Why are women with daddy issues nowadays so fucked?

I know a girl and she is a fucking mess. Dad is an alcoholic parents divorced. Are women without a father in their lives always such shit or what?

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Dude are you a 12 years old transex with zero working neurons in your gay head?

It is all done on purpose - Fabian style - from the (((Summer of Love))) to the (((sexual liberation))), anything (((current year)))'s parents endured is a jewish charade that pointed - successfully - to the destruction of the family locus. Now they push muh poor immigrant nigga for getting a miscenerated brownish populace to rule. See: KALERGI PLAN

You should JEWgle for Fabianism to grasp a little of the jewish conspiracy.

The blackpill is too fucking strong desu. A good women is impossible to find.

>Fabian (England-EU)
pick one. Nice copypasta though

>daddy issues nowadays so fucked?
They always have been
Now there are just far more shit dads


no arguments otherwise. woodstock was a mistake. if you build it, they will cave.

>one in every twelve

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It's because women fail even at basic parenting.
Large-scale studies have shown that the only parent children need is the father.
Single and divorced mothers only raise delinquents, faggots and criminals.

I was blackpilled so fucking hard by this bitch today. I am having a difficult time recovering.

girls need their fathers in their teenage years especially, there is no one that can replace him. If he's not there they go ballistic and act out in every way imaginable.
i really don't know any more than that, but I've seen it a few times.

I wonder what it means, that the girl showing her panties and the girl who's so aghast she's holding her cheeks are by far the two most attractive in the group

even if they say they have daddy issues they could still just be lying to themselves so they can do whatever it is they want.

Theyre quick to victimize themselves.

ALL children need a father who commits to them, that live under the same roof, that protects and guides them. Slut shaming is good. Shit father/mother shaming EVEN BETTER

This is entirely wrong. Maybe the problem is that you're biological female repellent. You come off as strange or desperate and they go the other way.

Majority of women are shit, blame it on social media / tinder / bars / simps / betas / them being mentally retarded.

No im not desperate i am married im talking about what i observe around me.

Find one with an easy going nature who is slightly less pretty than you are handsome, know your mind and before you know it she will even follow and worship an SOB for the GOP like you.

>large scale studies
Sauce you moorish faggot

A good woman is impossible to find? What kind of woman is your wife then? I'm really curious.

Even if a girl has a relatively stable relationship with her father, the state and her mother have more influence over her development.

Unless you've got a wife that completely agrees with your beliefs 100% and is willing to back you up against the state, your daughter is going to have many sexual partners. End of discussion.

She is good i just mean younger women. My wife is in her early 30s we have 2 kids.

Thought daddy issues were a meme at first but then I got to know 2 prime examples.
It's fucking crazy.
One got together with a one legged guy more than twice her age.
Weak dad + getting pampered is the recipe for a catastrophe.

Its kind of similar the girl in my case is now into a guy 13 years older.

Youre an absolute fucking failure in life because of the Jews. Got it.

I would never get laid if there were all good fathers though


Me too.

Whelp, I'm never going to trust women in business again. We're in a Marketing meeting, all jabbering before the meeting, and someone says "I do both sales and marketing." I quipped, "oh, S & M, sadism and masochism, flog them if they don't meet their sales quotas."

It was supposed to be funny though its an old joke in the sales profession.

Some bitch at work took particular offense to that quip, commented to my boss, and I got a little talking to.

Naturally I said "sorry, I'll watch what I say in the future", etc. etc. (which makes you feel like shit because what I REALLY wanted to say was "fucking grow up, YOU are the cancer killing society" but of course I need my job.

Now I find out that she again bad-mouthed me about the same incident to my boss's boss, and he just called me on a Friday to remind me to be more careful, don't joke around about anything. Of course, he's right ...

... but THIS is why women cannot be trusted in the work environment. They will stick it in your back if they think it suits them or their career objectives.

My boss's boss was cool about it, and he clearly knows that this bitch is just looking to accumulate perceived slights, but still ... I am pretty pissed off, and a little nervous.


i have daddy issues and meh although it has affected my non existant relationship with men im ok with it since ill never see my family again,its over

but i wont let it be a way for other men to controll me away from my personal interests >tradfags

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men can't be trusted around 16 year old versions of the woman they fuck.

That isn't what he said at all, the only substance of your reply is "haha incel loser, i am more imbursed in reality than you".