any friends should be one of the boxes here

And ... we have a winner, or rather a loser

Nearly every box is filled except smoking, NEET and been arrested.

not gonna lie, i expected much worse.

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I don't smoke weed because I didn't hang out with anybody who did and was always kinda jealous but have always been to much of a bitch to ask or find a dealer.
I don't think it makes me less of a looser

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am I too far gone, lads? I really don't have much hope or direction.

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Its not as bad as i thought. Friendless, but have a gf.
Not sure about hygiene. I shower my body a couple times a week, but wash my hair once every year or so because of autism. Brush my teeth daily.

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>smart of you to use the fill tool user
Thank you user, nice to meet you

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Lol, how did I miss the bingo. Can't even do that right.

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Hooray I didn't get bingo!

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how am eye do -eeng?

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Somehow no bingo. Doesn't make me feel better.

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Bingo, I guess. At least im orginal

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You winning son? Let's see.

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I'm considering schizophrenia as an "anxiety disorder" since it causes high amount of anxiety

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What where you arrested for lad?

Trespassed on a construction site and climbed a crane, they almost called in the fire departament. Glad they didn't, I'd be fucked with fines.

the fuck is that center square, that's successful sociopath shit, not loser shit. The loser version is completely ignoring your problems until they fester and suffocate you

this is fine desu senpai

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How do any of these make me a loser again?

1. I don't want to waste money on cable TV.
2. I save $600/month by not having a car. I could afford to buy out a 2018 Tesla with cash, but I'm disciplined with money.
3. Literally nothing wrong with porn. Cum to porn before work and to my wife after work.
4. Why does being fired make me a loser? Or even dropping out? It just means I wasn't worth an arbitrary surplus to my employer (not that his or her standards are good) so it's easier for everyone to seek something or someone new. Being an employer doesn't make you have infallible judgment.

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My checks:
>deliberate inaction
>smokes weed
>suicidal thoughts
>diagnosed bipolar if that counts
>government money(smd wagecuck)
>dropout but have GED
>have been arrested

>loser bingo
>to get the most important spot you have to have gotten through your problems
What a shitty test.
Anyways, 15/25, one bingo.

oh oops forgot to mention
smd again, Jow Forumstard :P



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I guess i'm not that bad
what did i won?

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no bingo... is that a good thing?

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sadly no Bingo was achieved

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I should probably get diagnosed for bux.

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am i chad or still a fuckin retard?

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at least i lost weight...

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I'm sure most rappers would get bingo on that and they're still very successful

I can't even win loser bingo

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don't even know how i fucked this up desu

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Huh, guess I'm not as bad as I thought

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How fucked up I am?

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Heh, see ya later, virgins

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Fuck I can't even get this right

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How the fuck do you not have a bingo?

>tfw lazy sperg

I've ruined my own life

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Well, I'm not disabled or unemployable, I have a half-decent resume and a bachelor's degree. I don't like alcohol, I've always been a skinny little bony boy, I keep my room clean because I have a weak stomach and living in filth would make me vomit, I have no debt because of scholarships, and I'm a law-abiding citizen.

I've got a lot of problems, but I'm apparently not a total fucking loser.

By the way. Bingo normally has a free spot in the middle, so we should move virgin there.

Not as bad as some of you guys but I think I deserve a mention because I masturbate into tortillas and eat them.

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I almost got a BINGO on the bottom row but my credit is fine.

d-desu im in a wittle bit of twouble owo

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No bingo, maybe I still have a chance of clawing my way back into society. That or I just have further to fall down in life

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Fuck life tho

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Fucking bingo
>I don't remember my current age and don't care (30 something)

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I wish non virgins would die or that wiz wasn't so dead

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How much of a fuck am i?

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Oh shut the fuck up inbreed. Why did you feel the need to include yourself in "Total Fucking Looser Bingo" and try and explain away every box you checked off? Are you that desperate to be included in our retard games?

He checked off so few boxes yet the justification of each one makes him as much if not more of a loser than the rest of us.

this dude literally has a diagonal bingo. Is retarded as well apparently

Sad thing is i wasnt like this at all..
The world broke my spirit...
*Turns back and walks in deep within the fog*

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Haha I'm not a loser since I didn't get bingo, right?..

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>justification for each one

This is definitely the kid from elementary school who would flip the game board the second he started to loose and start to fucking sob and throw shit as soon as someone won a game against him in PE. I'm a fucking looser but at least i'm more socially aware than this drooling retard.

three bingu for me

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>explains away all his looser qualities

Fucking kek dude.

You're obviously not a loser,
why are you dick measuring with retards on r9k? It's like bragging about winning a chess
match against a monkey.

I'm S.P.E.C.I.A.L.


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All I have to do is lie through my problems to get a bingo but I'm too honest for that.

Is that a free space or some shit? I guess I'm a loser.

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holy 8-way bingo

Assuming this is truthful (which i doubt), this is impressive. You might be the biggest loser on this board. How can you afford both alcohol and weed as a NEET, do you live at home and blow neetbux on drugs?

do i still have hope?

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ehh I'm not sure he's that guy.
Comes across more like the guy who would play off tripping and falling on his face like he meant to do it for the sake of comedy or some such nonsense.

>almost got me 3 times
Later v-virgins

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