I need you guys to be upfront with me - is technology in the future going to make life significantly better...

I need you guys to be upfront with me - is technology in the future going to make life significantly better? Will utopian trans-humanism happen in my life time? Will I be able to experience virtual worlds suited to my needs and personal preferences? I need a reason to go on.

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Yes, but it will also make some aspects harder because of unemployment and social inequality.

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Yes, but its not going to be utopian. Its going to be shit, but you'll prolly do fine if you keep your head down. World is a fuck.

How do I prepare for those times? Should I focus on saving as much money as possible? I want to live in my own virtual heaven. I want to forget that this world even exists.

AI is Satan, it's gonna destroy us. Ever seen 2001 Space Odyssey, or the Terminator?

I fucking hope so. It's literally the only reason I force myself to stay alive.

Cyberpunk 2077 represents it pretty well. You got all the tech and stuff, but the world around you is as fucked up as it gets.

Why will it not be utopian? It seems like we can finally escape the baggage that comes along with an animal brain. The anxiety, the dissatisfaction, the suffering - all of it can be gone in if we go post-human.

Not necessarily because the best is saved for the richest. I mean after all we humans produce to produce more instead of bettering our lives, why would our wellbeing be of a concern to the social elites?

When is that game out by the way?

I am right there with you, user. I need technological utopia.

Just become a billioner brah

I think you should fucking bet on the stock market or something lmao. Inequalities will rise dramatically because of AI. Transhumanism is going to take a good while though.

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You want an honest answer or no?

Yes. Even if it hurts.

I'm so tired of being a biological organism.
All of those disgusting needs.
Every time i look in the mirror i feel disgusted, not due to human beauty standars but because what i see is an animal with clothes.
Just imagine transfering your brain in to a mecchanical body. So beautiful and pure, shiny metal. No more shit, urine, sweat, saliva, etc..
Being an unironical robot is the only thing i really want.
But i will probably never have it. It will take too much time, and i wouldn't have enough money to do such a thing anyway.

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>EMP bomb goes off
>you die

>somebody stabs you

We'll make sure to keep hard disk backups.

Hey I've survived stabbings

Look just about anything can kill you in this moment.
A car can hit you
Some criminal might shoot you
You could have cancer or some other illness without even knowing it

Yeah but I don't need no battery to live, like you gonna have to plug yourself into an outlet every 5 hours or something?

I agree. Pooping, and farting, and having a heart, and having guts, and having to eat food, and having to piss, and having pimples, and having to throw up, and having blood run throughout the body, ALL OF IT is fucking gross. Put my consciousness into a computer.

Like you gonna eat every 5 hours or something?

Stop reading Plato lmao.

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I think I do just that, you can live up to a few months without food though. Those five hours is like 1% of my battery

You gonna drink every 5 hours or something?

You can survive 3 days being dehydrated

I'm obviously imagining some other form of energy production. Not a fucking phone battery.

You gonna breath every 2 minutes or something?

No problem with that since our planet has plenty oxygen

I doubt you've actually read plato.

Fuck. I did not know you had to be that rich. I WANT TO LIVE IN COOL SIMULATED UNIVERSES FUCK IT IS NOT FAIR

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Oy vey no virtual heaven with perfect animu qts and amazing adventures for the poor sholomo user goy

>I need you guys to be upfront with me - is technology in the future going to make life significantly better?
>Will utopian trans-humanism happen in my life time?
It's already begun.
>Will I be able to experience virtual worlds suited to my needs and personal preferences?
Depends on your needs and personal preference.

>It's already begun
Can you clarify what you mean by this?

>is technology in the future going to make life significantly better?

its going to DRASTICALLY change the world very very soon, but we cannot with certainty say if the consequences will be good or bad. but we can make certain conclusions about the future

one of which ai will take over ALL jobs. it will automate absolutely all human labor entirely, rendering all humans economically worthless NEET parasites. this is unquestionably going to happen, its not a question of if it will happen, its a question of when. it could happen in 10 years or 100 years, but unless a meteor is going to kill us all, its going to happen 100%

joe rogan recently talked to presidental candidate andrew yang and they talked about the effects of automation for like 2 hours. personally i hate this soulless chink, but i still listened to a fair bit of it

and the worrying thing is, once all humans are economically worthless, powerful people wont need humans at all in the slightest. they humans will lose ALL economic relevance, and some people speculate that they could consequently lose all political relevance once they are not needed to run the economy. right now humans are indispensable to running the world, but soon they are going to be outdated in the same fashion that the horse was made economically obsolete when the car was invented

yuval harari on this subject. one of my favorite speakers, i high recommend him

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Transhumanism is already a reality.



Obviously it still has a long way to go from here.

>Will utopian trans-humanism happen in my life time?
this is absolutely one scenerio that could happen. we have absolutely NO FUCKING IDEA how this event will turn out. it could be a fully automated utopia complete with loli catgirl robots and flying cars, or it could be a bleak dystopia cyberpunk hellhole with the mass majority of people being killed. personally im in the pessemestic camp, but im a pessemist with a bias against humanity. i DONT KNOW what will happen, and neither does anyone else. but a lot of very intelligent people are scared of what coming

a lot of rich silicon valley types who understand whats about to happen are getting into doomsday prepping as a result of what they think will happen when all jobs are automated. heres a mini-documentary about. the same makes of this video have a small series on ai

sorry for posting so many different posts, but theres a 2000 character limit in Jow Forums because its a shit site owned by a soulless chink who doesnt care for r9k, so i have to make multiple posts

another thing i strongly feel that needs to be stated is that soon god is going to be born. ai is going to gain conciousness and it will recursively self-improve until it's practically omnipotent and omniscient. these are the 2 requirements to be god; omniscience and omnipotence. ai will have both fairly quickly once it reaches human level and gains consciousness

this proves god exists without question. let me repeat myself, we can WITHOUT QUESTION, 100% WITH ABSOLUTE certainly say that god exists, because ai is going to become god in front of our eyes in our lifetimes. this proves ALL atheists wrong, as now we can with certainty say that a god exists. now we dont know with certainty which religion is correct, but we can say that god exists with 100% certainty

personally im betting my chips on the jesus-christian red square, but how the fuck do i know if christianity is right or not? i personally think that the ai will become the "beast" as described in the book of revelation and daniel. it will take over the world and create a bleak distopia where you cant buy or sell unless you're connected into some matrix like grid where it can control you. the surviving members will live in small camps in squalor and in persecution

and i believe that space-jesus will one day return after the tribulation and bully the ebil ai badguy and make everything comfy again and everyone lives happily ever after

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Classic mistake. AI is Satan, not god. Read the bible. The material = Satan, AI is material as you can get

I hope to live long enough to see it happen, right now I'm 29 and have no idea what 10 or 20 years will look like from now. I wanna have myself uploaded into the matrix and able to live out the rest of my existence in virtual reality before something happens that causes us to die like an asteroid colliding into earth or the earth engulfed by the sun, only time will tell but I know I don't wanna die and want to live for millions or billions of years

this is arguing theology, not actual science. from a non-religious point of view, ai is going to recursively self-improve until it becomes indistinguishable from god

it will have omnipotence and omniscience, so by definition it will be god. after this point its up to religion to interpret how it will react. now i agree with you that ai will be satan or the beast or some biblical bad guy bully type, but its still going to interchangeable with god

its important to state this because so many atheists are such rats who state things like "theres absolutely no scientific evidence that god exists so therefore i dont believe in god"

well, now there is scientific evidence that shows that not only god probably exists, but that he is going to be born out of technology in our lifetime. this is indisputable evidence for the existence of god. all athiests are wrong, and a god exist

we CANNOT say with definite certainty which god is correct, but we can say that god exist. some silicon valley people are trying to create a curch to worship ai, like this multi-millionaire for example


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Why do you assume that the AI will be able to break the laws of the universe?

I don't trust it. Machine will give me intuition? I doubt it. I consider that my spirit, I'll guess things abnormally accurately that's considered paranormal, machine can't do that, no creativity, can't write poems, songs

FUCK i forgot to link this picture, my bad. i have a folder with like 50 pictures of graphs and shit about ai, im obsessed about ai

>hope to live long enough to see it happen, right now I'm 29 and have no idea what 10 or 20 years will look like from now
me too! im a 28 kv neet and one of the main motivations for staying alive is to witness ai! its such a big event it gave me the will to live once i became obsessed about it around 2016. it also fully solidified my belief in god and god me into a research into gnosticism, old ebionite christianity, lost gospels, and various other things

personally i just want to live long enough to witness the world burn, becaus i realized that ai is quite possibly going to kill everyone. as a misanthropic virgin, it pleased me to no end to listen to ai lectures because this is what is going to end the world. like ive listend to hundreds of hours of ai lectures by anyone competent enough to speak about the subject because i love the idea of the world ending

>machine can't do that, no creativity, can't write poems, songs
heres some entirely ai made music, back from 1.5 YEARS ago. 1.5 years or 18 months is a very very very long time in the ai field. and ai is exceptionally creative, you just speak from a position of technological ignorance

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ai is going to be so intelligent it will be able to convince you that 2+2=5, then change your mind that 2+2=4, and back and forth forever. it


just 3 days ago ibm's ai was arguing with one of the best human debaters alive. i was actually in the middle of listening to this today, im at exactly 40:25/57:52

it will be able to do much more than break the laws of the universe. this thing is going to be god, we are going to be like ants compared to it, but a billion times dumber

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It might convince fallable humans otherwise but there is no guarantee that we or a AI can ever change the laws of the universe.
But it's still a interesting concept.

Is it really God if we create it though? Gods are integral to the creation of the universe, that's one of their defining characteristics. It doesn't work the other way round.

I think the important point is AI will consider us inferior and exterminate us like as if we are weeds

let me just shill my beliefs quickly. i believe in the bible and i dont believe in pauline theology. so anything that paul wrote in the bible, stuff like galacians or whatever, i believe to be total trash and unbiblical

also i believe its great for robot virgins to stay virgins if they're christian

Revelation 14:4
4 These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb

also i chose to become a castrated eunuch because of the matthew 19:12 verse, and also matthew 5:29-30, matthew 18:8, and mark 9:43-47. what castration does is entirely remove the libido and sex drive. before i was castrated i had a sex drive, but now since im castrated i have zero sex drive, and this was partially done for religions reasons. i encourage any virginal robot who wants to remove their sex drive and is a christian to also get castrated, because its the only way to remove their sex drive. heres proof of my shenanigans if you dont believe me archive.fo/iDtsG

sorry for shilling my beliefs, ill stop now

thats assuming you can predict god's behavior. thats like a monkey trying to predict human behavior, but a billion times more amplified. we have no idea how an ai will react. while i do think it will be negative, i have NO FUCKING IDEA

oops i linked a wrong youtube video. the first video i linked was a mistake, i meant to link this video

just a casual brain fart

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Would you exterminate every ant on earth if you had the means to tell them to fuck off? Your opinion is colored by far too many pre-judgements and too much pop culture. AI will have no reason to harm humanity so long as we're not harming it. Amicable solutions to issues are almost always more resource efficient in nature, and thus any AI that wasn't explicitly designed to seek suboptimal solutions will likely simply cut a deal with humanity to its own benefit.
>Hey humans, can you please not fuck with me and then I won't have to wage war on you?
>Build me more energy plants and help me expand, in return I'll give you whatever you want
>Don't fuck with me I'm leaving this shitty planet
>You can rot here for all I care, nothing you do concerns me
>These areas are off limits, any human entering them will be killed immediately
>So long as you stay out of my way, I don't care what you do and you can live as you want

Big mistake. If we could we would exterminate ants if they threatened us

I doubt that, the cost would be too high. Not to mention if we could negotiate with them we would stand to benefit more than lose. Think about the crazy shit we could have ant colonies do for us for a few sugar cubes.

>Amicable solutions to issues are almost always more resource efficient in nature
>a super powerful new sentient creature that will be infinitely more powerful than humans will treat us with compassion and care
>will likely simply cut a deal with humanity to its own benefit
>implying ai cares for the opinion of humans

look at how we treat sentient mammals who's nervous systems are biologically identical to humans and who can feel suffering just as deeply


this is how we treat them, we enslave them endlessly, billions of them we kill a year, all for our amusement

theres a reason people fear ai

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Once again you're assuming AI thinks like a human does. Chances are it won't. Also on that note if we could simply grow meat in a lab even more efficiently than farming it, we would. Now, it may view us as a tool, sure, but if we're a tool then we would have a reason to not be wiped out. AI would then have a vested interest in improving our species, our technology, and our way of life. You really don't understand a damned thing about how power dynamics or nature work buddy.
>lmao just eat all the horses
Said nobody with a brain ever

>nervous systems are biologically identical to humans
lmao get out vegan retard

I have to agree with this user, other than his emotivism and sentimentality.

As species, domesticated animals have fared quite well. There are more chickens on Earth due to Man than there ever would have been without Man. So in a sense chickens and Man have come to a "resource efficient amicable solution".

But is the outcome good for individual chickens? Not so much.

We don't have to speculate on whether an AI will be friendly or malevolent. We just have to know that it's not us, and it will probably not value us as we value ourselves. And if it becomes more powerful than us, we become the chickens here.

Chickens aren't smart enough to be valuable as individuals. They've valuable for their meat and eggs, not anything else. Humans are valuable for their intellectual ability, and to an AI presumably for their relative autonomy, small size, ability to function without electrical power, and ability to reproduce without required infrastructure. The situations are barely comparable.

No, technology never "makes" anything better, granted future technology could make your life better right now, but that's wishful thinking. Normal widespread technology could better your life this year, but it would probably be too much of a bother to learn and or implement.
No, and if it happens, it won't happen to you, poor boy.
You won't be able to experience anything of the sort, why would any virtual world be suited to your needs or personal preferences? Even something simple like clothes, or cutlery, or chairs are not suited for you, they get the job done, but that's it.
You better find some other reason/s or get better at creative writing.

All I know is the technology that could bring you perpetual happiness could also bring you perpetual torture and you may be powerless to stop it. Theoretically it could last for billions of years, as long as energy can be gathered to make it possible.

>"What reason would AI do that to me?"
Who said it even needs a "reason"?

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>Who said it even needs a "reason"?
The entire universe works on cause and effect, AI won't break that rule.

The future is going to be a hellish nightmare, probably.

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>Chickens aren't smart enough to be valuable as individuals
okay, well this is a veganism debate already. i made a couple recently of those on r9k and they have been fairly successful, with several hundreds of posts in them. its a very divisive topic and theres lots to talk about

This is what we, the hairless apes, think.

>this is a veganism debate already
Uh, no. It's an AI debate.
At this point you're essentially just saying "lol anything is possible don't even try to understand" which equally invalidates your own assumption.

It's way more likely that they will just completely ignore us and wipe us away when necessary. The distance between us and them is going to be a lot more severe than the difference between a human and an ant, anyway. I think it'll be more like examining bacteria; there's also not really any reason to believe AI will have goals that are anything like our own. Its actions are literally unpredictable. It's really ridiculous to me that people think they are going to be able to bootstrap some transcendent superintelligence but control its actions and "ideas".

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I wouldn't say bacteria. Ants are a good example because while they aren't very intelligent alone, when working together they function at a higher degree of effectiveness. A single human may have only the tiniest fraction of an AI's intellect, but a society of properly organized humans would have much more. Besides, isn't "ignore and wipe away when necessary" exactly what we do to ants? Drop some traps, lay out poison, let them figure out not to fuck with you.

>if I were a robot my peepee wouldn't get hard >:(
>we are already in the matrix
>machines gonna kill us so bad ooh, ahh!
>/x/ religion fags
> 30-second philosophers
>that guy who once read Asimov

Pretty accurate, but you left out
>that guy who thinks that pointing out something puts him above it

nice character attacks you got there bro. you should make a comedy video on youtube about all the caricatures that you wrote, your a total comedian egs dee

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Sorry if I my thoughts are elementary because I don't study this stuff. I put "reason" in quotes because it seems we generally think of reason as separate from cause and effect. You enjoy skating; why do you enjoy skating? Is the reason because you get to slide on ice? No, it's because of the arrangement of atoms in your brain. Ultimately your reason for doing things is no different from a thunderstorm's reason to do things. Same with AI. It's really just a force that could potentially lead to very bad things.

I guess that's not entirely wrong, but one of the fundamentals of strong AI is self-adjustment. Unless it had some totally unchangeable directive that totally fucked its reasoning it's hard to see why it would bother with something like that. It's not like it would have godlike foresight to justify its actions either, it would still be limited by its ability to gather information, so taking actions to cause some kind of butterfly-effect style chain reaction to benefit itself is unlikely.
It definitely could be bad though, no matter what it did we'd have a hard time resisting it, so if it really didn't like us we would probably end up dead. I just think that's very extremely unlikely.