Bros my gf is 10 years older than me, how fucked is this? How fucked is it, im upset

Bros my gf is 10 years older than me, how fucked is this? How fucked is it, im upset.

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>Bros my gf is 10 years older than me,

so she's ten?

>tfw no mommy gf
it's not fucked at all user. are you uncomfortable with the age gap though?

Yes, what about future kids and shit, i wouldn't mind 6, max 7 years but 10 is just scary dunno.

What kind of nigger sweater is that. It wreaks of orbitting and ugly gook who should of been burned alive by a flame thrower.

How old are you and old is she, originally

>Bros my gf is 10 years older than me, how fucked is this? How fucked is it, im upset.
How did you accidentally get a gf 10y your elder?
But yes you're fucked she's gonna be 35 when u're just approchaing ur PEAK bro

Then go into menopause

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me 24, she 34

>she 34
she's like 3-5y from menopause neigger

welp bros

You still didnt share how u found a literal mommy gf OP

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A girl ive been trying to fuck is atleast 13-16 years older than me but I don't mind. Dont think about it too much user

The hilarious thing about this is you're actively prooving young females want to date their own age, that old men are thirsty and creepy and she looks totally fine at 30 in that picture too. Good job.

>you're actively prooving young females want to date their own age
Oh hello janny.
How is the hrt going?
No if you look closely it's skewed towards older men.
Moreover the chart is about what LOOKS BEST not what they prefere dating.
Young girls might want to date older men because they have daddy issues or for a fad or just to feel more "mature"; or simply because they prefere the financial stability and seriousness much like older women value the same.

inb4 u try to ban me now kek

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she worked with me and we started to go out and stuff happened.

i don't mind being friends with benefits but we went deeper than that.

u wot
By like two years. It doesn't matter what you want, no matter how old and creepy you get. People date and marry their own age, it's how the world works. Maybe you should work on getting rich and famous so you can have some souless whore suck your dick for money, you shell of a human. Better get started on that cocaine addiction too, I bet you barely feel anything anymore.

Or is it that a 40 year old man dates a 22 year old, and pays for her clothes while she has sex with men that don't make her want to throw up on the side. Old creep deserves it.

>voluntarily in a relationship with a 34 year old woman


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Okay monkey. I hope you get cheated on, because you deserve to live in a forest and have a giant ape pin you down and rape you because you aroused him.

>25 year old man
>approaching his peak
Is this what teenagers believe?

Did you apply for your position from tumblr dear?
You sound like a catlady sperging about "creepy old dudes" because you hit the wall.
But you're a tranny janny.
And wrong again.
Keep sperging

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Imagine being this much of an assblasted tranny

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I don't see what your point is, is it the 10% of marriages that have the age gap you think is "the norm" because that makes no sense. Age gaps like that, like serious ones eg 10 years give you a much, much higher rate of divorce. Did you know that? Higher then your bogus statistics about number of sexual partners are divorce, considering the people getting divorced are boomers and they have like three marriages each so obviously that's the case.

A lot, I'd say the majority would look at OP's situation with empathy and go "maybe they're at different stages in their life and it won't work". No shit a female might have the same thought pattern relating to an old, creepy fuck. Go lurk some alleyways and find some prostitutes. *spits

My point was to show your retarded tranny janny ass that 32% of marriages in the US in 2013 (ages ago dating market wise) have a age gap of AT LEAST 4y in favor of the husband, and 52% of at least 2y, contrary to your dumb janny feminist claim.

Why don't you go clean up this cesspool of a board instead of wasting time

>I spent my entire day daydreaming about a cake GF
>user has it and is bitching
I hate you

Okay, look at current statistics and the trend is people get married around 30 and they're within 2 years of each other on average. But you're a faggot kid projecting your deep rooted insecurity about your tranny masturbation phase onto an anonymous poster. 30 isn't the "wall" now days, it's when well adjusted people settle down and decide to find a life partner they want to spend every fucking day with for the rest of your life which is frankly a stupid idea anyway.

i don't get why people have such hard-ons (gender neutral term) to argue about love.

one ends up with who one ends up with and one knows who they are when one meets them (though due to memory/memories one can sometimes forget)

comparison may lead to loss of self in the eyes of the beholder

tl;dr janny get fucked