Nations are forced to pay the UN to exist

>nations are forced to pay the UN to exist

UN user is right - these people are the "one government" race mix fags

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Fuck off you samefagging turd burglar.


lol UN shills.

They don't have to pay, they just won't get the services they render (protection from landgrabs, mainly) without it. Given that every nation which they'd let in joined, it's evidently a pretty good deal.

Switzerland didn't join until 2002 because it just didn't want to.

The UN sucks ass and is only useful for conglomerates and secret societies, giving them a tool to use to group up the masses. Prove me wrong.

>you HAVE to join

nope these people are responsible for western nations being shit

What's with the one guy making all these anti-UN threads over the last few days? I'd expect to see it on Jow Forums but why here of all places?

>caring about the UN
literally an irrelevant entity

can u imagine their """budget"""? revenue from 300 countries, they must have trillions and trillions

>multinational organization
>multinationally subsidized.

Are you fucking retarded?

I don't think you understood what you just read in OP's pic, like, at all...

UN is only used to make interest groups more rich,.

>recieves "protection" forced revenue from 800 nations
>these people are not the one world one government fags

They don't provide protection, they provide peacekeeping. They are not an army, user.

yes "peacekeeping" and "population replacement". all that revenue to fund all manner of degenerate ailments on western nations through their agents. in order to force immigration onto the west under "population replacement".

Oh. Didn't realize this was a one of those threads. Sorry. Carry on. Fuck the jews and all that.

What? I don't think you understood what OP's pic meant desu

It covers their operations, meaning salaries of support staff, transportation, etc. And funds whatever current venture they're undertaking. It's not like they just get sent unlimited money or something like that. They have a set amount they need based on their needs and are paid a % of that based on how many people are paying into it.

Or are asked to pay, rather. It's a bit skewed amount wise...

Yeah, and that's their budget... Which is a shit ton of money

Yes. But they don't "have" that, as said. It comes in and then goes out to pay for all their shit. It's not an organization that is SUPPOSED to generate a "profit".

Just weird that someone said that. Sure, their budget's a lot. yay?

nvm I get what you're saying now