ITT: all of Jow Forums lives in one big house

here's the keys, have fun anons :)

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nigga stole my key

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>who's that filthy incel using hot water while I take a shower !

>here's the keys,

its the 21st century

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kill all the traps and niggers and beta providers and jannies and thads and bullies and fags.
we guard the place against normies (which automatically includes women because women cannot be robots) and we physically torment anyone that does severe autistic shit, like owning waifu pillows or having a waifu or not being outside for more than two hours a week or pisses in bottles or is morbidly obese or constantly does the same shit

*takes out rocket launcher and fires at your feet*

>all girls rally around an attractive tripfag
>anons lose their shit
>mansion gets burned down

*goes and finds a private chamber in the attic*
*is never seen again*

yeah, that wouldn't work.. meeting anons irl would take away any mystery and I would probably be just as socially anxious as I normally am. I really am hopeless, you wouldn't wanna be around my retarded ass, trust me.

Is it a big big house with lots and lots of room?

big big house
very many rooms

Does it have a big big table with lots and lots of food?

whatever food you want

I volunteer to be mommy cook

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Does it have a big big yard where we can play football?

can i live here even though i'm not working?

Do they not use keys where your from you spoiled little bitch? "It's the 21st century." People out here still driving cars from the 70s through the early 90s. Bubble boy out here talking as if he knows jack shit.

get with the times grandpah

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Women can't cook, gtfo.

>got to the secret vault full of god-tier snacks, vidya, anime, and hentai before everyone else

What is the internet like? 15TB/day wouldnt be enough.

house is for everyone

>living in a bubble
>telling the other 99.9% to get with the times

Boy are you in for a rude awakening

literally cannot think of anything worse.
Obviously, there will be some chill guys but most will be disgusting drug addicts, fat, insanely autistic, depressing fucks and disgusting trannies who will inject HRT while you slept.
no thanks

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>>living in a bubble

to you maybe, you're so out of touch you probably think pb and j otter is still showing

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the internet is good enough
too bad, you're here

That house looks pretty fun


Alarming how young and uneducated r9ddit really is. That said, you really are living in a bubble. Everyone and their mother uses a key to get in their house. Just because you were born with a silver spoon up your ass doesn't mean you make up what it means to live in the 21st century. Welfare checks, feminism, gay rights and shadow wars is what it means to live in the 21st century. Get your head out of your ass.

>Everyone and their mother uses a key to get in their house.

you're an idiot, pls stop posting

You're a zoomer, please hang yourself.

not that guy but he's right, just kys my man

>my man

End yourself quickly.

>End yourself

kill yourself

Get them wrists bloodied, loser.

>Get them wrists bloodied,

god youre such a fucking loser


A queer, too. Zoom on over to that noose on your electronic app controlled door, ya fukn fairy.

Not that guy but seriously dude, just stop posting. This is getting embarrassing

Another zoomer to the guillotine. We're in a race to beat Japan's suicide rate. The only good zoomer is a dead zoomer, get to cuttin.

Aaaaaaaand he's stiII posting

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And you still go to sleep in shame knowing you're a woman trapped in a man's body. Go quietly into the night, fruitcake.

Hey you guys that's enough fighting everyone apologize. This is a board of peace.

>Go quietly into the night, fruitcake.


Yay, lets all sleepover and share really nice hugs!

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Like a 13 y/o trapped in a 20 something's body.

Imagine having to walk past all the normies on this board to get to the kitchen or the bathroom. Imagine it being like school where all the chads from reddit, pol, and b bully you. This sounds like hell. r9k is only 5% robots.