Fembot here. Looking for a boyfriend. Somebody on here interested?

Fembot here. Looking for a boyfriend. Somebody on here interested?

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hahaha you wish

yes very interested. where do i sign up?

OK, where did you see him last?

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uhhhh it depends

only if you dont use discord

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go do normalfag soc things on soc

kek based detective apu

But I'm soon lonely...
How big is your dick?
But it's the only platform I use user...
Soc is full of Chads, I just want a robot bf

6" about, i haven't measured it.

My fucking sides, Thanks Apustaja

would you a 5'8" manlet?

Me, but i know you probably won't choose me.

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Nice, discord?
Yeah, I'm 5'2 small girl

okay c:


You know the answer already, of course I'll date you

I'm lonely too, are you a degenerate though?

>fembot here
prove it faggot

Why not user? Tell something about yourself

>fembot here
tits or gtfo(riginal)

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are you a qt anime character?

Yeah right cunt, you know the fucking drill; TITS OR GTFO

Where do you live?

I want to know there's a prospect of an actual relationship instead of a stagnating LDR.

do you have a feminine penis or a vagina? you better not have the latter

Yes but there's already 23 replies so you won't see this one

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how many different cocks have you taken so far?

Well, i am a construction worker (but i am very skinny), i drink myself to sleep every night and smoke too much for my liking.
I'm 26 y/o with nothing to live for. When it was possible i posted myself once on here and got rated 8/10 by a few people, but it was probably a lie, if it were true i would've have got someone by now but it has never happened.

Anyways, i'm not interesting and will probably drag you down if we get to know each other, i'm too broken and distant from everything.

Tell me about yourself first please!
No I'm pure and virgin, not degenerate user, I'm just lonely
I wish I was user
I'm in the UK
I have a vagina
Aw user, I'm sure you're a nice person I won't ignore you
0, I never touched one.
You sound cute user, where are you from?

I'm from America

You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.

Dafuq, I'm also in the UK. Are you in England or somewhere else? Also, why are you here of all places?

>Tell me about yourself first please!
Well you live in the UK so we wouldn't work out but I'll tell you about myself anyways
I'm 20, I live in florida and study computer science. According to strangers and /soc/ I'm above average attractiveness but I'm lonely/a virgin because I'm bad at talking. Like most people on this site I like vidya and anime, I also do a lot of running and biking.

My dicks 8 inches can I be your boyfriend?

Are you a Christian, femanon?

Where in America?
Wow! I'm in England, but I'm Asian, my parents moved here a long time ago
I'm sure if we'd talk you'd be fine user
Tell me more about or post discord

I'll tell you from where, here's my Discord:
King Midas#8314

I'm Asian too but I'm in Scotland. I'm only here for a few months though. What brought you to Jow Forums?

We can start by being friends.I want to know you better user.

>post discord

>but I'm Asian
Like actually Asian or brown "south Asian"? It's so weird how Brits call pakis and Indians Asian. Sure they're on the Asian continent, but so is Russia and no one is calling them Asian.

This applies to you too. I always get confused when Europeans talk about Asians.

I'm originally an east Asian

small girl? cute
here my discord, I rather present myself there. Just know I'm from belgium and 21. Never had a girlfirend.


Can I fuck you and dump you?, honestly fembots aren't for anything else.

Are you annoyed by how when your news talks about the religion of peace, they call them Asian?

Let's talk, femanon



No, idgaf about race or religion. It's stupid.

Didn't work. Sorry
What country are you from? Also post discord
I'm a hikki and I rarely ever leave the house or talk to people
Ok. Post discord
Im Chinese
Not me
Mean user
No. I'm not a believer

>tfw when fat and ugly and you'd just ghost me like everyone after seeing my picture

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God saves us all

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if you're from uh, anywhere around illinois, hey

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LARPing as a shy asian girl to get guys horny. Gross and embarrassing

Op here, I'm going to bed now. You can still add me on discord. I will respond tomorrow

small bean#4114

someone added me already, was it you? I'm King Midas guy

post pic of cunt, tits, and face


yes, it might be me - the guy you're really after. text me and break the illusion - let's go home


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>I'm just lonely
>How big is your dick is question number 1

Fuck off, liar roastie. You aren't a fembot and certainly aren't lonely. Not having a bf for 5 minutes doesn't count as lonely. This proves being a dicklet is the ultimate robot characteristic and no girl will ever truly love me because of it.

Hey honey, I'm home.

that was enjoyable, you've got me on the hook here.

UK user here, sorry for the wait. My discord is below:


ES? Is it you?

nah but I'll help you look for ES

do fembots lurk threads like these

yes, it shows what discords should be avoided

but what if i add this person because i want to make retarded jokes and get ghosted

Do you really think that the person who replied to you is a girl?

This. The only time I ever responded to a "fembot" was when she took the first step. Then I got ghosted after I sent one message. They only exist to torture people that just want someone to talk to. If you give them any attention, you deserve any pain you get. Death to "fembots"

well it doesn't really matter either way

I talked to one on discord for a few weeks before she just disappeared. She never asked me for money or said anything rude to me, and I was never rude to her, so I'm not quite sure what happened. She asked for my discord, too. My guess is that she either found someone better, or it was just a really dedicated larper. I'm fine with being alone, but I'd be lying if I said talking to them wasn't nice.
Yeah, that's true. Nothing good comes from replying to these threads, so in the future you should avoid them.

>nothing good comes from replying to these threads

not true in my experience.
the first girlfriend I lost my virginity to was met on r9k. She introduced me to a lot that I would end up liking later in life - it's like she knew the real me that I wasn't yet. For someone to love me in that way is a good thing to me; please excuse the dichotomy.

Really? That's actually pretty cool. I know a guy that met his wife online, but I'm not 100% sure if it was r9k. I think it was, though. I like hearing stories like that, but I also know that they're the exception, so I try to avoid these types of threads, since most people don't get as lucky as you did. It's mostly just larpers looking for a quick laugh. Also, why'd you guys break up?

>first question is about dick size
bait or worthless garbage

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Maybe if you're a disgusting failed normie or something. I opened up my true self to someone on here, and that's why they ghosted me. They didn't even know I'm also ugly, fat, small dicked, and have crippling anxiety. People like this are why I don't bother leaving the house, or even try to connect to other people online.

Hm...if I recall correctly the reason she gave me was that she needed to focus on beating her ______ (though I gave her a promise bracelet that said I'd always be there throughout the battle) - however we also broke up several other times because it was a young and toxic relationship. As all of my loves, I love them still now, though that I'm older and have met ______ I understand why some relationships aren't permanent.

I think those are some good excuses you have there user but I recognize the goodness of the person in you and I know that you can overcome them being used as excuses and can now see them as ___________ to ________. You pick user, I believe in you.

discord SDxDAFW