What exactly is wrong with having sex with your own mother if you can't get a gf?

What exactly is wrong with having sex with your own mother if you can't get a gf?

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You are like a satanist and like Sodom gomorah

society already puts sodom to shame

But what's so bad about it?

It could ruin your family. If nobody found out, or they were supportive of it, then there's nothing wrong with it.

My mom is single, we don't tell the whole family tho, it's just between us. I don't think we're hurting anyone.

i doubt you're even fucking her and this is just a pathetic LARP


and he uses a porn star MILF image...

in reality our mothers are old, nasty and disgusting.

Why do you hope that tho?

My mom is 42, that's not grandma old.

I dont hope anything

I'm 41 and I wouldn't bang your mom.

Hearing about others fucking moms/sisters etc= hot as fuck aka wincest
fucking moms/sisters etc = disgusting aka southern-inbred incest

This doesn't bother me at all.

Well, it wouldn't because you're a degenerate mother fucker.

So then it bothers you when you hear other people say they don't want to have sex with your mom?

Couldn't give two shits. But then I wouldn't suggest she's fuckable either. Which is what you did. Pervert.

My mom might be too hot for me

Well sorry to say, but you missed your chanve then.
She's your mom tho, special type of love.

Back crossing an offspring to their parent gives the highest likelihood of the new offspring inheriting recessive genetic traits. While there's nothing wrong with fucking with a condom if you impregnate her you're gonna have some fucked up monster baby.

She's on the pill so no need for a condom.

My mom is ugly, I am pretty sure I got my ugly from her, my dad was a chad.

Would you rather fuck your dad then?

I asked mine out once but she said she only likes me as a friend

Maybe if she looked like that.

Nothing wrong with it imo. As long as they're both adults and not having kids

He is dead, so no.

>tfw no tied-tubes mommy slut to pump and dump every night

Would you do it in his prime?

I mean, we don't do it every night, 3 times a week or so.


Lololololol no nothing like that

What I mean is, she might be into you because motherly love.

So you want become an animal? You should be walking by all four now.

What's wrong with feeling good?

lucky bastard

If it was up to me it would be more frequent. But I like to see her be into it too instead of forcing it.

Theres nothing wrong with any form of incest when its consenting adults. As long as you dont go and try having kids together. It should not be frowned upon.

He used to look like John Lennon back on his prime so maybe

I guess it is a romantic relationship, but we don't plan on having kids.

Pic of mommy or gtfo

Not happening, not here to share her pics.

>not just thrusting violently every day as she lays forced to take it
low test tbqhfama

She's still my mom. I like to make her feel good too.

As long as no one knows and you don't let anything come of it. Banged mine for awhile, our secret.

Can we turn this into a general incest thread?
I did some nasty things with my aunt over the internet and on the phone (She didn't know it was me the whole time) and I never told anybody.

nothing come of it
What did user mean by this?

Post aunt pics.

I can only imagine what it's like to have a hot mother. Mine's a particularly ugly woman so I never even thought of having sex with her even in an uncontrollable intrusive thought.
But even then, I don't think I'd fantasizing about my mother even if she was hot. I don't know, it doesn't feel right.
t. a guy who mainly jerks off to POV mommy roleplay MILF porn, for some reason

You're not alone user
Pls do tell story

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It's just awkward a few times, then the lust takes over.

How do you even get them to consent?!

Like we did what we did but didn't get hung up on it. Didn't end up in a relationship or with some inbred kid, or carry feeligns baggage from it. We just fucked around, both accepted that's all it was, and since it's ended we haven't let it bother or hang on us.

She used to have everything public on facebook but now I don't even have a nice faceshot to post ;_;
I'll see if I have anything in my old phone, she sent me a pic of her with her tongue out back in the day.
Meanwhile, here's the porn pic that makes me think of her the most. The face is identical and her body just as thicc
Want the story?

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I mean it doesn't hang on us, but there are romantic feelings. It's not just a dtf thing.

Of course I do, also post her normiebook

In my case, it was a convenience situation. She got me to move with her out to the middle of nowhere and put my life on hold. Bad enough already but couldn't get any action either so left me kind of pissed and we ended up fighting over it on and off. After a lot of frustration she suggested if we could keep each other company to deal with it, and admitted she could use some action too and struck out there herself. So we figured out a sex arrangement and kept it going while we were there. Nothing to be proud of but it worked for us.

This was all years ago now but yeah it didn't ruin things between us and things are mostly the same between us. It's just our secret from that time.

Aight here's the story.

>aunt has the reputation, ever since her divorce, to be very easy and bring home a bunch of young guys, from 18 to 23, never older but maybe younger
>she's kind of open about loving young dudes and sleeping around with whoever she wants
>my mom hates her and once brought up the fact that she boasted about a threesome she once had. I very rarely see her ever since her divorce
>I had to know more about all that
>One night, drunk, I messaged her on facebook
>it was just a dick pic with a sentence like "hey I really like what I see on your profile. like what you see here?", something very obnoxious, if she fell for that then she truly was the whore everyone in the family says she is
>she answers by saying nothing but "how old are you?"
>heart starts racing
Shall I continue? (pic kinda unrelated)

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Just continue. Don't ask for permission fucking hell

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>I tell her I'm 20, even though I was just 18. For some reason I didn't wanna take risks
>we quickly exchanged phone numbers because this retard doesn't like written messages
>my voice had changed a lot since we last met so I was a little confident with the idea of speaking to her on the phone even though it was risky
>I called her the next day and I asked her a bunch of questions about her sex life
>she loves young boys who still go to school and live with their parents, her favourite thing is to fuck them in their rooms when no one's there, or in the parents' bed
>she's hardcore into foot fetish and says she gives the best footjobs
>we had phone sex, which was basically the hottest porn asmr session I've ever had
>tfw my real blood-related aunt actually gave me a cum countdown
already posting that so I don't keep you guys waiting

There actually isn't much else to tell cause I fucked up with the pics.
I sent her the picture of a guy from /soc/ when what I should've done was to get a whole folder of pictures from one dude instead of just one random pic from another incel.
She made me cum once more the week after that but blocked me when I ran out of excuses for not having anymore pics of myself.

Everyday I think I should come up to her IRL and try my luck, cause she seems fucked up enough to have sex with her sister's son. (she told me she fucked a son's friend once)
What do you guys think? Should I try to fuck her? If so, how should I go about it?

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Contact her and say you want to catch up. Maybe start asking her random vague sex questions just out of curiosity and to get opinions from someone experienced.

The thing is, my mom hates her so much that if she know I spoke to her it'd create absolute chaos.
I'd have to do it discreetly AND be sure it won't fail, unless I come up with something else

Just tell her you don't want your mom to know. If she'll want to meet you, you're halfway there.

I dunno, still too risky.
My second plan is to go to the swingers club she told me she goes to when we were texting, and if she's there, take a chance. She wouldn't tell anyone she goes there so she has no way to tell on me.
But isn't that too creepy? Fuck, I'm sure we would have fucked a hundred times if I wasn't such an aspie

Just pretend to be a whole new person. Get some dude nudes and start the whole process over. And chances are she forgot what you sound like

hey user have you ever had sex with your mother pr or is it just your fantasy?
what's your story?

Idk, but then again I have sex with my mom so can't be the judge.

He's larping he keeps making these threads

I was raised by a single mom. She never had a guy while I was growing up and we were closer because of it. Things escalated when I turned 18, to spooning and even massages. I did get boners when laying with her and I do think she knew. So because I am a loser and tried to get better with girls I asked her for advice multiple times, it went as far as discussing sex and what she likes. This became quite a common topic so once while spooning and talking about it I held her and brushed on her breasts. She didn't say anything but did pull her ass back towards me and we just dry rubbed a bit. Then things went from there.

I'm thinking of doing this with a new account and persona, but not call her on the phone (We spoke recently at a family thingy)
I'll just tell her to meet me at a place not too far from her house and then go there like "hey auntie, whatcha doing here"
Maybe she'll take me home when she realizes her date doesn't come. It seems like the best strategy if I manage to figure out what to do once I'm there with her as she's waiting for her hot google image date

I sucked on my mum's tidies when she was asleep, I feel terrible for doing that but I it's always hot for me I don't know how to get that out of my mind.

I think I'll do it just so I can do what I initially wanted to do: ask her how old her youngest guy was.
The younger the age, the hornier it'd get me to know just how much of a whore she is.

Just offer her massages if she looks tired. Get some contact and watch how her body responds.

like OP is asking is it morally wrong?

there's nothing morally wrong with it, but if you spend enough time with any girl at a young age (i.e. mom, sister, aunt, etc) they become less attractive as you get older

Not if its consentual between adults, you're not hurting anyone.

Well ofc when they age they get less attractive, that's logical.

I'm not retarded and inbred for starters.

But what's actually wrong with it?

was your mom nervous the first time you fucked her?

We were both very nervous, it was awkward because we barely talked during it. Also I wore a condom because my mom was overly worried I'll get her pregnant and wasn't ready to go raw.

Did you eat her out?

We had a lot of foreplay on our first time, including 69 on our sides.

How long has it been since you two started fucking?

It has been almost a year and a half since our first time. We didn't do it very often the first few months but now we're used to eachother since I'm allowed to cum inside her.

Mom bod pics

I'm not gonna post her pics but I can find you something similar

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You're a lucky son my man

I really love having sex and sucking her tits. Also I think she developed an impregnation fetish. She always wants me to cum inside lately instead of on her tummy or tits.

My neighbors wife wanted to have sex with me when I was 16 but I was too autistic and a moralfag to go through with it. I would have happily fucked her and sometimes masturbate to the thought of her but I'm glad I didn't do it.

lol fuckin fake larp 69s don't happen outside porn

Where did you get this info from? It's common, however on the sides.

which fetish would you like her to get next?

Either recording/making porn or a threesome with another woman idk who.

Incest is only ok if its with your sister, cousin or aunt.
Anything else isnt approved by my holy nipponese cartoons.

birth defects on the child

And if you don't plan on having kids?

what's your mom's favorite position?

Different missionary variations

>pull out game this weak