Do you have ugly boobs femanon?

do you have ugly boobs femanon?

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Yes I do, not too far off from those. It is hell

ples let me love your ugly boobs

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Those look sweet as far as I'm concerned,

And yet you still have a vagina. Super power revealed.

Yes. One of them is very large and floppy/saggy. The other one is basically flat chested like a little girls. I actually need to sew 2 different bras to be able to wear them or use sports bras because its impossible. One breats you literally cant e ven cup with two hands and the other one is completely flat and non existant i hate this so much

those but lower and larger,
definitely have the saggy grand canyon in between, fucking sucks

As in get two bras, cut them in half,sew them and frankenshtein a bra of two different size cups*

>she took min maxing too seriously
Wew lass

howd that happen, some hormone thing?

Yeah, gynecomastia it's bitch.

Just shit puberty. Doctors say its "normal" even if the difference in size is huge. At first it looked like hormones or maybe even a tumor, but nope. Just how my body works.

yeah cause i lost weigh at puberty but id fix my nose first

bff told me in middle school
>"yeah your boobs are kind of weird, you know the way they jut out to each side"

should have jutted her in the face with your boobs

yeah they're really circular and high up on my chest, it kinda looks like I have massive pecs but there's also a big gap between them
I also have permanent inverted nipples

Literally wanted to kms as a teen because I didn't have round full boobs like in muh animes
this site helped me come around, I'm sure both genders in this thread will appreciate.

what's worse?
ugly tits or a small dick?

round full boobs are nice, but if i like a girl i just don't really care what her tits look like. im more interested in butts

Pretty face, ugly boobs is a strangely hot combination. Imagine a girl with an 9/10 face with 2/10 boobs.

Guys have it harder. I can just theoretically shove in money into plastic surgery and get a boob job. I think you need to change them every 5-10 years after that? But still possible to get ugly breasts fixed.
i dunno if theres a way for guys to enlarge their penis so that they could be happy with it. But it feels like they have it much harder its not really a comparison.

face is pretty much the most important thing. the best ass in the world doesn't really make up for a uggo face.

my face is quite good but my boobs looks like 2 dead rats, exercises and creams didn't do anything.

uggo face, shitty tits, flat ass, don't give a shit anymore. The way I see it a lot of men go around looking like fugly trolls and no one minds, so I try to have the same point of view.

excuse me but im a fugly balrog thank you

The worst kind of boobs are the kind that you find with former fat girls who lost a lot of weight. They end up like two empty basketball socks stapled to her chest. I had to ghost a girl after seeing those fucking shedded snake skins one time.

That's sounds pretty cool honestly

No. I have beautiful asian boobs with not even too dark medium sized nipples on small areolas. They are unfortunately only A-Cups tho. My bf claims to be an ass guy but he wants minimum C-Cups. He wants me to undergo surgery or he will cheat on me or break up with me.

>my moobs are better looking than her tits

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You always have a choice to start pumping iron and turn those into pure toned muscle. Eventually it's quick to lose muscle and you don't need to go through any surgeries

What?! Fucking leave that guy, dafaq are you still doing there? Still having a bf who literally said he'll cheat on ya is the most autistic thing I've heard

wtf dump his ass, if he wants tits that bad maybe HE should get the implants

Yeah but Im not too bothered by it. some people like them at least i guess. I'm long over caring these days but it used to bother me a lot

I live in a college town and in the warm months, a lot of girls go around braless or with real flimsy bras while showing a lot of skin. I'm actually kind of into it. A hippy-dippy naturalistic kind of aesthetic, like a girl without makeup.

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Yeah bru, a good body makes a penis cum. A good face makes a heart cum.

way too ashamed even you wont like them, they're disgusting failure-tits and i hate looking in the mirror. Currently in the process of losing so much weight i won't even have titties

most arent extreme but do what the rest of the female population does and just wear the size of the bigger one and pad the other out

Fembots, are your nipples sensitive?

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haha imagine all the fembots with ugly boobies and sensitive nips haha thats kind of creepy haha

pls date and create a new race of ogres

small dick only because girls can actually fix their boobs with surgery.

what happens if a troll and a balrog mate?

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Based chad bf sculpting the world around him to be in his perfect design.

I'm so fucking ugly I literally feel like a Smeagol of the world. I used to be cute and now I am just another ugly, fat WalMart person. I literally want to kill myself sometimes because I'm so fucking ugly. What is even the point of living if I can't be beautiful? So I can live a shitty existence like every other ugly mediocre sheep while the Chads and Staceys reap the benefits?

I'm unironically turning into a female incel.

send pics ples

Imagine them moaning and trembling in pleasure when you touch them haha that'd be weird

Scratch that, I'm already there. I tried to deny it for so long but I'm fat and ugly with no job at 26 and severe mental illness and bitter at fucking EVERYTHING and it has never gotten any better.

first step, dont eat so much, second step, be gf now

Why not lose weight you fat pig

this is a no bully femanon thread, friendo

I grew up in a broken home, I got borderline molested as a kid and I'm a khv loser who doesn't even talk to her friends anymore. I'm actually broken. Damaged goods. It's fucked and I can't fix it. I don't even know where to start. How am I supposed to live a "good life" when I don't even know what that feels like? How do you explain something to someone they can't even comprehend? I have no good role models and I don't trust myself to know what that even looks like because I'm so fucked up.

>this is a no bully femanon thread, friendo


because I'm a mentally ill fuckup and sometimes I use food to punish myself like how I used to cut my wrists or punch walls and pull my own hair out

>How am I supposed to live a "good life" when I don't even know what that feels like?

I wish I could show you

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i just talked to jesus and he says he hates you

No one can show me anything. Because things always turn to shit and then I'll just file that away as more proof that nothing ever works out the way you want it to and that I was wrong again to think that I even knew what "good" felt like.

I'm like a sack of meat just existing and following my base instincts. Like a literal animal LARPing as a human. I don't know how to interact with people I don't know how to maintain friendships, I can't keep a job or even take care of my hygiene or even feed myself properly. I just exist.

I talked to Jesus and he said he'll fuck you up the ass

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Yeah somebody was literally using me for an ugly tits thread on /b/ and i think it was partially vendetta tbf, but they werent wrong either. But they look better now im a big chubby, and they look very good lying down at least, but they've always been kinda heavy with a narrow band size so they kinda just dropped from the start.. they are still full though I just think of them as long boobs and im starting to be more confident about them

Funny you say that, but he is a fellow user too

Do not listen to this guy. Right now you are essentially a shiny pokemon. If you follow his advice you would lose your rareness.

tfw no just existing femanon to hug

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yeah i have an insanely ugly body with the worlds driest skin that rips and bleeds

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Have you ever considered engaging in bestiality?

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you just need to find a practice which takes care of your body in a way which cares for the things which you care about

is that oc? it's beautiful. you're beautiful. fucking love hair

>I just exist
I want to make you feel like you're truly alive.

>What is even the point of living if I can't be beautiful?

2 silly 4 me

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>most fembots think their tits are ugly
Stop watching so much porn.

I want to make you fee beautiful, fembot.

>I can't keep a job or even take care of my hygiene or even feed myself properly.

Back when I was single, I was somewhat slipping into that situation. Once I got married (at age 39), I was able to turn it around. I'm better now, specifically because I have a wife I need to take care of myself for.

If you've gotten far enough in a relationship where you're seeing the other person's boobs or dick, then you probably wouldn't dump them over their boobs or dick.

its not about porn its about the views of the vast majority of men who do expect porn looking tits, or even just pretty perky naturals. I'm sure many of us have been made to feel bad over them in some way, or felt ashamed. Its nothing to do with watching porn. I mean I like my boobs, I think they will do a good job feeding my future child. But I hate how a lot of men feel about less than perfect naturals

>incels will still fall for this middleschool tier bait.

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This is very true. but it doesn't mean they wouldn't be disappointed.

the only types who expect you to have perfect natural tits are mental retards. the last girl i had a crush on was a chestlet.

I guess. That doesn't mean they'll stop loving you, though.

no true really. You see plenty of gorgeous boobs out there, not even just fake. They come in all shapes and sizes but the weird ones are unrepresented so any guy seeing them is going to get a shock. I have heard normie men talking about saggy tits and such. Its a mark of stupidity and being shallow, but not retardation. its very common. but its still a general preference just like pretty girls are.

Post suicidefuel for the fembots with unsightly mammaries, you incels.
What the fuck happened to this board?

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I guess I have to do everything myself around here.

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also chestlet is different than big saggies or vastly uneven, or I dont know. The small tubular ones that get mocked the most. chestlet does not = ugly tits

Rate them and pick which pair you'd like to have.

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i've never liked these. they look a weird shape almost as if poorly edited

i wouldn't have cared even if she had wet sock tits, i dont know what else to tell you

I just want to hug fembot tight

I consider mine pretty ugly in general but they also look like these when squashed together. You need to try harder

Perhaps bombastic, meaty and lactating?

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and thats really great of you but its not the views of a lot of men

Fembot breasts are for feeding our future children

I'm almost completely flat, I don't even have to wear a bra

Maybe just average but presentable?

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this one is the best solely for the hairy bush. femanons should never shave their bush, ever.

cute bush

god damn that is some nice hair

A smaller model might be more up your alley. It comes with its advantages.

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Big tits and bush is the 10/10 GOTY combo

Or even somethig like this pair. Perfectly fine but not groundbreaking.

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dont worry. I don't. love how my bush looks

>dont worry. I don't. love how my bush looks
based bush femanon

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Aerolas are important too.
Remember - pink nipples or bust.

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please pet your bush for me