Who else /fucked by parents/ here?

tell me how your parents fucked your life up

>be me, 25, employed and living on my own for 5 years
>make $18/hr at mediocre web development job
>dad tells me to quit my job and move with them, so i can get a "better job" with "better pay"
>7 months and 1000 applications later, nobody wants to hire me
>dad gets enraged that i don't have a job (because he told me to quit), insists i get a mcjob being paid 1/2 as much

why did i ever listen to a boomer?

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that sucks. lol z

Hey, I've seen ya before, user!

Anyway, My McJob ain't too bad, like I said. I'm a fucking weirdo who enjoys the work, though. I am making just 10 bucks an hour, so I have to work an Uber, but eh, it's something to do.

As for the boomer thing, there's a line in a song that goes "In the crowd of pain/St. Jimmy comes without any shame/he says 'We're fucked up, but we're not the same/ and Mom and Dad are the ones you can blame'".

Then the guy who says that in the song offs himself...

make of that what you will.

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Why did you quit your job before finding a new one

Ultimately the decision was in your hands. It's not your dad's fault, it's yours for blindly following his poor judgement.

how much per hour is enough to not be mediocre? I have no point of reference

ngl you're a retard for listening to your dad

They are that way because they lived in better times.

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- i would have had to sign a 12-month apartment lease to keep that job
- he told me to quit, offered me 1 week pay, it was an offer i couldn't refuse
- i had no idea he would terrorize me for being unemployed when it was his idea to quit the job (i am happy being a NEET, it doesn't bother me, just him)
- i was depressed and miserable at the job, and have never been NEET and wanted to try it (it was better than i ever expected BTW)
- he insisted that i would get another job, and it made me think he was able to get me one

i agree, it is my fault that i listened to him. still, he should have never gave me that terrible advice... and then proceed to try to make my life hell for daring to listen to him. the problem actually is not htat i'm unemployed, that doesn't bother me at all. the problem is that my dad wants to try to make me miserable for doing it, and it's entirely a result of doing what he said. if he just left me alone, i wouldn't have any problem. he thinks, for some retarded reason, that whining and bitching at me will somehow force an employer to pay for my labor

obviously, this is not the case

>making $18/hr
Why are they bitching? That's pretty decent pay where I live user.

It's definitely his Dad's fault for behaving unreasonably when user couldn't get the job.

he was under this ridiculous deception that just because i graduated from the top uni in the state i am *guaranteed* (his exact words) a better paying job

didn't help that if you google it, that's like half the median income for my position.

also i had no car for about a year. my roomate stole my car and crashed it. i couldn't afford a new one because i had to pay basically $1000 a month in rent.

yeah, i didn't get paid very much at all, but the thing is that there wasn't actually any reason to think i could get paid more anywhere else

he was just a stupid overly optimistic boomer

the real problem is that he pushes all of his anger on me. if he just left me alone, it wouldn't be a problem

fucking this. They don't understand that times have changed, that you just can't walk into a store and shake hands with somebody to get a good paying job, don't understand you need 5 years experience shitting on floors to get a job and that the political climate has changed. What pisses me off more is they say "yeah I know its difficult to get a job, just apply at the same place 5 times a week and you will get that job!" and then just call you lazy when you don't get that job or entitled when you do get it but complain about being in a dead end job for two years.

>living with your parents after you have moved out is like pouring acid on your balls everyday.
>being an adult but being treated like a teenager again.
> fuck parents.
start selling drugs user. they deserve to have their home turned into a crackden full of bloodthirsty gang banging killers while you fold paper living in a paid for flat. also sell their possession and get a cute bitch called trixy to bring your mom flowers every sunday saying jimmy said hi.
now drink a nice cup of man the fuck up and get yourself out of there fast.

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Sue your roommate. That should earn you some bux you can use to NEET in front of your dad's dumb face.

>start selling drugs user
OP here, i literally used to do this, but now i can't really do it because i don't have a mailbox. also, i don't live near anyone i know anymore.

>now drink a nice cup of man the fuck up and get yourself out of there fast.
if i could get a job (which i can't seem to do) i would move out of there, again
i lived on my own for 7 years.

i can't really do that. there's a situation where he's in jail already. plus, the thing with the car was that the key broke inside and i didn't have $800 to fix it. it's a weird situation. basically i can't get any money for this at all

>if i could get a job (which i can't seem to do)
bro forget about your IT job. start selling fucking pizzas, retail, burglary, being a pimp. get yourself out of there. you can always go back to your career when you have some money behind you and a place to live.
i do sympathise i had a bitch who fucked me over and the only option was to live with them again. i did 12 hours days, 6 days a week in a shit job with a 2 hour commute to make a deposit.
small steps dude. but for you own sanity. gtfo of there.

>do illegal activities or make $8/hr to "find a place to live"

yeah, that doesn't really happen

you don't seem to understand that nobody will hire me. "just find a job" people say... well they act as though a job is found, rather than generously gifted.

a job = someone voluntarily paying you for labor

>>do illegal activities or make $8/hr to "find a place to live"
no i said start stacking money for a deposit. if you live in a shit area full of old people but a shitty lawnmower and start knocking on doors. guaranteed $20 hr easily.
stop making excuses and make something happen. your pathetic attitude is starting to make me think they have a point.

>no i said start stacking money for a deposit

that's exactly what i'm doing... by freelancing. about to make $80 after 3 days

what is your job exactly?

That was dumb, OP.
I did basically the same thing lol except the boomers were my grandparents and I moved in with them because they needed some renovations done. They micromanage my life and treat me like a child.
I left a job that was a pretty terrible wageslave existence, but it was good exercise, better pay than it needed to be, and literally 80% of my coworkers were single Filipina cuties.
I made the wrong decision and now I have no friends.

the only benefit is that my mere existence irritates my horrible father, whose terrible advice & shitty reaction to his own misery imposed this tragedy on my life

he is 100x more miserable than i could ever be, as a result of my NEETdom (which i enjoy, actually, better than wageslaving). this is what gives me strength

>what is your job exactly?
I'm actually an IT nerd too but it was a girl who fucked me over. Either way my history of getting back on my feet was this:
>remote area no work just endless old people
>mowed lawns badly / gardening to buy a car
>travelled to retail job night worked nights
>saved 3 months rent and moved to a small flat in a city with lots of work in walking distance
>sold car got full time retail work in shit job but pay was consistent.
>every night applying back into IT and studying stuff like python, php and C.
I now working for a great company back in my field and buying my own apartment soon.
I also visit my parents regularly and they still have that smile on their faces like their shit doesn't stink. They will never change but you have too. You are in a losing position here and you will end up depressed, suicidal and potentially homeless.
Time to act!! Either way I'm out sorry user, good luck.

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was telling myself - "it cant get any worse, ahahah."
>proofed wrong
>eat a bag of dicks, faggot

Well maybe it ain't all bad then lol. Hopefully he leaves you some good loot when he dies