25+ thread /friday night feel/ edition

l'd drink enough of anything to make this worId look new again

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Yeah I'm also drinking, beer. yep. I just burped

I say, let it all burn. Nothing new and beautiful can born from this mess

I was drunk pretty much all last weekend so I said I wouldn't drink this week. I almost did it, I had one glass of beer when I went to dinner with my mom.

>I say, let it all burn. Nothing new and beautiful can born from this mess

This OP, the times we had have been had

just polished off another guini, this next ones 4u OP

Getting ready to drink tonight but I'm on a budget of 10 dollars american. I'm thinking of just doing 40 hands with some malt liqour, any recommendations other than that?

Buy the 24 ounce cans of malt liquor instead, they're usually cheaper to buy two of those rather than a 40 ounce bottle. Plus you can keep your beer cold instead of letting half go warm in your 40. Though I do admit, 40's have a certain appeal to them, the big ass glass bottle is fun to drink out of.

I'll look for a 24. The smallest I've been able to find is a 32 of Colt 45 and two of those only just does the trick. I'm reaching the point where 24 might not be enough anymore.

>had 4 dates this week
>all 4 cancelled
>two of them just arent replying at all

Feels like getting gifts cards for your favorite place and then finding out they are all zero balancd. Id rather not have them at all

Energy Drinks and vodka. My usual go-to.

Life is fucked. I could salvage something, but what's the point. This world is against me. I feel like it could all fall apart at any moment, I live in a constant syaye of paranoia, worrying about external forces while simultaneously sowing the seeds of my own destruction. I wanted to leave something behind, but it wouldn't get twisted. My drunkenness is a holiday, a state of mind I retreat to maybe once or twice a week. There's no future for me, just survival. Until the next time.

That's why you buy at least 4 cans
For a real treat find the super high gravity stuff, like Earthquake, which is 10% APV to 12% depending on your location

I'm in the Midwest, so I dunno if Earthquake is here or not. It can't hurt to search for it though. I was just gonna rock some King Cobra.

>Still falling for the date meme

I think if we're here and drinking we're fucked by this point in life. How the fuck do people even go on dates anymore? Last time I tried 10 years ago it was first meeting in person, then getting to know each other on social media.

>I'm in the Midwest,

different user but fuck same here

Find your nearest locally owned gas station, not a big chain like Speedway, they'll be more likely to have it.

It's dropping down to 10 tonight so there's nothing to do but get comfy and drink. Did you get hammered by the ice storm last week too? I was on the east coast at the time, but my roommates lost power for two days.

Spelling mistakes. I live in a constant state of paranoia. I want to leave something behind but it WOULD get twisted.

Fuck this gay earth.

Don't worry about it hermano

yea I did, didn't realize the shit going on till I stepped outside for the first time that weekend, I promptly went back in and resumed drinking

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if you want some true depression juice, go for the Camo Black. tastes miserable, but it's 24oz of 12.2% alcohol for around $2.50

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Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

I often give my mind over to certain thoughts because it feels necessary to acknowledge their importance. Because if I'm thinking about it, then I can be prepared to some degree, I won't let it take me by surprise. But I never come up with some great revelation, so really it's pointless. Or at least, on a case-by-case basis it's pointless, but there is a bigger picture which I feel I am addressing.

Once you reach a certain age, any thrust your life has comes entirely from within. When you're younger you're on a set course, mainly because of the education system but once you leave that there is progression with jobs and moving out etc. It's a clear upward path but then you don't stumble into better things by default anymore. You have to fight for it and I don't have that fight in me.

Good to know. I'm getting ready to go out and find some. Will post results.

I'm taking online courses in talking to girls, so in a month I'll be out losers ahah a

Ooo, that looks like what I'm looking for. Pretty sure I've seen the cans around here too.

I was going to go home that weekend but couldn't because my state has a horrible DOT and they never maintain the fucking roads.

For me it's special brew.

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Having a rum and coke and a cigar at my local bar. Pretty comfy.

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8 months away from r9k. Now married and will become a father soon. Still depressed and find no meaning or pleasure in life tho

You think you're depressed now wait until the divorce and child support payments

Is that an English flag? Where the hell are you that you can smoke at the bar?

Never had it. What type of beer is it?

I just make my own shitty 4loko with some Gfuel and vodka.

I already want to divorce. Child payment support keep me from doing so. Feel like I had a future and was better alone. Simple life, simple needs.

Nah, I'm in burger land. That's an Arsenal flag.

Just a strong lager 8% for 500ml surprisingly not bad.

Damn, that sounds nice. If it's easily chuggable that's a great way to get drunk fast.

You guys have drinking problems I have fapping problems.

Yeah it gets touted as tramp juice but I'd buy it again honestly.

I've only had success with girls who smoke weed. Probably because I'm a loser. I just like netflix and smoking pot.

I don't know how people can be so horny or just fap like everyday i mostly fap like every 1-2 months but i can't stop drinking myself to sleep everynight.

I'm out of red wine i drank 3L in 2 days feelsbadman should I get more for tomorrow night?

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How old are you? I used to fap a lot as a teenager, but as I'm nearing 30 all I can do is drink a bunch and then fall asleep in my chair.

Depends if you feel like it.

Not him but I'm 29 and fap just about every day. Mostly before bed though since it makes me sleepy, if I do it in the afternoon I tend to start dozing off

I'm turning 29, bro. I'm just really depressed and horny. I don't really enjoy the taste of alcohol enough to drink by myself. I'll get high alone but even that is shitty.

>Depends if you feel like it.
I do feel like it as I'm borderline alcoholic but not sure if it's good for my body

Well, well, well.. it seems we are all here and present.

Well obviously it's not good for your body. I tend to drink as hit tone in one night and I don't feel like drinking for a whole week then, everyone is different. Alcohol is not good full stop.

>mom wants me to help pay the bills
its fucking over bros

why the fuck is she getting on you ?

I'm 27 and having hip problems. I can't tell if it is a sciatic nerve problem . :( I'm not even that old and I'm falling apart.

I dont know. I moved back in with her like 6 months ago after losing my shitty construction job and she hasn't said a thing about paying bills until now. I've been making my meager savings last to pay for small things instead of looking for work. Guess I need to start looking at fast food places that are hiring. How pathetic. 28 and working at fucking Wendys. The idea makes me sick.

Just finished a colt 45 40oz

14 days no alcohol. gonna make it bros

>Well obviously it's not good for your body. I tend to drink as hit tone in one night and I don't feel like drinking for a whole week then, everyone is different. Alcohol is not good full stop.
Yes I fucked up, what should I do is just get vodka and start drinking after dinner or ealy night so it takes very little to get sleepy/pass out

In that way my alcohol/caloric intake would be minimal

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Good job, user
t. 7 minutes without alcohol
Probably gonna have another drink and go on a short nightwalk since it's 65 degrees out thanks to living in the south

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I start my construction work on monday, what should i expect brother?

Also, sorry to read about your situation.

I was working with a contractor, so it was kind of relaxed. Get to work, turn on the radio, and do whatever work needs to be done without many deadlines besides "get these things done by the end of the week". We just flipped houses for rich people. The big construction sites and companies are something I have no experience with.

>Getting rejected over text message by a girl I'm not even attracted to.

At least it didn't hurt this time.

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I was drinking a every day at one point and I was having severe panic attacks daily. But know I'm down to once a week (right now) and it only really effects me for one or two days.

Me too, user. Me too. I want to feel like I did when I was a kid and everything felt amazing and new; only trivial worries or problems. Now I feel old and tired, and always wondering if things are only one day away from going to shit.

Anyway, 34 here. Drinking some Crown and IPAs.

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So recently this lady told me I was "alright at sex" but still wanted to date me like this was normal and fine. She kept comparing me to her ex too like how she loved him so much and had a kid with him. Literally ell oh ell.

Before you ask, I met her on a dating app.

Yikes. That's no good, man.

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>be me
>short asian male living in the land of Chad and Stacey
>no amount of effort will nullify my two major weaknesses
>being asian and being short
it is all futile, isn't it?

( ._.)

my dog died last thursday and ive been sober once since. i know its just an animal, but that was the only living being that i cared about .i have nothing now, and am completely alone. i dont give a shit anymor.anyways cheer anons im chugging modelos for now shots of whiskey coming up in a few

Anyone unironically wants to join a discord to play apex with em and some guys way below our age?

>turn 25 next week

What am I in for lads?

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you forgot the third weakness of being male

>you need to go to college says entire family
>go to college, graduate
>you need to get a job says entire family
>try to find a job, going through nothing but online applications every day while slamming my head into a desk
>damn, you should have gone to a trade school instead, says entire family

Sucks bro. But they're in a better place.

I don't have anyone either. maybe I'll get high with you in a bit tho I'm too sober right now each day sucks I'm just out of work and stuck at home being a piece of shit.

I lost a dog before. My childhood dog. She was a sheltie. Like that dog in Lassie but smaller. Loved that dog. She got to be 12 years old when she passed October 17, 2011 I still remember that date. I still remember how she looked when she took her last breath. Eyes glazed over as she laid down. I was 21 at the time. Shit sucks. I have another dog now and he's great. Just like me in a lot of ways. I know I'm gonna go through the same shit again though.

I been through a lot worse shit since then. Like a breakup, my father dying. Things haven't gotten better for me.

My dog died for a few months back after knowing him for about 14 years
Currently drinking whiskey as well
>i know its just an animal, but that was the only living being that i cared about
Easily relatable, I enjoyed time with my dog more than humans even though I don't speak canine. But you still communicate with them in another way
When I started playing guitar, he'd come into my room, sit by the amp, and rest his chin on my foot. Couldn't reach my pedals like that, but I wouldn't bother just because he was comfy
That was my favorite thing to do. Then I'd just watch a movie or something while petting him on my bed. When he got old, he'd wait next to my bed because he needed me to pick him up and place him down there

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You're still young enough to get laid and enjoy yourself so try to find a keeper, marry her, and escape.

The sex was more than alright if she wants to keep seeing you but not great if she told you that to her face. It's possible she just wants someone to help look after the kid though.

Try going to some career fairs. Your university probably holds some that allows alumni to attend, that's how I got my job that I have had now for the past 3 years.

Also get on Linked in. I'm not on it because I never really bothered but a friend of mine recently got cold contacted by a recruiter on there and now he's got a job making like $80k a year.

Also don't be afraid to apply for entry level positions. When I applied at my company the job I took started out making $40k a year and since then I've been promoted twice and now make $70k a year. I think I've kind of gone as far as I can go in this position now though so I'm probably going to start applying elsewhere soon.

>I still remember how she looked when she took her last breath.
I do too.
We had to put him down.
His stomach was bloating. He could hardly move. Hated to see him like that when he was so excited to go on walks only a year back.
But once the numbing agent was introduced, as much as it sucked, it was good to see that he looked like he could at least go without pain. Still remember how much different he felt with my hand on his back once he died.
I hope to get a dog in the future, even though I know I'll always see the dog I grew up with in his face, not that it's a bad thing, but they really are man's best friend.

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my town really isn't the best for careers or even entry level jobs outside of slinging burgers, it's a retirement town and a bunch of boomers come out of retirement to take up all the retail jobs. i legitimately saw cutco at a job fair at my college once, thats the type of places employing.

Then apply for jobs where the jobs are. I moved two hours away so I could work in the city where I'm currently employed. Assuming you're living with your parents then it's not like you have a house you need to sell or a lease you need to break.

I just drank 12 bottles and I'm barely even drunk and I really really want more.

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get more user,im bout to crack open my 9th tallboy

i don't have anyone that can drive me to a gas station and I don't want to risk DUI

Me too homeboy

how far is the gas station? get dressed,walk over if its not far.make an adventure out of a beer run

Holy fuck. Over Christmas I got andygator, 8%, and it hit me like a train. I felt like it had a negative affect on my vision. I usually drink 4% stuff though but I drink it like water. Pic related is my current favorite.
My dad would drink that growing up and he would always be really drunk lmao

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It's about a 1.5 mile walk and it's cold as fuck. Would rather just fall asleep unsatisfied than do the walk.

What did you drink? If I drink light beer I can drink so many and feel fine. I avoid light beer because if it. It fucks with my perception of how drunk I am.

miller high lifes, I used to go for steel reseves or natty daddies but they made me feel like absolute shit the next day

Ive never had any of those. Why not trying something in the middle. This tastes yuck but gets me to the drunk feeling I like. The light beer makes me feel like I need more and feel fine.

Does anyone else go to the liquor store like total wine to get some unusual stuff? For me its either there or if its night Im stuck with gas stations.

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Miller High Life is so legit.

Nobody liked or even knew about it until I would bring whole cases with me

Currently drinking some decent mezcal blanco. Reminds a little bit like a peated scotch without it being a full blown leathery campfire. Some nice grassiness and tropical notes.

I'm waiting for some days off to distill some of the rum and whiskey washes I have in a conical right now. Probably going to throw some dried fruit and spices in a grain basket to infuse them.

If you're online now, and drinking, or are drunk, or want to deal with a drunk person, post discord within the next 15 minutes before I lose interest. I'm amazing, so you'll regret it if you don't.

How amazing are you and in what ways?

post contact info and find out. seriously, i have no one to talk to.


You're taking too long. Hurry up, I am impatient.

I''m plenty drunk and confused. Plus I like beating around the bush for a bit.

Well, hurry up. It's 7am here, I'm not going to be here forever.

I forgot your (You). Here it is. Really though, I want somone to talk to.

We'll go to therapy and do what you need to do robot. If you're gonna be somebody's dad might want to nip that in the bud best you can. Or create another robot.

What the fuck, why'd you get married? How did it fall apart so fast?