I have started unironically started looking up to mass shooter

I just hate everybody and I wish nothing more than to afflict as much suffering to those around me

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Maybe thats why youre alone to begin with

Yeah, protip: If you hate everybody that means you hate girls so you're gay

I don't look up to them but I do love Randy Stair

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>FBI: 'Ya look at this guy he thinks that chromes incognito tab will keep his ass safe'

I know what you're going through.
There's two outcomes here:
1: You grow out of this phase quite fast, and then look back at it and cringe.
2: You obsess over it to the point where you do it yourself, which is quite rare.

Godspeed, user.

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That's a great film man

It really is. I appreciate a man of culture, such as yourself.

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Hey my guy, Randy Stair singing Pumped Up Kicks in his car is one of the best videos related to crime I have ever seen.

>There was a third shooter at columbine
anyone else love this conspiracy? It's so fucking dumb yet so interesting at the same time.

Shooting other people is gay. Don't be gay. Just live innawoods

Um, you mean Tor? Otherwise you've got to be a retard.

I forget which conspiracy website it was but I saw one theory that there were like 20 other shooters.

>20 shooters

based Zero Day poster

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>20 shooters
>irl raid party
>only 15 kills

on the topic of the third shooter, apparently the story goes like this. Eric and Dylans piece of shit slob friend who graduated columbine a little under a year prior catches wind of the whole thing and decides to follow behind them, he was described as white and pimply, he went around shooting up the school with a pistol i believe, just booling and didn't even get caught.

i find it odd how columbine is so overly documented, there are columbine facts like there are WW2 facts. There are also a lot of shadowy figures in the columbine lore.

Yes but just Tor isnt enough and if you are already searching this shit up it makes it even more suspicious.

Where do you live so I don't go to school on Tuesday?

Yeah, it was like "this teacher said she saw a redhead guy" and "this student said she saw four shooters." The website was linked on /x/ if that explains things.

Am I on the watchlist now?

You weren't already on 18 different watchlists? Pathetic.

You'll never do it OP.

Only people who do it are completely broken BUT with the conviction to carry it out. If you're tired of the world you will never have the energy, conviction or means to carry it out. Everyone who shoots up anything is mentally ill or believes everyone is wrong except them. If you don't think youre the chosen one or the lone person who sees sense then you wont shoot anything up. You need the autism or mental illness to get up, buy supplies, plan, then carry it out.

Even then you're still an autist, but an autist who has his name in the news for half a month.

Download a computer game and kill stuff. It is more fun that way

>harasses kids
>kids shoot up school
>continues to bully kids

The cycle never fucking ends. OP, please be like these two and carry out your actions

spree shooters a shit, the real rad it's serial murderers who terrorize people for decades

If you're in highschool, do it. Don't grow old in regret of never having the guts to do it. Most of us wish we could go back and get a second chance with a locked and loaded AR/Shotgun.

i'd be mad too if i were this much of a brainlet

>continues to bully kids
even worse they make jokes about the victims shooting up the school

ok mister fbi man

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Unironically this. Randy Stair and the goblin from Parkland were both massive faggots

which one is it op? im bumping this thread to keep it alive while reading it

Do it pussy. I believe in you

put me on the list, spread yourself thin glowfags

Constantly feel the same way. although exceptions, including handful of friends. I snapped once and stabbed the person causing my anger thinking it would help. Not worth it

Bump to notify FBI