At what age did you first turn into a shut-in?

At what age did you first turn into a shut-in?

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I would tell you but my mom told me not to talk to namefags

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Sophomore year of high school and the summer before that

I was always a shut-in. Went hikki at 22 which was 10 years ago.

>then at what age did you first turn into a shut-in?

Started when I was around 13-14 years old, afaik.

Why do people become shut in

i used to think everyone had a hitch hiker's thumb. My shit bends at a ninety degree angle.

17,stopped leaving the house around november of last highschool year


15, as soon as i left high school.

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It's kind of difficult but this is the best timeline I can remember.

Beginnings of shut-in syndrome. I remember getting bullied a bit around this age and getting scared of going outside. After the age of kids' birthday parties stopped I rarely had guests over and never went over to any else's.

Again I never had any true friends for any of my adolescence and still never really have. I did go out a few times to hang out with friends in public but only in groups - I never stayed with individuals.

Discovered Jow Forums at 16 after I had already become sick of playing the game. At this age I decided that I didn't particularly care about getting laid or having friends anymore, so I just decided to do what I liked. I stopped doing any hobbies and just sat in my room on my computer through ages 17-18 and couldn't make any friends at college due to my political views and fear of rejection for them (but I also didn't want to sacrifice my beliefs because then I would be giving in, and I wasn't prepared to do that either).

>19 - 20 (present)
Shut-in syndrome prevails although I have made a few token attempts at breaking out into the world. I find that social interaction doesn't make me feel good and just leaves me feeling weirdly empty inside. I wish there was some clear way of adding value to the world so that I could just focus on that and wouldn't have to do all this socializing bullshit.

>started playing runescape
>stopped going to football training and matches
>stopped riding bikes with friends


Oh, and it was fourteen. I still talk with that girl. Friends for life even if we're not together romantically.

Some time after 2016. I figured I could get away from people, get my shit together and then face them again.
Still waiting for that moment.

Dropped out of Highschool in 2004.

Been a shut in NEET ever since.

On NEETbux and the gubment doesnt even contact me or pressure anymore to look for work.

12 when I dropped out. Been a shut in sever since.

I am noticing a trend here, seems a lot of shut in NEETs are highschool drop outs.

Seems it is extremely hard to re-enter the world once you drop out of highschool.

I think becoming shut in at that mid-late teenage years stunts your development so you will never be normal, at least compared to someone who becomes a shut in later on in life who went through the system throughout all of their developmental years, they at least know what to do and how to act outside as an adult, where as highschool aged dropouts never gain those skills.

Dropped out of HS in 2012
Never been hikikomori however. Ventured outside to hang out with friends, pick up food, beer runs.

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